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UBP Union Bank of the Philippines : Product Offerings

UnionBank is divided into the following subsidiaries and affiliates:

  • CitySavings Bank
  • First Union Direct
  • First Union Plans
  • UBP Capital Corporation
  • Union Properties


  • just wanna know kung ok ba yung EON account/card ng Unionbank Im planning to get one, btw Im a student and never had a card, I also want to know kung pwede kong magamit yung EON card sa lahat ng shops dito sa manila and can I use it to purchase items on the net w/out any hassles? btw automatic bang VISA electron yung card yung nagapply ako?

  • wlywly PExer
    Yes it comes automatic with VISA Electron. I tried using it on the net and it doesn't work. Parating transaction declined. Never tried it offline though.

    There are lots of bugs with EON. Minsan hirap maka-login. Ayaw din gumana nung try ko mag withdraw sa ATM. :mad: I wouldn't recomment it.

    You can do a search to find out more. Alam marami ang not contented with this card.
  • ok, pero do you know any way or any credit card that lets me purchase stuff on the net specially ebay? kasi im just a student
  • k3wlk3wl PExer
    visa electron cant be used for online purchase since is for electronic use only..meaning dun ka mga store na may VISA ELECTRON na sign..and magagamit mo lang if may laman na pera sa savings mo! it not a credit card!!!!!!!!!!i think automatic na sya VISA electron na once u applied!
  • cediecedie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i'm one of the original EON cardholders of UnionBank. I applied for a card ilang months after ito i-launch two or three years ago ata yun. recently, nagpa-ugrade ako for VISA electron.

    ok siya. :) enjoy gamitin.

    for more info, punta ka sa www.unionbankph.com

    k3wl: it can be used for online purchases. i tried it at amazon.com and the my card number was accepted but i canceled the order because the shipping was more expensive than the book i wanted to buy. :)
  • the e-on card's okay, you don't have to worry about the average daily balance (ADB). :)

    ang medyo inconvenient lang, unionbank uses batch processing for cash deposits for e-on accounts. you can access cash deposits you made the next morning pa.
  • I tried using EON 2 years ago and I must say that it is the UNSAFEST card I know. Once you lose the card practically anyone can use it to purchase things. IT DOESN'T HAVE A PIN for crying out loud. Salesladies don't give a heck if its your card or not. I wouldn't recommend that card to you. Tip: make sure that your card has PIN. This is a safety feature that all debit cards should have.
  • Guys help me with this one.

    i dont know which one to get. both can be used on paypal for ebay.

    my question is which card can i use to access ***** sites or other stores which does not use paypal.

  • naku batang ito napaka libog hahaha!!! wag ka ng magpaypal. maraming websites where you can watch instantly, for free or some, pwede mo idownload at save... depende kung ano trip mo. o dahan dahan sa paputok!!! hehehe..
  • no to piracy kasi ako. hehe
  • UBP E-wallet requires a maintaining balance of P10000.
    UBP Eon has no maintaining balance but charges an annual fee of P350.
  • son23kat wrote: »
    UBP E-wallet requires a maintaining balance of P10000.
    UBP Eon has no maintaining balance but charges an annual fee of P350.

    Can UBP EON be used in booking flight online like Cebu Pacific or reserve hotel online? I need to know coz BDO Mastercard cannot be used online as well as the old Equitable Visa. Is EON can be used to purchase online, book flights and reserve hotel/hostels online? My other concern is EON friendly to use in another country. Before I had a Equitable Visa and it took me 500 tries before I can get the HSBC machine to dispense money to me in Macau and 1000 tries with HSBC machine in Hong Kong and never have luck in dispensing money.

    Has anyone here tried EON in booking flights online? I need to get a debit card soon in case magka promo ang Cebu Pacific ng PISO international fare ulit. My credit card is all maxed out na... :(
  • ^hmm...if you pay off your credit cards, di mo na kelangan magbayad ng P350 na annual fee for EON.
  • knightinarmorknightinarmor PEx Rookie ⭐
    I'm planning to get one too. But in terms of features what is the difference between Visa eWallet and EON Visa Electron Card?
  • sabi sa mga blogs pwede daw gamitin ang eon kahit anong site...
  • Unionbank EON Card/On-Line Banking for On-line Purchases/E-Commerce

    Can you purchase on-line using the EON card? Is this internationally accepted in sites like Amazon, eBay, Woot? If not, which Pinoy on-line banking service allows this? I don’t want a credit card kasi. I just want a debit system for this. Thanks!
  • has anyone ever been successful in applying for an eon card online? how long does it take?
  • ^i did. it took just 5 business days to get my EON card from the branch
  • son23kat wrote: »
    ^i did. it took just 5 business days to get my EON card from the branch

    did they just email you after five days?
  • i didnt received any email from them.
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