On girl-to-girl or lesbian relationships



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    Girls like looking at other pretty girls. They look at the hair, face, chest, skin, abs, buns and legs, in that order.
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    exorsister: yup, indeed I AM.
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    SHare MsEerie!!! Share!!! Where has our favorite confused person been?
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    i would like to apologize for posting but i just had to ask......

    do lesbians long for the company of male lovers??
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    Ok. Nawala ako dahil I got bored with Pinoy Exchange. Masakit ba?

    abraqkadabra: i don't think they do but you better ask a real lesbian. ANyone?
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    hehehe i think i am bisexual...
    cause i do get turned on by some girls.. and minsan napapanaginipan ko pa ehehehe...
    pero...hmm...mas trips ko pa rin lalaki...
    *sigh* blush.gif
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    hi everyone. just read the earlier posts. please allow me to share my thoughts hoping to clear some of my confusion because i have never told a single soul about this. eversince i was in highschool i was never among the girls who gush over a cute male passing by. i was bothered by this feeling of attraction towards a female classmate. thinking that this is a mere admiration, i never thought about it until college when i really like this girl in my English class. then i had this close friend who i really like and often times i would imagine myself holding her hands and kissing her and doing these intimate things with her. i never do this with guys, i mean imagine these with guys. im confused. i think im a lesbian. not that i hate men but i prefer women's touch and getting intimate with them. i want to hear some comments.
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    Wildfire21, don't you think that perhaps it's just a phase?

    Anyway, I've been through that kind of thing. Except of course the wanting to touch and do intimate things with the girl. I don't know but, whenever I see really pretty girls, I look at 'em twice and I follow 'em up 'til I can't follow 'em anymore. I've grown up in an exclusive school and when you're in an exclusive school, that kind of thing can't really be helped.

    I have a question, why is it so hard for men to admit that another guy is better looking while for women, it's not exactly that difficult? I think this has been posted as a topic but, for the life of me, I just can't figure it out.

    Anyway, I'm not a lesbian, despite what my parents think...my sister and I laugh our heads off kasi my dad thinks I'm a lesbo and he made this really stupid comment about why I keep hanging out with girls...actually, these are his exactly lines...

    My dad: Ano ba yang anak mo, puro babae ang kasama, hindi mahilig sa lalaki!

    When my sissie and I heard that, we literally guffawed! Eh kasi naman, to think na hindi raw ako mahilig sa lalake..if they only knew... hehe...

    The thing with me is, I like looking at pretty women kasi I know I'm not pretty and even if I go to a really good surgeon, he can't fix my face well enough to try to pass it off as pretty..so there. :D
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    Sophocles thanks for your post.
    Before, i kept saying to myself that this feeling will go away and maybe this is just an admiration I feel towards girls but the thing is, i don't get attracted to every beautiful woman that passes my way. Sometimes i get attracted to the not so gorgeous, just pretty and not just because of their looks but the way she do things, the way she smile, her eyes and the way that she is. Im getting confused and sometimes i don't want to hide anymore but im afraid to take the risk too...
  • WildFire21WildFire21 Member PExer
    I forgot to add this too. Modesty aside, Im not what one can really call ugly but Im not drop dead gorgeous either. Just pretty I guess. So even if I tell myself that this is probably an admiration, I cannot even convince myself enough. Would a woman-woman relationship work?
    What do you think? Well, I guess it depends on the other party too...
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    hi!...my answer to the topic is YES...kasama ako sa federasyon! :rolleyes:

