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The thing/s I would do when I am BORED…

jp.42jp.42 Member PExer
I know that there are times you guys are busy, but there are times that you feel uncomfortable doing nothing. What are the things you'd rather do when you are bored?


  • annann kabute PExer
    read, exercise, watch tv ... exercise while reading ... read while watching tv ... exercise while watching tv ... read up on exercise while the tv's on ... u get the picture ...
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I use my computer a lot, be it playing the latest games or surfing the web. I also zap through the television channels, watching a little this and that. But I'm rarely bored, as I always manage to find something to occupy my time.
  • ChiQuiChiQui Member PExer
    My mom likes it when I'm really, really bored... hehehehe...nalilinis ko kse room ko eh! :) But that happens very, very seldom because I always have the computer, cable tv, vhs and the telephone to turn to if I'm bored. :)
  • jackjack Cebu Blogger PExer
    1. mag- internet
    2. mag- luto
    3. maligo
    4. manood ng TV
    5. matulog
    6. mag-aral --- as if :)
  • jp.42...
    If I'm in the classroom, I would usually peel the paint from the wall. (hahaha!!!)
    When I'm home, I have the T.V., phone, oven to keep me busy. I love cooking kasi.
    I was REALLY bored once (last summer) and I spent half of the afternoon staring at the ceiling, playing dead (para bang dog?). Nothing to do, eh. It actually relaxed me!
  • annann kabute PExer
    glass house: next time i get bored, i just might try playing dead ... kaya lang baka mag-panic ang mga tao sa bahay [ano? good actress? asa pa!] ;)

    jack: u cook? girls! ideal man! houseband material! *lol* :D
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Jack: Whoa, a guy who cooks? Are you for real!? ;)

    I don't really get bored since there are zillions of things I could do. Actually, my main problem right now is finding the time to do them. :(

    What do I do IF I ever get bored?

    1. Read. I don't really care if it's a novel, a newspaper or an ancient issue of Reader's Digest (would you believe we have issues which date back to the 1970s?!)

    2. Sleep. I'm the type of person who can sleep anytime of the day, even if the sun is up and about. I guess it's an effect of being a nocturnal person.

    3. Bake. Whip up something based on whatever ingredients I can find in the pantry. Maybe even experiment a bit. >; ;)

    4. Cross-stich. Great hobby if you want to develop patience or if you're a med student. You can practice making those oh-so-tiny stitches and trying to untangle your thread.

    5. Clean my room. Not that it's messy or anything, but any room can do with a bit of cleaning.

    6. Read my diary. I've had one for ages and it's only when I'm really bored do I remember that I have one. Makes for great reading. I get reminded how naive I was back then (Still am? ;))

    7. Daydream. Fun, fun, fun!

    8. Talk to myself. No kidding. I really do. You guys should try it sometime. You might like it. ;)
  • RockgardenerRockgardener Rockgardener PExer
    I like going to hippe hill and listen
    to the drum circle. When there, I spark
    up, read a book..or write..but basically
    thank God for letting me live through one
    more day.
  • annann kabute PExer
    Ada: i've tried talking to myself ... but my papa caught me at it -- just when the debate was starting to heat up pa naman :( ;)
  • ann...
    ayaw mo non, may excitement? At least hindi ka na bored after your family freaks out. But if you don't want them to see you, lock your door na lang. Good actress? Well, new talent!

    hippie hill? Is that in San Francisco?

  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator

    I forgot to mention that you should only talk to yourself when you're by your lonesome (or risk being thrown into the loony bin. ;))
  • jp.42jp.42 Member PExer
    Glass house, Ada & Jack, hey you guys have in common - cooking or baking. Ahh, food, Burrp!! Any specialty?

    Ate Ada (just an act of respect to elders, :)) I also tried talking to myself in front of the mirror and even talking with my 4 dogs! Good thing that my dogs didn't respond!

    Have you found looking at an aquarium is relaxing? Just looking how those fishes go blob! blob! blob! and swim all the time can ease my tension. I don't know if it would be the same as watching the Aquarium Channel. :)
  • dondon es muy guapo, ese! PExer
    Lately, I've been reread all my spy novels, even though I've read them at least thrice before.

    Or if I can, I go out to the mall or our friendly neighborhood Playstation.

    As a last resort, I just stare into blank space.

    >;Sniff<; Yeah, yeah, it's pathetic.
  • jp.42...
    Specialty? I've got lots. Butterscotch brownies, pastas, eggplant parmigiana, stuffed cannelloni, gingered prawns....
    Are you hungry already?
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    JP.42: Hey, what's with the ate biz!? For all you know, you might be more ancient than I am. I'm not yet that old noh. ;P

    Specialties? Crinkles, oatmeal cookies, brownies, crema de fruta, blueberry cheesecake and fettuccini. Oh, and I would really love learn how to cook chinese food! :D

    You know what's a fun thing to do? Interviewing yourself! You know, asking questions and then answering them like you're talking to someone. I'm weird. ;)

    Don: I re-read books I've read too. Although it's a bummer knowing what'll happen, it still beats sitting around acting like a vegetable.

    Glass House: Hey, let's trade recipes! I'm interested in you butterscotch brownies. ;D~
  • Ada...
    Sure! But I would have to e-mail the recipe to you. We don't want everyone to know my secret!
  • ChiQuiChiQui Member PExer

    I would believe that you have Reader's Digests that date back to the 70's. My lolo keeps everything and he has the same collection. I read them din from time to time.

    As for talking to myself? Hmmm... haven't tried it yet eh... Barahan blues lang yan. Hehehehehe...
  • jp.42jp.42 Member PExer
    Ang sasarap naman ng mga alam ninyong lutuin! I am getting hungry now. I guess it is nice to be bored with you guys, hindi ako magugutom! :)
    Ate Ada, me? Ancient? I don't think so… if you refer with my username, the number 42 doesn't suggest that I am 42 years old. Actually, it has a lovely meaning (composing of 2 words, the first one has 4 letters and the next has 2).
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Hello Manong JP.42! ;)

    Just tell us what your nick means. I'm trying to figure out with your clues but I can't think straight since it's still early in the morning. *yawn*
  • jp.42jp.42 Member PExer
    Good Morning Ate Ada.

    Well, jp came from my real name and 42 is made up of two words. Would you like to make a guess? Nah... (Wag na lang...I think it is not that interesting) :)

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