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fistula or folliculitis?

Dear Doc,

I have a small pimple beside the opening of my *****, it enlarged then became small, one day, it became swollen and exploded while I'm sitting, pus and few blood drained.

I am very concern now because the healing takes so long as oppose to ordinary pimple. 3 days after the rupture, I visited Emergency Room of St. Luke to have it checked, 2 doctors (I assume general physicians) diagnosed it by observation that it is folliculitis.

3 days after, there is still drainage of clear white fluid from the scab when I put tissue and press it, drainage turns yellow when I leave it alone for a longer period of time before pressing it with tissue. I visited a colo-rectal surgeon, by his inspection and applying finger pressure inside the *****, his diagnosis is also folliculitis. He prescribed some antibiotics. After 5 days, the drainage is less than before, but still exist, does folliculitis take very long time to get healed in sweaty area or the doctor misdiagnosed the fistula as folliculitis?

I did observed that drainage is worse when I do any activity or sitting very long time that makes my buttock sweaty.


  • Folliculitis in the outer anal area may be a sign of a fistula. To label it as a misdiagnosis may not be accurate.

    Chronic (long term) folliculitis may eventually lead to a fistula. Its possible it was a folliculitis back then(a few days ago).. but it might be a fistula NOW. Best advice: go back to the colo-rectal surgeon and have it reevaluated.

    Medical diagnosis doesn't involve one time visits. Medical Diagnosis evolves in time as the disease evolves.
  • How long does it take to evolve a folliculitis to fistula?
  • is it the same as pigsa?
  • folliculitis is similar to "pigsa," but when it's located near your *****, it could be an anal fistula
  • how long for a conversion?... no study has been made on the length of time it will take but considering the short distance between your "folliculitis" (as you mentioned near the opening), I would say not very long. Better re-check with your colo-rectal surgeon. These doctors know better than i do and better than most people. They eat, drink, smell, sleep with the digestive end.

    Ask him about the possibility of a fistula... and the fact that it hasn't healed after the meds. It's your right as a patient rin. It's your health too :) I'm sure he won't take offense. You're not questioning his diagnosis, you're just worried about your health.
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