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Boy survives decapitation (medical news)

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"A BOY of 12 stunned doctors by cheating death after his head was ripped from his neck in a car crash.

Chris Stewart, a junior racing driver, suffered "internal decapitation" - which kills most people - when his 1000cc Mini slammed into a crash barrier at 50mph after a tyre burst during a children's race.

The impact of the crash wrenched his skull from the top of his spine.

Surgeons performed ground-breaking surgery - called occipital-cervical fusion - using metal plates and bone grafts from Chris's hip to re-attach his head to the top vertebrae of his spine.

After six hours on the operating table and 19 days in intensive care - where he was kept in coma to stop him making any potentially fatal movements - Chris's life was saved."


how was this medically possible? :eek:


  • ngayon ko nga lang narinig yung term na internal decapitation. i did a search at ncbi and found a single article describing "internal decapitation" as destruction of cervical vertebrae and portions of the skull base. the boy is lucky alright, surviving the initial episodes of spinal shock and not sustaining irreversible damage to his spinal cord.

    we also have the efficient paramedical services and emergency medical services to thank for. if this happened in our country, that guy would not even have reached the hospital alive. :D
  • medical advancement i'm sure of that, pero dag dag na rin natin dito ang himala,

    ng isang santo :glee:
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