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SAM and TONI...simple lang...


WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! This thread is dedicated to Sam and Toni and the people who support them. The “Amboy” from Ohio, USA meets the “Sassy Girl” from Taytay, Philippines. It was in September 2005 when Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga’s paths crossed albeit briefly when he joined Pinoy Big Brother. Toni was there to welcome Sam as the new housemate. almost 2 months later on November 5, 2005 Toni was there again to greet Sam when he was “evicted” from the house. It was on that night when we saw the “sparks” fly. Who would’ve thought that this “Crush Ng Bayan” will finally find his “reason to smile” in the person of the “News Diva”, Ms. Toni Gonzaga? Love does move in mysterious ways and in the end there’s only one word to describe it...destiny. We don’t know what the future will bring for these two, but for now the future looks promising so let’s just enjoy the ride.

You are the one
that i've been searching for my whole life through
You are the one
that i've been looking for and now that i have found you
I'll never let you go, i'll hold you in my arms 'coz

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