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Let's make the ultimate cartoon list!

Okay, folks, here's the deal. We're going to make a list of every cartoon we can remember being shown on local television. We'll start by number and then comment on the cartoon. Should be interesting to see how far we can go.

If you'd like to comment on posts of other PExers, feel free to do so; just don't number your comments, just your cartoons.

1. Smurfs - loved the show! Strange thing, though, a village of little blue men and one girl. Hmmm... I've always thought that Vanity Smurf looked kinda odd...

2. Comic Strip - this was a foursome on Channel 9. You had "Tiger Sharks," the action cartoon, you had "Mini-Monsters," the horror cartoon, you had "Street Frogs," the music cartoon, and you had "Karate Kat," the comedy cartoon. I remember Big Mama!

3. Plastic Man - Ooh, fun! Plastic Man, Baby Plas and Penny, the wife. And Hula, the Hawaiian sidekick!

4. Mighty Man and Yukk - I've always wanted to know what the heck Yukk looked like. And why Mighty Man always managed to fly into his face (covered with a dog-house, of course)!

5. Garbage Pail Kids - they're gross. They're disgusting. They're funny because I hated the Cabbage Patch kids.

6. Shirt Tales - the raccoon, the rabbit...! And little "I love you's" all over their shirts! Ick.

7. Spiral Zone - one of my favorite cartoons. People had masks trying not to get into the Spiral Zone and fall under the spell of the Mysterious Master.

8. Captain Caveman and Son - "Captain Caaaaaaavemaaaaan!!" followed by that annoying bit, "and son." But it was hilarious!

9. Ghostbusters - nothing beats the original! Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz, Winston Zeddmore and Igon Spengler, with one disgusting ghost, Slimer, and an idiot secretary, Jenine, out to get 'em ghosts.

10. ALF - Alien Life Form! Hah! I kill me!

Your turn...


  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    11. Candy Candy - ugh! I can hardly remember what the story was... but in this cartoon, she was being paired with a guy named Anthony... (naaalala niyo pa ba ito?)

    12. Pac-man - kwento ko pa ba ito?!? first cartoon to become a computer game or a computer game that became a cartoon?!?

    13. Voltes V - syempre!!! makakalimutan ba natin ito? cartoon show for all ages!

    14. Daimos - ang walang katapusang love story nina Princess Erika at Richard!

    15. Voltron - favorite ko sa lahat ng mga robot cartoons. eto yung lions ha!

    16. Transformers - puro robots ba!?!

    la na akong maisip, kayo naman!
  • 17. The Legend of Zelda - aliw yung story.. so bite me...

    18. She-Ra - ah.. the childhood fantasy... hehehe.. naaalala ko pa.. i had her costume and went trick or treating!! oha!!!

    19. South Park - kainis, bakit nde sha pinayagan ipalabas sa Pinas?

    20. Gem - heheh aliw kse yung mga songs eh.. "gem is my name, no one else is the same, gem is my name! gem!" hehehe meron pang "we are the mizfits.. our music's contagious... we are the mizfits..."
  • 21. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - The story of how Adam and Cringer turn into He-Man and Battle Cat to fight the forces of Skeletor. "By the power of Grayskull...*kidlat, kulog effects*..." Only three of Adam's friends know his secret, Sorceress, Man at Arms, and Orko. Special participation of the macho Teela.

    18 (dagdag). She-Ra, Princess of Power - The story of Adora (Adam's twin sister, pero magkaibang pook sila nakatira) and Swift Wind (di ko alam yung name ng transformed pegasus) and their quest to fight the evil forces of Hordak. "For the honor of Grayskull...*rainbow glitters effects*..." Only three of Adora's friends know her secret, Lighthope, Madame Raz, and Kowl. Special participation of Bo (?) (archer pero may heart logo sa suot).

    22. Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe - Adapted from the book "Little Lord Fauntleroy", it was the first (?) Filipino-dubbed cartoon on ABS-CBN. Soon made into a movie starring Tom Taus.

