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electronic books... what do you think about them? :rolleyes:
are you willing to download them from the net? :hmm:
or are you willing to buy them?
that would mean about 7,000 books just in one cd.
what are the effects of ebooks in the future of book publishing? obvious naman ata sagot dito...:bop: just need your opinion.


  • hello! i have read a few stuffs from the net na rin about the possible widespread about e-books, but the possibility of e-book domination over hardcopy books is far from happening pa rin. first is, most e-books sold in the market ay almost the same price compared sa hardcopy. kung gnun lang din kamahal, e di sa hardcopy na lang diba? second is still, very few pa rin ang nakakaalam sa ganitong existence, and very few percentage has devices for reading e-books. third, book publishers are still a bit hesitant sa pagbigay ng copyrights for e-book forms. ang laki nga naman ng risk para ma-pirate. but few are risking, kaya ayun, nabiktima na rin. hehehe. may alam akong site na ang dami talagang e-book downloads. most of them nga lang are popular titles, so you won't really find locals. wanna try?

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  • i love ebooks, ive read a hundred novels na yata on my PDA because its faster to read, you can bring thousands of titles with you anywhere plus you can get a lot of these books online for free, if you know where to find em, *wink* well if you really want a certain book, you could always pay for them if u can afford them. charing.

    sa side naman ng publishers, i dont think everyone will eventually turn to ebook/digital format because of the risk of piracy. kung ang mp3s/movies eh nagpapailanlang sa kalawakan ng cyberspace at naghihintay masungkit ng mga tao, ebooks pa kaya, considering na maliit lang ang file size nila?
  • Sorry but PEx doesn't allow links to sites that violate copyrights - including ebook download sites - so I had to remove those links from rainie's post :)

    I used to read ebooks on my PDA and computer but it's a bit hard on the eyes, isn't it? I already work in front of a computer for 40 hours a week, so I prefer curling up with a real book when I read for pleasure. For technical books and manuals though, I prefer electronic copies for the ease of searching.
  • I still prefer reading books. But some are hard to find and ebook is now the last resort.

    Hi Tina11! Jandreks = Kesibi.
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