Little Crater-like marks/scars at the Face caused by Chicken Pox

Ei guys, anong cosmetic surgery or whatever facial treatment kaya ang pede para mapantay na or maminimize if not mawala ang craters sa mukha?

Before kasi, nahawaan ako ng bulutong ng classmate ko. Although ok naman mukha ko and definitely hindi annoying [hehe], I'm just considering to remove the crater-like marks at my face so i could look better.

Do you know any treatment na pede? Diamond Peel ba enough na? May alam ba kayo sa mga commercial clinics like Belo na inooffer nila na pede? Syempre mas mura mas ok. :)

Thanks alot for those who can answer my queries.


  • Ninja_kidNinja_kid Member PExer
    Bro Fraxel... the best!
  • patricem_riverapatricem_rivera Member PExer
    hi ninja kid. is fraxel really effective? Have u tried it? Is it painful? Ive been undergoing microdermabrasion at a derma in ghills for about 8 sessions but little improvements pa lang. I have acne scars due to pricking, been thinking of undergoing dermasanding w/ spanish peel at belo or fraxel? pls help :mecry: I would really appreciate if u reply thanks much
  • bluetheherobluethehero unsung hero PExer
    Ninja_kid and patricem_rivera, thanks for the reply.

    actually, galing na ako sa Belo Medical Group kanina. actually, mahal dun, hehehe. although I underwent the Cleaning and PowerPeel [dermabrasion], i spent P5,700 including yung kit nila for Acne.

    in fairness dun sa mga nandun, especially sa doctor na na-assign sa akin at sa nagperform ng powerpeel sakin, super bait nila. and they do recognize na di lahat afford ang mga cosmetic procedures. they adviced na temporarily e mag-undergo muna ako ng medication then a few more sessions nung dermabrasion.

    later na daw ako either magpa-FRAXEL or Collagen Insertion.

    ngayon, eto ung problem:
    FRAXEL - 17,000 + 12%VAT per session. usually takes 6 sessions, pero sa akin baka 2 or 3 sessions lang. ang mahal, cant afford ko. sabi ko, if ever mag pa FRAXEL ako, baka isang session lang kaya ko. sabi nila, kahit isang session lang daw, may 10-15% improvement daw. and ang isang FRAXEL is equivalent to like 10 successful microdermabrasion/powerpeel.

    COLLAGEN INSERTION - one time procedure lang. for my face, mga 18K + 12% VAT. kaso ang problema, may mga naging cases daw na ung nilagyan ng collagen e nag-swell at medyo reddish.

    one more thing: even the FRAXEL and COLLAGEN INSERTION will just minimize the scar, or improve the skin layer, yun bang mababawasan lang yung lalim, pero permanent na daw ung scar. tapos bukod sa acne treatments, meron pa silang inaadvice na cream worth 18K. grabe ha. ang mahal magpapantay ng mukha. hehehe.

    kaya pinag-iisipan ko. ang kaya lang ng budget ko is around 20K. so either isang session lang ng Fraxel or isang collagen insertion. pero medyo di ako pleased ako sa collagen insertion kasi what's the point kung mamumula rin lang. kung Fraxel naman, baka di rin ako satisfied pag isang session lang.

    nakita ko ang pics ng mga clients nila [including Beverly Salviejo and a doctor sa Belo mismo], successful talaga ang mga faithful sa Fraxel. pero mahal lang talaga.

    so i guess what ill do is either a) go for a one session Fraxel if the doctor will allow me kahit na walang gamot na worth 18K, or b) magcocontinue muna ng powerpeel/microdermabrasion for at least 8 sessions [once a month or every 2 months] since my face is very much ok pa naman daw sabi nung doctor except lang talaga for the scars [na nabilang pa talaga nila, hehehe]. at least affordable pa.

    iniisip ko rin kasi, if i choose my option b, tapos gawin kong semi-regular habit ang PowerPeel [or its equivalent, still looking for similar procedure but cheaper], parang going to the gym or consulting sa doctor na rin ang nangyayari di ba? Say, every two months for the next 3-4 years, may improvement kaya? After all, the bulutong craters will remain.
  • patricem_riverapatricem_rivera Member PExer
    hi bluethehero what branch of belo did u visit? please update us what procedure r u going to get. Im interested with fraxel but kinda scared. Thanks also for the info. Till then
  • bluetheherobluethehero unsung hero PExer
    patricem_rivera: sa makati branch po, sa Amorsolo. if you will get Fraxel, you will be obliged to undergo laboratory tests, para makita kung kaya mo ang procedure. :)

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