    23. Sara, Ang Munting Princesa - Adapted from the book "A Little Princess" (di ako sure), it was soon made into a movie starring Camille Pratts.

    24. Julio at Julia, Kambal ng Tadhana - One of my personal favorites, the story of a Chinese boy and an English girl gifted with special powers that work when they hold hands together. Too bad they only showed the full range of their power toward the end of the series.

    25. Gummy Bears - Bouncing here and there and everywhere, these lovable bears spring to action by drinking the famed Gummy Juice. I especially liked their tree lair with all those escape hatches.

    26. Silverhawks - Space-age futuristic cartoon. Naaalala ko na lang si Quiksilver and Blue Grass. Meron pang twins at bata.

    27. Thundercats - "Thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercats, hoooo!" Lion-O and the Sword of Omens. A whole assembly of the cat family: Tigra (who can go invisible with his whip), Panthro (mechanical genius), Cheetara (woman sprinter), Wily Kit and Wily Kat (pesky twins), Jaga (the spirit guide), and Snarf (pesky pet cat). Later on, new members Bengali, Pumaira (?), and that old blind cat-man joined them. Battled Mumm-ra.

    28. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo. Loves pizza. Has the rat-man Splinter as teacher. Battled Shredder and that brain-man (forgot na the name).

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  • 29. King of the Hill- Boomhauer is sooo cool!
    30. Daria- fave quote ko from this show...
    "I don't have low self-esteem, I have low self-esteem for everyone else."- Daria Morgendorffer

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  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    31. Visionaries - aliw tong cartoons na to... dubbed in Tagalog, pero I liked their quests... (dagdag info naman dito)

    32. Dexter's Lab - Dexter's cool inventions and Deedee's antics.
  • 31. Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light - Originally shown undubbed (and better that way), the Visionaries carry totems representing their own personalities. The story of the totems starts when Merlin subjects a number of knights to a test to choose who were worthy of getting a totem creature. Finally, two groups were created - the Spectral Knights (blue) led by Leorick (lion) and the Darkling Lords (?) (green) led by Mordred. There are also four staffs per group. One thing particularly interesting about this cartoon were the incantations for the staffs—I actually memorized all of them before!
  • for cartoons shown on local channels...

    33. garfield and friends - this used to be my favorite cartoon and i wanted to catch it every day. aside from the given fare of jon, odie, and garfield, i enjoyed orson the pig, roy the evil chicken who loved tapioca pudding, wade the cowardly duck w/ matching salbabida, and the egg that walked around on two chick feet.

    34. gobots - for me they were transformers wannabes but i watched them anyway

    35. captain planet and the planeteers - rpn 9 made a big hoopla over this series but it never really took off. i guess the adventures of environmentally conscious teens aren't too exciting to watch, even if it's jazzed up with a caped, flying superhero.

    36. denver the last dinosaur - he wore shades and a hawaiian shirt. i never found myself sitting through one whole episode.

    37. widget - the purple alien who looked like a little gremlin. i liked the little guy but the series didn't last very long!

    3. plastic man - comment: it's the only cartoon i remember where i wanted the villain to win, just once
  • 39. ASTROBOY- "flying high in the sky..." ...ahh the memories, the most selfless cartoon hero out there. he had such cool powers/skills too, and the first episode was so sad- I remeber crying!

    40. The Flintstones- "yabba, dabba, doooooo!!"...nuff said
  • 39. ASTROBOY - The only cartoon I remember to cry on while watching as a kid. Has a very sad mood, but was a great cartoon nonetheless.

    41. MASK - Some dudes with vehicles that transform into war machines. Not only that, each character has a Mask that has different powers for each different dude. Liked the toy versions very much!

    42. Popeye - Who could forget? A classic favorite!
  • 42. Batman the Animated Series - done on black paper to make the effect a darker, more ominous Gotham, this was one of the first cartoons that didn't cater to a strictly kiddie audience. Plus it continues to feautre great animation and stories as time goes by.

