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Baby - nagmana kay....?

DunedainDunedain NINJAneer gone Indie! PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Fun side of things being a parent. Seeing yourself and trying to find the resemblance if it be strong or faint. Based from friends and relatives (during the holidays), they all say that my kid looks exactly like me (face) but has strong resemblance to mother's eyes. However, what stunned them the most was that my child is only 1 yr. and 10 months yet stands at a staggering height of 3' tall. Pediatrician simply said: "Looks like Daddy's height genes are strong" - since I am 6'3.5" tall. Baka mas matangkad pa 'to kapag kumagat ng mga teens.


  • My daughter looks EXACTLY like her dad. Whenever my daughter spends her summer vacation in Batangas with her dad's relatives, she is always mistaken as one of her dad's sisters. My daughter is tall, too. Her cousins all suffered from being the tallest in their class. I remember her cousin who goes to school at Colegio de Sta. Rosa, and she used to arch her back while walking because she felt she was unusually taller than her classmates. Most oftentimes teachers and parents thought she was a repeater and older than her age! :D I think my daughter has the same genes, with long arms and legs, and slender ones at that. And.... since we're talking about children anyway, I just want to brag a bit. :D Her dad's family has a long list of beauty queens within their family history.... from the simple Ms. Batangas or Reyna Elena to the prestigious Bb. Pilipinas Universe! :)

    Unfortunately, it seems though that my daughter has no aspirations of either going back to the Phils. or joining these "LAME" contests (as she puts it). She's into Martial Arts. :D She just wants to be simple. She just wants to be able to do things her way - and this... she got from her mother! :D
  • doc_irenedoc_irene Elmo's World PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sabi nila my son is the "mini-me" of my husband. pareho sila pati ng mannerisms. but when it comes to temper...yan ang nakuha sa kin ng baby ko hehe.
  • riAbabyriAbaby Ya need heals? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    my baby looks like her dad. she has her dad's features. parang pinagbiyak na yoyo daw sabi nila.
  • your_angelyour_angel Member PExer
    hmmm.... just wanna share.. my baby and his dad joined 2 yrs ago in manila bulletin's "dad clones..looking like dad contest".. and bet you they got the 3rd prize.. so do i need to say more.... hehehehehe
  • JoYcE`TiKJoYcE`TiK Member PExer
    my son nagmana kay mommy, my carbon copy. he's also a crybaby and a brat. that's what he got from me. or maybe he got that from his dad, too. go figure.

    my daughter kamukha ng daddy nya. she's also suplada and very independent like him. i don't think she got anything from me, except eczema and asthma. :(
  • ski_JeRZeski_JeRZe UnPimp Ze Auto PExer
    Hindi ko pa alam kung sinong kamukha ng baby ko. 25 weeks pregnant palang ako. Pero yon mga kamag-anak ko, gusto asawa ko kamukha. Maski mama ko gusto asawa ko kamukha ng baby. :lol:
  • EarthAngel07EarthAngel07 Member PExer
    my daughter looks like her dad...parang nga daw walang nanay =O
  • jovhellejovhelle blessed mom & wife PExer
    my son is kamukha talaga ng dad nia.... anak lng daw ng daddy nia... pisngi lng nakuha sa akin... pati kulay at sa pagtulog e pareho tlga....
  • tina11tina11 Member PExer
    Ako daw ang kamukha ng baby ko...


  • ladyshivaladyshiva Master Assassin PExer
    My son is daddy's carbon copy... Pati habits nya nakuha and he's just one year old. i'm very happy kc i remember nung bago pa lang kami, hesaid to me once that he wanted a clone for a son. and there you go...wish granted. :)
  • DaNa8DaNa8 certified mommy PExer
    tina11, may daw pa talaga. Sobrang kamukha mo nga. Parang iisang tao yung nasa pics, mas luma nga lang yung first pic at tumaba yung nasa 2nd pic. :)
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 Babae po ako PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Xtianne, grabe sobrang anak mo lang si Annika. the same eyes, nose pati smile. :lol:
  • rakeenarakeena Member PExer
    tina, grabe pati yung tubo ng teeth e parehong pareho. di talaga mapagkakailang anak mo si Annika. gaya nga ng sabi ni Dana parang iisang tao lang asa pics.
  • tina11tina11 Member PExer
    Pati ba ngipin? :lol: Magkaiba kami ng body type according to my mom, Annika has a longer torso daw and chubbier legs. At mas maputi siya sa akin by far :)
  • shaz_zshaz_z Member PExer
    Tina, wow! She really looks like you.
  • sabrinastersabrinaster Member PExer
    sabi nila yung anak ko kamukha ko daw pero i dont see the resemblance kasi ang guwapo nya eh.. pero yung personality nya namana nya sa daddy nya
  • jharen12jharen12 Member PExer
    my baby looks like her dad. ilong at chin lang ang nakuha sa sakin. the rest from her dad na. hindi ko daw anak...

    but there are times na kahawig ko...
  • DaNa8DaNa8 certified mommy PExer
    Sobrang kamukha ko nga si Riel but some of my friends say na mas kamukha raw ng tatay. Di ko alam kung nang-aasar sila or what. :grrr:
  • foxychiq_26foxychiq_26 a.k.a prity_joie PExer
    tina they're all in look alike kayo ni Annika.. kakatuwa :)

    sabi nila ako ang kamuka ng baby ko.. eyes, lips, nose di ako sure hehehe pati legs.. hati kc kulang ng legs ko (half is darker than the other side. wierd!).. dominant sa side namin ung ganun.. though he has same color as his dad..& ung hair kay hubby din
  • mulberry_memulberry_me Member PExer
    Tina, carbon copy nga kayo ni Annika. sobrang ang galing ng genes niyo.

    Hanggang ngayon people can't say kung sino kamukha ng Kenzo ko. Pero yung eyes niya is very much mine.

    Sabi ng iba antay lang daw kame hanggang 2yo to see kung kaninong genes ang mas malakas kay Kenzo.

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