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Russell Crowe - Hollywood's latest $25M man

Bhoy PlemaBhoy Plema bawal detu omehi PExer
He has an Oscar nomination and one hit, 'Gladiator' but that's about it. Is he worth all that $$$$???


  • Lug-a-LugLug-a-Lug Member PExer
    yay. he is a good actor. he deserves to be one of the golden boys of hollywood. when i grow up, i wanna be like him...sing in a band, shag meg ryan, get lotsa money. now that's my idol.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    I believe he's a talented albeit underrated actor. He was wonderful in The Insider [haven't seen LA Confidential yet] and was a babe in The Gladiator. ;) I definitely think he's worth $25M.

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