    43. Superman the Animated Series - in the tradition of number 42, the Man of Steel was finally given justice by Warner Bros. It features numerous guest stars from across the DC Universe including the Flash, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern, and Darkseid.

    44. G.I.Joe - A Real American Hero. We all had our favirte Joes and our own collections as kids.

    45. UFO Grendaizer - released at the same time as Voltes V, this was The Rock's personal favorite among that era of anime. The saucer was cool, the pilot and his suit were even cooler!

    46. Mekanda Robot - same as 45, have you ever seen a robot that looked like a jeepney? This was it. The soccer element was cool, and the whole story of a son piloting a giant robot against his unknowing mother's evil troops was also great.

    47. Mazinger Z - ditto with 45, Breast fire! Rocket Punch! And who could forget Aphrodite A and her boob missles?!

    48. Danguard Ace - was shown on Channel 9, didn't get as much recognition here, pero unforgettable.

    49. Geta Robot - Channel 13 anime of the late 70s, featured three planes that combined in three different ways. From the creator of Mazinger Z and Grendaizer, Mr. Go Nagai.

    50. Starblazers - "We're off, to outer space..." Eternally searching for the way to planet Iskendar. The wave motion gun within the starship Yamato was amazing!

    51. Battle of the Planets - a.k.a. G-Force. Five people in bird uniforms riding the superplane known as The Phoenix.

    52. Johnny bravo - Hey there little mama! Wanna see my chest hair? It's blond and curly!

    53. The Powerpuff Girls - "Blossom, commander and the leader, Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter, Buttercup, she is the toughest fighter. Powerpuffs save the day!"

    54. I Am Weasel - Michael Dorn, who did the voice of Worf in "Star Trek: The Next Generation", plays an obnoxiously smart weasel who constantly gets entangled with I.R. Baboon.

    55. Blackstar - The power sword, the star sword. Together they formed the PowerStar! Before He-Man, Blackstar was the man!

    56. Galtar and the Golden Lance - two swords of pure golden energy that combined into one bad a s s golden lance!

    57. Thundarr the Barbarian - great 80s cartoon that featured a post-apocalyptic barbarian and Ookla the Mok!

    58. Centurions - Power X-treme!!! C'mon we all wish we were Ace McCloud.

    59. Superfriends - When you bring the greatest heroes of the DC Universe together, add some villainy from the Legion of Doom, or comedy from the Wonder Twins and their Space Monkey Gleek, you've got a winner!

    60. Beavis and Butthead - these guys made MTV cooler than it already was. Non-stop critique of music videos, and worship of hot chicks on MTV. Heh-heh-yeah-yeah!

    The Rock will think of some more...

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  • I love the Power Puff Girls!!! :) Blossom rules!

    Anyway... onto the list...

    61. Sailor Moon- how can we forget this hilarious show? With all the cool girls beating up all the cool monsters and bad guys?

    62. Animaniacs- they're so wacky and smart-mouths. They scarily reflect the kids of today!

    63. Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show- I love these guys! There's nothing like the good old classic cartoons!

    64. Mickey Mouse and gang- sometimes they show a little bit of the old black-and-white classics on TV. I still find them amusing!

    65. Scooby Doo- "Scooby-dooby-dooooo!!!!" One of the cutest doggies there is! :) Anyone for a Scooby snack?

    66. Alvin and the Chipmunks- "Alvin, Simon, Theadore! Doop, doop, doo-roo-roo-roop!" They're adorable in their own way! Not to mention the Chipettes, who are the exact replica of the guys! I always thought that was interesting.

    67. Pirates of Dark Water- ok, I know you all loved this! I actually saw this again just a few days ago when I was channel surfin, and there it was! I used to love this cartoon! I even made all my roomies sit through it! LOL...

    68. The Wuzzles- remember those little animals that were half something and half something else? I think there was this one "BumbleBear", or something. She was yellow, half bear and half bee. Even got cute little wings!

    69. George of the Jungle- such a silly little man who always got the girl. haha... "George, George, George of the Jungle!!!"

