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Chopseuy...a digital movie starring Piolo Pascual

Update on Chopsuey courtesy of http://chuckster.wordpress.com/2007/02/24/chopsuey/ blog :)

Just wanted to give a “heads up” to my co-blogistas and regular visitors that I am currently working on the musical score of Piolo Pascual’s new digital movie entitled, “Chopsuey”, which is in the final stages of post-production already.

Chopsuey is a film about a Chinese-Filipino family beset with tragedies. Piolo’s role is challenging because he has to show what it’s like to be extremely depressed with very minimal dialogue.

Other stars included in the movie are Andrea del Rosario, Krista Ranillo and Dimples Romana.


I’m really excited about this movie since it’s a shift to the drama genre for me coming from a string of musical scores for comedy flicks (”Masikip Sa Dibdib”, “D’Anothers”, “Binibining K”, and “Agent X44″).

The film is going to be submitted next month as an official entry to the 2007 Cannes Film Festival in France. Wish us luck!


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    Ricky F. Lo


    During the last semestral break, she [Krista Ranillo] shot a digital film called Chopsuey, directed by Cathy Camarillo, with Piolo Pascual, Andrea del Rosario and Dimples Romana. It’s the true story of a Fil-Chinese family (with Krista as the rebellious daughter), entered this May at the Cannes Filmfest and will be shown at the Lucarno and Toronto Film Festivals.


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