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what if...

intro: i love "what if" scenarios. and someone's related a story that made me think of this scenario...

so what if you have a friend/relative whom you know is already married, but they separated (because of third parties and whatever). after a year or so, you learned that he's about to get married (again!) to his kabit though he is yet to be annuled from his legal wife or he doesn't have any plans to be annuled at all since the wife is already out of the way, anyway.

the kabit has no idea about what is happening... well, she knows the guy has a former wife and has kids when they became a couple. but either she now thinks they're already annuled or they're legally separated or something because they're planning a church wedding.

and you're invited. part of the entourage, even. one of the invitees who can't say no because they're family/friends or whatever.

what would you do? would you go? would you tell the girl? would you pretend like nothing's wrong and let the guy continue on fooling the girl?


  • Nothing would stop me to say "NO" or informing the "bride to be" that I couldn't attend the wedding. It would be better to tell her as early as possible so that she could take me off the list. That way, she could consider another person in taking my part in the entourage. As for the reason why I am saying "NO" I’d rather take the coward's way out and probably tell her that I'd be out of the country or would be attending a life changing seminar the week the wedding is supposed to take place. :lol:

    Frankly, I don't know whether I should tell her or even give a hint that there's a looming cloud in her nuptial bliss. I’ll give that responsibility first to the parents, brother, sister or anyone much closer to the guy. If they can let this happen then who I am to stop them making a fool out of the bride? All I am sure of is that I could never be part in any shape, form or size, literally and figuratively of the guy's idea of a marital sham and most likely would tell him so.
  • When the priest reach the part where someone could say "I object!", I will. :lol:

    Seriously, its a delicate situation. Anyhow, my reaction/concern will definitely depend on my relationship with any or both of the parties. If I'm close enough to the groom, I would of course voice out my concern regarding the validity of their would-be marriage. If not, may be to his mother or sister perhaps. Kung mabait naman yung bride-to-be, syempre I'd feel sorry for her, but these matters are better left within th confines of the immediate family, IMHO.

    Siguro di na lang ako attend. I'd probably feel so bad, I'd catch a flu. haha
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