    70. Pokemon- ok, you may want to kill me afte this but I happen to think Pikachu, Jiggly Puff and the rest of Ash, Misty, and Brock's gang are supercute! :P BEH! Pokemon rules! Who cares if they're overrated? :P

    (by the way, I love Garfield and Friends! #33)

    71. Dilbert- I can't stand this nerdy kid! He makes me sick! Sorry Dilbert fans. But he needs to rush through puberty.

    72. Arthur- this is more for the kindergarteners, but I find something appealing in this kind of cartoons. They're so innocent and fun! :)

    73. Little Bear- another little-kid cartoon. I think my little cousin got me hooked on it during Christmas vacation.

    74. Franklin- this one's about a little turtle and his friends. So cute!

    75. Blue's Clues- would that count? Blue is a cartoon. And her "master", who's a real person on the show, is so silly, he's kinda cute! hehe... :)

    76. The Littles- remember these folks? They were little, little people with tails or something. I remember how I used to always want to be little like them so I can sneak in and out of places!

    77. Muppet Babies- ohmigosh! I loved this show! I thought baby Kermit, baby Piggy, and even baby Animal were all cute! "Muppet babies, make your wishes come truuuuuue!!!"

    78. Mighty Ducks- this was rather short lived. Thank goodness. It didn't do the movies jsutice!

    79. Darkwing Duck- "I am the dark in the night..." He's one awesome dude! So funny! And a little weird! hehe...

    80. Duck Tales- Huey, Louis, and Duey, don't forget Uncle Scrooge. All their adventures were rather exciting! And don't forget little Dot too! (Was that her name?)

    81. Aladdin- they show this sometimes too, it doesn't really do the original movie justice but it's ok!

    82. The Little Mermaid- pre-Eric scenes when she was growing up. Her adventures with Flounder, Scuttle, and Sebastian. I kinda like this one! :)

    83. Downtown- showed on MTV. Thought this cartoon was really "real". It's cool, got some slang, a little trendy, but mostly a place where you can just chill, yo?

    (#10, I remember Alf!!! He was one hilarious thing from outta space!)

    84. Dragon Ballz- not a big fan but you know, I guess it's ok. All the superhero stuff. Kinda like SailorMoon but guys.

    85. My Little Pony- how can I almost forget them!!! I loved My Little Pony!!! I had a colllection going. From dolls, to books, to stickers, and even part invites! They were sooooo cool!

    86. Maxie- kinda a Barbie thing, it was ok.

    87. Gargoyles- I thought this was a little morbid, but it's actually intersting.

    Ok, I think this is where I stop for now! Be back later, maybe. :)
  • Peps, although the animation was horrendous, those Thor cartoons are now considered classic. Plus, they were drawn by the acknowledged king of comic book artists: Jack Kirby.

    To add:
    95. Captain America - "When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yield!"

    96. The Incredible Hulk (circa 1960s) - "Doc Bruce Banner, pelted by gamma rays, turned into the Hulk, ain't he unglamorous?"

    97. Sub-Mariner - pretty much the same as the last three. It was cool because it featured Namor, Scion of Atlantis.

    98. Iron Man (circa 1960s) - "Tony Stark makes you feel like a cool exec with a heart of steel."

    99. The Incredible Hulk (circa 1980s) - a big improvement on the previous version, but it was still pretty cheesy.

    100. Iron Man (circa 1990s) - major improvement in this bit. When Tony Stark put on the armor, the effect was always computer-generated. Also featured War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Spider Woman.

    101. Spider-Woman - Jessica Drew, the first Spider-Woman, was bitten by a spider as achild. To save her life, her father injected her with a toxin that also gave her amazing powers. Occasional guest star was Spider Man.

    102. Spider Man and his Amazing Friends - Spidey shared a home with Iceman (Bobby Drake) and Firestar (Angelica Jones). Featured the introduction of Firestar into the Marvel Universe.

    103. Spider Man (circa 1970s) - had villains like Electro and Doctor Octopus as regulars.

    104. Spider Man (circa 1980s) - came out before or after "Spidey and his Amazing Friends". Featured Doctor Doom as a recurring villain.

