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Easy to cook food if you're living alone :)

hey food lovers!! help me naman oh. im moving out on my own in a couple of days and can you give me some ideas of some easy to cook food na masarap? i would like to avoid canned food as much as i can. so lemme know what you guys think! :D thanks!!


  • hey man! i've been on my own for the past year and so far, i've been living on instant noodle and corned beef! unless you want to do the same, i suggest you learn how to cook REAL food. sabi nila chicken cooks easily daw, and so does fish. i don't really know about beef and pork but i tried cooking fish(yung sliced na) and it is somewhat simple lang. just put it in the pan and flip it over when it turns brown na. tokwa madali lang din. basta fried foods, you wont have any major problems.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Get those food mixes in supermarkets (e.g. Afritada mix, soup mixes, or those Thai mixes) where all you have to do is chop up the ingredients and throw them in.
  • hmm i basically do my own cooking and cleaning up here (well, i do live with my friends in our apartment) so i have little tricks to make my life a little easier because i'm the only one who has the patience to cook in our place :p We have a lot of vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, brocolli, carrots and eggplant which you can just toss together or steam and it's a meal. I have a stock of steak, chicken and ground beef for simple meals. It doesnt have to be elaborate. You just put a dash of salt, pepper and garlic powder and ur set na. I also have a lot of pasta in our pantry and extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar...which in my opinion can make a decent meal any time. Ako kasi, i try to avoid fried food...i guess steaming and baking are good alternatives...to get extra flavor, just sear the meat for a couple of minute then bake it in the oven.
  • if im on my own,i cook pork chop marinated over night plus buttered veggies...(baguio beans,carrots,sweet corn) and instant gulaman. about 30 minutes to prepare while watching tv. shy.gif
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    Corned Beef pa rin! Yaki Soba a close second.
  • BumBum PExer
    ditto to trinity's rep, i used to have steak in the freezer coz u just defrost it then fry it then it's done, or pork, kse adobo, i think, is the easiest to do coz just let it boil then simmer in vinegar and soysauce along with peppercorns and laurel leaves, study, then when u can faintly smell it sa unit mo, it's probably nearly done, u don't have to watch it the whole time. and well, syempre a lot of sandwiches. easy to do yon.
  • When my roomies and I are too lazy to slave away in the kitchen (which in most cases we always are), we turn to Macaronni and Cheese! hehe... :p Most of us buy pre-cooked packages that we just have to pop in the microwave. One thing we never run out of is rice, of course. Chicken is the fastest and easiest to cook, specially the boneless skinless kind. We also keep a good stock of bread and pasta. I like pasta noodles because they cook fast and they're usually on sale! :p I just mix the pasta with some Ragu or Prego sauce then voila! An instant meal! :D
  • [L]es[L]es PExer
    corned beef and sardines.. oh di pala linuluto yun.
  • My friends in the US said the first thing you learn is noodles/ pastas.

    Then you move up to frying. Eventually you start baking...

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • wag na pag-usapan cooking...

    oatmeal ready to eat lagyan mo lang water. healthy pa siya. same goes for those other cereal drinks....puwede nang breakfast and baon.

    put together a sandwich na lang using raw vegetables (tomato + onion +lettuce +cornedbeef +bread) busog ka na rin
  • Lucky Me Pancit Canton... at saka corned beef... at saka tuna omelette... yummy.gif
  • Here's a suggestion: cook a bucketful of pasta or something, just enough to keep you for three days. Then go out and buy different types of sauces - salsa, pesto, spaghetti, white. Every day, you can have a different pasta! Worked for me in College.
  • getsgets PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    actually, if you can follow a recipe, you're good to go.
  • brownpaubrownpau PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Canned tuna (especially in water or brine) doesn't really have any preservatives or additives, so it's safe as a healthy base for all-around cooking. I usually just stir-fry tuna into a pan with canola oil, then mix in onions, garlic, egg, cheese, and whatever else sounds good. It's all I eat.

    There's also spaghetti. Real easy to cook; for sauce, buy a can of Del Monte -- no MSG or other scary ingredients -- and mix in a can of tuna.

    Celeb's idea is pretty good too. Oatmeal extends quite a way. Just make sure you have lots of toilet paper in the bathroom. :D Quaker has instant oatmeal porridge meals in different flavors. So far, I've seen Chicken-Onion, Chicken-Mushroom, and Anchovy. :p
  • sinigang na baboy! super dali saka spaghetti...na-purga mga house mates ko dyan when i was in the states.
  • anything fried, those are the easiest (chicken, porkchop)
    pasta, just cook the noodles and add whatever sauce you want
    and sinigang, boil everything and add mamasita's sinigang mix and you're done
  • No recipes here, but there are a few good tips on groceries & food storage.
  • Advice from somebody who loves to cook, but who doesn't live alone. Keep ready-to-cook stuff ready.

    Canned stuff's fine, but I like having some paper-thin slices of beef sirloin marinated in calamansi and Kikkoman soy sauce. Or dalandan and Knorr. Masarap din.

    Leftover adobo saves lives. :) Actually, it's really really really good deboned, flaked, and fried crisp in butter, bacon fat, or olive oil.

    Yum. Grease.

    Joke lang. Greasy food is horrible. But there's something comforting and gratifying about food which has just the right amount of fat. Lean steaks are poor cousins to the real, marbled thing, for instance.

    Make sure you have rice around, though. Hassle magsaing. I don't know, it's probably a culture thing, but I, like many Filipinos, don't feel like I'vereally eaten unless I've had rice.
  • blue_ardenblue_arden PEx Rookie ⭐
    Jessica Zafra wrote some interesting ideas in one of her Twisted Series....

    1) For Carbonara: Heat up Campbell Mushroom Soup with little water... until creamy.. tapos! Noodles should be easy na...

    2) Grilled Sandwhich: wrap cheese sandwhich in aluminum foil... tapos plantsahin mo... lol... :) haven't really tried this one... katakot....

    There's one more but I can't remember it now.... i'll check it out later...
  • Originally posted by Ali
    Advice from somebody who loves to cook...
    Hi, Ali! I trust your judgement mostly because I read somewhere na magaling ka daw magluto. :redsmile:

    Crispy, leftover adobo is one favorite we do have in common [all that grease included]. :D
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