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Signs and Hints if bf/gf hubby/wife cheating you with another!!

My ex cheated me with another woman...there were too much hints and signs that I had noticed to him before ......until I found out,I was right with my suspiscion!!

Can you share me your experience or your tips to help other PEXERS?

Mines are here;

1.He use to travel abroad"my meeting kami,I need to stay for a week"!!

2 Cellphone is off kapag nasa bahay.

3Always wearing designer clothes and expensive perfume.

4Very aware of his figure.

5.The car meter display are more higher than the normal kilometers he use before.

6.Aside of being latehome,very moody pa!!

7.If I am in the near of his room,I hear his computer is at work but if I enter,it is off!!

8.I work whole day long and if I come home,our bedroom is like a "killing field"

9.His body odor is very different!Amoy malansa!!

10.Nabubulol if I confront him and he cannot look direct on my eyes!!!


  • Has any of the following:

    1, lipstick marks and its not yours

    2. kissmarks and you didn't put it

    3. never leaves his cellphone just anywhere/or bring cellphone even
    to the CR/whispers when talking to someone on the phone/or puts passwords in cellphones (para di mo mabasa!)

    4. he'll be extra sweet now and then dismissed you the next day

    5. too many coincidentals ("nagkita kami nung pinsan ko kaya di ako nakatext," "ahh, nasa CR ako kaya di ko nasagot tawag mo." etc..etc)

    6. less calls, less dates and too many cancellations and too many stories behind it, sometimes it didn't match or make sense.

    7. lack of intimacy, sex used to be good but no more, not even cuddling.

    8. too many e-mail accounts and they usually has one of the following add-on names: hard, machine, pogi, stiff, etc..etc.

    9. It may not always be foolproof but sometimes you just have the gut feel.

    10. too many out-of-town meetings, seminars, training and you're not even invited, not once.
  • Eto pa..:D

    1. Always tired when he arrives.

    2. Laging japorms

    3. Too many reasons and biglaang lakad

    4. Arrives home late puro palusot

    5. Irritable..hates being asked

    Hay naku...*peace*
  • he just hid his cellphone from me and when I ask him where was it, he said that "Dyan yan lang sa tabi-tabi." but one time I tip-toed while going to our room and take a peek at the slightly opened door, i saw him texting, then when I entered, he hurriedly laid down as if he's sleeping...and I pretended i know nothing, i looked around to see where his cp was. then when i opened th closet just near the bed, i saw it...and take note ha, may ilaw pa, means kagagamit lang!

    that resulted to WORLD WAR 3. bwahahahahha
  • ^^
    oh yeah! :naughty:

  • sweetwahmsweetwahm PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    shychic wrote: »
    9. It may not always be foolproof but sometimes you just have the gut feel.

    :rotflmao: Oh yeah!
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