    WildFire21: hi! well, my first question to u is have u ever been in a relationship before?(boy-girl) anyway, it's just like that but sobrang hirap because of the stigma in our society against it and all that! for me, it's like living a double life...but syemps, if ur girl and u really love each other, I believe it would certainly work out... :D
  • Sophocles^Sophocles^ Member PExer
    Wildfire, what do you feel then? I mean, have you admitted to homosexuality? As to your question about whether same-sex relationships, it'd depend on the persons involved I guess. If what they feel is the real thing, and having that kind of relationship is ok, well then who's to say that it won't work?
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    ang tanong ay kung ang pag-iibigan ng dalawang babae ay magwoworkout. tama ang kanilang mga nabanggit, ito ay depende sa taong iyong ka-ibigan. pero sadya ring totoo na ang ating lipunan ay hindi parin ganoong tinatanggap ang mga taong katulad ko. nyek! parang walang sense yung nilalagay ko.

    otcho: alam mo sa tingin ko magkakilala tayo, kasi yung mga kakilala mo e kakilala ko rin. madalas ka bang tumambay sa pebble? athlete ka ba o close sa mga athlete?
  • OtchOOtchO shao tian PExer
    Dee-dee: hi there! i think i know u too...i was a former athelete kaya i know most of them...anyway, remember the topic i started in the other thread, it's here and it's already in the second page of this thread...i hope we could make it a tambayan...sige! smokin.gif <;---love this smiley!
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    In answer to the question, yes, I have been in a relationship once with a guy for almost a year and sadly it didnt work out.
    I was already confused about my feelings for women and he was courting me so I just said yes, not sure of how I felt towards him. It was a big mistake actually because in the end we just ended up hurting each other but its better now since we have talked about it already. I would really like to have a relationship this time with a woman and not with a guy anymore because deep inside me I know it will never work. I had made that mistake already so I will not do it again and hurt somebody.
    I have not met a woman yet who is willing to have that relationship because in the first place Im afraid of rejection too. I guess I have to give it a try. Recently I met this girl in a beach resort and I think she has an idea of who I really am but we have not talked about it. I dunno, Im afraid of being rejected. Not only by her but by people close to me- my family and relatives. They will surely not approve and most probably, I will be treated like a sick somebody.. Oh my this is hhaaaaaaarrrrrrddddddddd!
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    Hellooooo? where's everybody? Cmon join me here. Im getting lonely...
  • munikmunik . PExer
    Hey Grrls, you all wanna chat with true blue lesbians? Go to http://www.gay.com look for the FILIPINO ROOM in the Women's Floor. I've had a relationship with another woman. Okay lang sa family ko (i think) but her parents hate me. It's really hard to maintain a lesbian relationship but it's worth it :)
    Also, being a lesbian is not all about sex (being aroused by lesbian *****) it's more about wanting to be with another woman in an equal and loving relationship.
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    May Angels smile upon you,
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    Hello Wildfire, I am not a lesbian dahil sabi nga ng friend ko hiwa-hiwain ko man ang sarili ko pagnanasa sa lalaki ang lalabas. But I move in a diverse circle. I've got gay men and women friends. Masaya. Pero hindi palaging ganito with my lesbian friends. I emphatized with you dahil talagang mahirap mag-come out. We live in a paternalistic world na ang premium ay kamatsuhan. Mas madali pa nga minsan tanggapin ang gay men kasi at least lalaki rin ang gusto. Kapag lesbiana, kumpetisyon. Pero at least you are getting there. Ang mas importante kasi 'yong pagtanggap mo sa sarili mo. Good luck sa 'yong personal struggle. And if ever you need someone to talk to, I'm just an email away.

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  • WildFire21WildFire21 Member PExer

    thanks to your replies people especially to munik and roja69! I really appreciate them.
    roja69: I will email you soon because I really need somebody to talk to right now. This is really bothering me because all I wanted was to be true to myself but that would also mean hurting people close to me like my family. They are important to me too. And in the place we are living now, being a lesbian or gay is out of the question. They are looked upon as geeks..
    Sometimes, I have this longing to talk to somebody, especially to a woman about this but I find it hard too because Im afraid of rejection.
    Anyway, I hope I can email you soon roja69! Thanks for your thoughtfulness! email you soon!
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