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bad experiences with fitness first?



  • i had a friend with a similar experience. what she did was ask a lawyer-friend to write a demand letter to FF and that got her the results she wanted.
  • We wrote the termination letter in July 2004 and they billed until last month.

    I'm going to give the legal letter a try. I'll post it here if it works.

    This is such a common thing with them apparantly. I don't know how long they can get away with this and survive as a company when it happens to so many and people discuss it in public forums like these.
  • I lost my phone at FF. Somebody took my keys from the shower cubicle divider (the concrete partition in between cubicles) and switched it with another key. I was sitting in the locker room with nothing on but a towel around my waist and everyone else asking me - O pare, ano nangyari?


    I logged my lost phone in their logbook and lo and behold - the list of stuff lost in that gym (FF MANILA- opened June2005) is already more than a couple of dozen pages long. tsk tsk
  • i've heard so many complaints about FF din. but maybe it depends sa branch? kasi usually naririnig ko sa mag abs-cbn branch ata. but yun ibang friends ko naman na member sa Fort, ok naman daw dun.
  • FF sa west gate alabang ilang beses na daw na-holdap (hold up. hehehe). :p
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    This just goes to show FF is really in the pits now
  • GreatBop wrote:
    *Deleted Post*

    My accountant abroad didn't catch it because I was a member before and they are in Hong Kong so they don't ask questions unless the charge is unusual. The whole point of this is that any honest company should reverse a simple oversight...unless it wasn't an honest oversight in the first place. Based on what I've went through with them so far, I doubt it was an honest mistake. Back when the account was requested to be frozen and then terminated they were nearly begging not to cancel. Sounds like a quota thing to me. Their trainers have to sell 50,000 worth of PT or they are terminated after 3 months. So if anyone wonders why trainers there are so pushy, now you know.

    Even the supervisor at my former FF branch agrees with me since has proof of a cancelation request in her hands. She's filing an appeal to the decision of the head office. If they reverse it, I'll announce it here.

    I gave her my word that I'd rescind what I'm saying. I honestly don't want to start a war with them. As much as FF annoys me, their presence at least gets people in the mindset of working out. Just like Starbucks is necessary for smaller local coffee chains like Figaro to get people into drinking coffee before they transfer to a specialty brand like Figaro, FF is good for the fitness industry, that is, if they are honest with their current and former members.

    But if they rip me off, it will only get uglier. The 30k I lost is nothing compared what they stand to lose when my story and the stories posted above starts to circulate all over the discussion forums, websites, blogs, and e-mail lists. If I was in their shoes, I'd recognize the power of the internet...let alone do the right thing.
  • I forgot to mention that they stopped billing me for January and February 2005 as they were supposed to after a freeze rate for 5 months prior. Then suddenly, after those two months, they began billing at the full rate again.

    The other reason I didn't catch it personally is because I had my statement mailed to me to make sure they didn't bill in January. As I said, there was no bill for two months and then it stealthily got started again. That is so underhanded.
  • If you knew anything about international business, maybe you'd have a clue as to why Hong Kong is a world-wide banking center.

    Poverty mentality...exactly as I suspected.

    5 years ago I had a college degree and no money coming from a single parent household and my mother was a teacher...so what I have now was earned.


    If the FF admins are not afraid, then they are beyond arrogant and it only shows that they only care about money. If I was in their shoes and I was making enemies by my actions, you'd better believe I'd be afraid.

    Plus you seemingly forgot all of the other hundreds of people who have been screwed by FF, many who have posted above. When you mock me, you also mock them. Think about that...if you have a sensible bone in your body. I've seen your other posts on this board, and I see why the moderators constantly shut you down. ;)
  • Let the record show that this is a thread about right and wrong and people getting screwed even though they did the right thing according to the ''procedure'' of a large multi-national corporation.

    Toadies and cronies of FF can laugh all they want when people they don't like, i.e. me, get ripped-off, but they can't deny that when someone produced proof of wrong-doing yet the company still says ''no'', then something is very wrong with said company.

    That doesn't prove well for anyone, especially myself, who is involved in the fitness industry.

    I even spoke to one of their lower managers who agreed that these policies of theirs is hurting the fitness industry in general. She considered resigning based on how many times she's had to enforce a policy that she considered wrong. I can't even begin to tell the readers of this thread how many times I've heard these stories from people about FF screw-tactics. And they don't trust other innocent fitness centers as a result of their actions.

    Nobody in fitness benefits from threads and discussions like these...unless those who are at fault make steps to make it right. I'll be the first one to praise FF if they do the right thing.
  • Oh yea...and this may be the thread where we gather support for a class action lawsuit. Anyone who has been ripped off by Fitness First, just private message me. I'll add you to my list if I push through with a lawsuit.

    For all those who cannot afford a lawyer, I'll shoulder it via a class-action lawsuit.

    Macy's vs Kimbles Mr. GreatBop...we shall just see about that.
  • As a reminder to everyone here, this thread is supposed to be a venue to let out your complaints about Fitness First. Do not turn it into your own personal warzone. Posts that antagonize or insult other PExers will be edited or deleted. Repeat violations from this point on will be recommended for banning.
  • It looks like this type of thing has been going on even more widespread than I thought -

  • Bchemist,
    try writing din sa [email protected] It's in the Business section sa phil star. The section is entitled SpyBiz and it contains information from different readers about difference businesses. You can write and tell them bout your experience sa FF. Parang dito yun pde ka magsumbong bout yun kapangitan ng isang company
  • Thanks for the info...I'll contact them asap.
  • Actually, my sister works for HSBC customer service at sabi niya ang dami daw talaga complaints about that auto-debit thing sa Fitness First. Nagtataka nga ako eh kung bakit hanggang ngayon, no one has complained to DTI and told them off.
  • They are now trying to say that because THEIR representative wrote FREEZE and not TERMINATE on their admin request, it is our fault. The girl has in her hands our written request to TERMINATE on the letter and it is clear, yet somehow they are trying to spin this that this is our fault.

    So what they are basically saying is that even though I requested to TERMINATE, it's not their fault that they didn't document the termination request correctly, even though they have a copy of the original receiving copy where we requested to terminate.

    Never in my life have I been involved in such blatant and wide-scale dishonesty.

    I wrote to the regional director and I gave him 5 business days to reply and correct it. If he chooses to take the side of stupidity I'm going ahead with the lawsuit, DTI complaint, and an online campaign to make sure that nobody else has to go through with this headache. Again, this whole thing is about principle. The fitness industry needs a big company like Fitness First...IF AND ONLY IF they deal honestly with their customers. If they choose to cheat their customers, then they only bring the entire industry down, and that includes independent gyms who play with fairness and honesty.

    Nobody wins from threads like this unless change is made as a result of them.
  • Fitness First just lost a potential customer. I was planning on signing up because there's a branch opening soon in my area, but after this thread, um, no thank you.

    Good luck, Bchemist.
  • ^ yeah, me too.

    i'm just happy i didn't sign up. i was about to join ff because there's one in rob place. but when we inquired, the 'representative' talked about nothing but prices, and she didn't even think to tour us around the place, i thought twice about it. i mean, geez, why would i sign up for a gym na hindi ko man lang nakikita equipments?

    then i saw threads like this. now, i'm happy i didn't join.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator

    eclipse fitness center (the gym where Bchemis roams :d) is just a few blocks away from rob place. Perhaps you might wanna check it out :)
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