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Restaurant with the best view [Merged]

gusto ko sa aviary. ok din sa tagaytay.


  • Which Restaurant Has the Best View? or Ambience? Of course the food and service has to be good too.

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  • ambience-wise, i'd say blue bacon and il ponticello. simple and quiet and very very affordable. great food too.
    view, siguro via mare in tektite. or the revolving towers in sydney, australia. great view from up there :)
    antonelli's is ok din. so are most of the small restaurant/cafe/bistros in malate
  • TMTM PExer
    best view...i think Josephine's resto in tagaytay or royal tagaytay country club great view lang pero the food is not that good :D:D
    Le souffle great ambience!!! but a lil bit pricey though :D:D
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Josephine's in Tagaytay is also my favorite. The place has a huge garden, ang ganda talaga!

    Ambience restos would include Blue Bacon Green Eggs, Il Ponticello, L'Opera, Via Mare Tektite, Cafe Apassionata, 5-star hotel restaurants, and a lot of the Malate restaurants.
  • via mare in tektite! ganda ng view sobra! i went there one time and they were fixing a function room coz a guy reserved it coz he was goin to propose to his girlfriend! :)

  • Josephine's sa Tagaytay
  • dagnydagny PExer
    As of the moment I like going to Kulinarya along Katipunan with my boyfriend. It's nice and quiet and the interior design is pretty okay. It's too bad their menu's limited, otherwise we would go there all the time.
  • GilbeyGilbey PEx Rookie ⭐
    le bellevue restaurant in manila diamond!!! eat there during a sunset!! so nice and at evening... see the roxas blvd at night... so nice to see all the lights!!!

    price or food? dont knw... just the sight / ambience...
  • purple, wow, that's sweet of the guy...hmm... :) I wonder who he is?! (ay X)

    I'd have to go for Blue Bacon too :)
  • Hi PePs,

    Where in San Juan is The Aviary ?

    I like to try that also when I get home.


    dis is Russell
  • Peps: You were still able to eat in Aviary with that ambiance? THat place looks like a loony bin with all those poor animals in that gigantic cage beside the resto. I wouldn't dare eat there. THe place is so unappetizing.
  • Any MORE good restaurants or equivalent with a naka-ka-in-love na ambience where I can take a date to ? teka, rephrase that....an ambience where it creates an atmosphere which makes her say...."what a guy !"..haha =).
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    View - Via Mare Tektite
    Ambience - Il Ponticello, Chateau Verde in UP
  • That Gene Gonzales resto... Cafe Isabel sa san juan.
  • well i go for via mare tektite, aressi in timog has a nice ambience, moomba in mother ignacia isnt so bad and blue bacon too! =) basta ok yung mga funky restos nowadays eh :lol:
  • Josephine's has a great view, although Tagaytay Highlands is better (if you can get in). Taste of LA in QC has a nice, studied, tree-shaded "date" ambience. Hutu's Hut near Rockwell has a unique "Great Hut" look and let-your-hair-down feel. Le Souffle as always is refined and impressive. Philippine Plaza hotel has nice sunset view. For an unearthly resort ambiance in a nature setting, the Triboa Bay club's verandah view of protected marine waters is beyond all. Subic Bay Yacht Club's Cambusa has the best marina and poolside view (of course).
  • il ponticiello???!---> well try goin there now, the ambiance is sooo not nice anymore! very smoky and crowded!!! but i still go there..:lol:

    how about GALOS?! nice place...its like a prive place but its a resto/bar. fresh air and nice view...
  • MOOMBA near Roces, QC has a great ambiance! Try to check it out...you won't expect it from the outside but the inside is great...prices are pretty affordable too :)

    TENNESSEE WALKER (tama ba spelling??) too at the Manila Hotel was pretty cool until they closed it...it's a yacht and you'll be cruising for dinner so you can't be late! Has anyone of you heard of it?

  • i think one restaurant which has the best view is "harbor view" which overlooks the sunset. try niyo doon. :D
    the food is good too ...though expensive. :D
  • best view and ambiance would be at via mare at tektite. sarap pa kse sometimes may nagpa-piano or may string quartet...sooo romantic. great food service too!
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