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Angel Locs?n (born Ang?lica Locs?n Colmenares on April 23, 1985), is a popular Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer, fashion designer, and product endorser who was introduced in GMA Network's youth-oriented program, Click. Locsin rose to prominence after being cast as one of the lead stars in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after,she starred as the superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the popular Mars Ravelo comics hit. Locsin top-billed in several films and is known as the screen love interest of Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo.

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN TV Shows**[/highlight]
2008 - Lobo
2007 - That's my Doc (as Sylvia)
2007 - Maalaala Mo Kaya: Pilat (as Melody)
2007 - John & Shirley (as Angel)
2007 - Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal (Studio Player)
2007 - Asian Treasures (as Gabriella Agoncillo)
2006 - Majika (as Sabina)
2006 - Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain Reiko Higuchi (voice)
2005 - Initial D - Fourth Stage Kyoko Iwase (Voice)
2005 - Darna (as Darna/Narda)
2004 - Mulawin (as Alwina)
2004 - Love To Love (Season 3): Kissing Beauty (as Chara/Charina)
2004 - All Together Now (Marie)
2003 - Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw Pa Rin (as Mariella)
1999 - Click (as Charley)

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Movies**[/highlight]
2007 - Angels (as Angie / producer)
2007 - The Promise (as Andrea)
2006 - Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di (as Charity)
2006 - TxT (as Joyce)
2006 - I Will Always Love You (as Cecille)
2005 - Mulawin the Movie (as Alwina)
2005 - Let the Love Begin (as Pia / Patricia)
2004 - Mano Po Three: My Love (as Eliza)
2004 - Sigaw (The Echo) (as Pinky)
2004 - Singles (as Sam)
2004 - Kuya (as Barbs Dumlao)
2003 - Mano Po Two: My Home (as Eliza)
2000 - Ping Lacson, Supercop (as Young Robina Gokongwei)

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Awards and Nominations**[/highlight]
2007 - Philippines No.3 Endorser (tied with Piolo Pascual) Rank #3
2007 - FHM Philippines Rank #3
2007 - Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award Pinoy Wannabe (Texter's Choice)
2006 - PASADO Awards Pinakapasadong Aktres (Best Actress) Nomination for TXT
2006 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di
2006 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #2
2005 - FAMAS Awards German Moreno Youth Award
2005 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Mulawin The Movie
2005 - FAMAS Awards Miss FAMAS Popularity
2005 - Box Office Entertainment Awards Princess of Philippine Movies and TV
2005 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines (#1)
2004 - Metro Manila Film Festival Best Actress Nomination for Sigaw
2004 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #6
2003 - FHM Philippines Sexiest Women in Philippines Rank #10

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Endorsements and TVCs**[/highlight]
1. Head & Shoulder's
2. Avon
3. San Mig Coffee (with Piolo Pascual)
4. Magnollia Fruit Drink (with Erik Morales & Alvin Patrimonio)
5. Centrum
6. Smart
7. Robitusin
8. Timex
9. Jag
10. Converse
11. Maxi-peel
12. Mc Donalds
13. Eskinol
14. Axe
15. Hapee Toothpaste
16. Lotus Ballpen
17. Petit Monde
18. Posh Cologne
19. Belo
20. Pristontale
21. W.L. Products
22. Greenwich
23. Coca Cola
24. Johnsons
25. GANDA Ricky Reyes 2004

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Previous Threads**[/highlight]
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[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN TV Shows Links**[/highlight]
Love to Love: Kissing Beauty
All Together Now
Asian Treasures
La Loba Blanca

[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Movies Links**[/highlight]
Let the Love begin
I Will Always Love You
Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di
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[highlight]**ANGEL LOCSIN Links & Discussion Boards**[/highlight]
Angel Locsin's Myspace account
Angel Locsin Discussion Boards Links

[highlight]Be Angel's KTEXT[/highlight]
Text ANGEL ON and send to 2366


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    [highlight]Things you might not know about Angel Locsin:[/highlight]

    1. Angel was the first Filipina to own a hummer.

    2. She admitted on B&K that she can ate 50 pesos worth of fish balls on her own.

    3. She wants to have 2 kids.. twins to be exact. :D

    4. She originally wanted to be in the navy.

    5. Her dream role was like on the Charlie's Angels movie.

    6. Angel's dream house is to have a bahay kubo on the beach.

    7. Dream vacation of Angel would be in Boracay with her family.

    8. Angel Locsin is one mean swimming machine. She was once an NCR record-holder (200M breast stroke – 3mins 6secs) and was part of the Philippine swimming team.
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