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AIR in my LUNGS?

Of course, air passes through our lungs right? Sometimes I feel that I have too much air inside me particularly in the lung area. After a drinking session (even after just one or two beers), I feel like I have too much air in my lungs. Sometimes the feeling gets bothersome. Not that painful though. Then I have too much phlegm too. What's wrong?


  • unusual question.... it could be heartburn? or acid reflux (in this case alcohol reflux :) ) you need to elaborate on the unusual feeling more. The phlegm could be due to throat irritation as a result of the alcohol climbing back up.. I have a suspicious feeling it could be acid reflux.

    best advice: stop drinking, its not good for your liver. If it continues to bother you after that, see a doctor "live".
  • or probably hiatal hernia
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