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Have you eaten at Stonegrill?

I had a dinner at stonegrill restaurant in glorietta-4, ayala center the other. i fell in love with the place because of its unique presentation and its good food-- on top of a preheated stone (400 degrees celcius). the meat which is airflown from australia is raw when served and i cooked it by myself using the volcanic rock. what a dining experience!

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  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yup, tried that place. Didn't like it. Food was basically tasteless and dry. I could get a similar experience eating shabu-shabu or Korean bulgogi, and they taste better.
  • their menu needs some improvement. medyo konti choices eh.
  • frenzyfrenzy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Not yet.

  • yes. not too impressive. went back to outback for real food....
  • Real food at outback uriel? Why?
  • but try to look at the serving of their beef, ang kapal ng slice ng steak, it's your money's worth , i also love their caesar salad :)
  • been there once.
    never went back.
    food is no good, service is no good.
    they can't even keep the place clean...
    cockroaches run around in the main dining area and there was a dead RAT inside the ladies room.
    im not exaggerating.

    I'm wondering why no one's brought the sky-high price yet... my BF and I tried eating there once, thinking that it was gonna be another Friday's or Bennigan's (there were HS kids kasi, at ang lalaki ng orders nila!)... when I opened the menu... TOOING!! I was so shocked! Namahalan talaga ako!!

    Admittedly, I liked the food. And there are moments when I'd find myself craving for Stonegrill. But for such an expensive meal? Naaaaah...
  • LadyMarmalade : are u sure u saw cockroaches and a dead rat? pwede mong ipademanda un a ....
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