    105. Spider-Man (circa 1990s) - great animation, especially as he swung through New York City. The mistake was trying to put the Secret Wars in a few cartoons.

    106. Fantastic Four (circa 1970s) - with Herbie the Robot instead of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, because networks feared that kids might light themselves on fire. Ridiculous!

    107. Fantastic Four (circa 1990s) - finally with the Human Torch. Never really liked the comic, so cartoon wasn't anything special either.

    108. WildC.A.T.S. - Jim Lee's creation brought to life in cartoon format. It sucked.

    109. Spawn - Todd McFarlane's very mature-oriented cartoon on HBO. McFarlane is an a s s hole, so his cartoon also sucks like hell.

    110. The Groovy Ghoulies - same people who made "Josie and the Pussycats" and "The Archies". Had Sabrina the Witch with Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein.

    111. Pinky and the Brain - "So what do we do tomorrow night Brain?" "The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!"

    112. Rugrats - a great creation of the late 90s. Really entertaining stuff taken from the babies' point of view.

    113. Tiny Toon Adventures - Steven Spielberg's cartoon that featured junior counterparts of the Loony Toons bunch.

    114. Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers - kiddie fare that put the chipmunks together with a mouse and an Australian beaver.

    115. Tale Spin - Baloo of the Jungle Book is now a pilot! He hangs out with the orangutan King Louie and still battles Shere Khan the tiger.

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  • 116. Harlem Globetrotters - every 3pm channel 2
    117. Wacky Races - #3 was my favorite
    118. Mightor
    119. Moby ****
    120. Alakazam - like Candy Candy, its a 5:30 appetizer for the big ones like Voltes V and Mazinger Z
    121. and I can't believe no one mentioned that crap but pinoeering 'Ang Panday'

    wonder if they ever showed Ren and Stimpy sa Pinas. it's a kickarse of a toon, better than Southpark.
  • ako ren!!! i loved My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite!!! horse ba niya si Rainbow Star? i dunno.. too old to remember.. hehehe

    122. Ren and Stimpy ... back in LA, this Nickelodeon cartoon was my all time favorite, next to...

    123. Rugrats... grabeh, cute cute ni Tommy!!!

    124. Potato Head Kids... hahaha, kinda babyish pero loved it...

    125. Dungeons and Dragons... kinda aliw kse yung mga quests nila...

    126. Attack of The Killer Tomatoes... red and ripe...

    127. Pumbaa and Timon... ksama sa GMA 7 saturdays... used to watch it with my inaanaks...

    128. Real Monsters... hilarious...

    129. Eek! The Cat... cute kse ng color niya eh...

    130. Hanna Barbera Cartoons... classics..heheh
  • 131. GI JOE= Yo Joe! Snake Eyes and Falcon Rules!!! HEHEHEHEHE

    132. Cedie= makornihan na kayo pero naiyak ako nung mamatay Daddy nya!

    133. Street Frogs= ahh those old school reptile Rappers..."who can ever forget them"

    134. Southpark- kewl

    135. The Simpsons= America's First family

    136. Garfield and Friends= "Aaaah Lasagna"

    137. SuperBook= B=Maganda sa mga BATA!!pati sa matatanda...

    138. Flying House= Maganda din sa bata!!! sa matatanda sin...

    139. Panday- kewl yung idea but the animation is very poor...hehehehe

  • 140. Bravestar- having the strength of the bear, the speed of the puma, ears of the wolf and eyes of the hawk. the full length movie wasn't that good though.

    141. Tigersharks- came out the same time as Centurions. okei yung mga characters w/c transforms from 1/2human 1/2fish to whatever sea dwelling creature.

    142. Futurama- from the creators of Simpson's; Fry, Leela and Bender are the 3 main characters of the show. not at par with Simpsons though.

    143. Dr. Katz- the coolest doc on tv...hehehe
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Yobaks! may Panday na at no. 121!
  • PLEASE READ THE PREVIOUS POSTS BEFORE YOU ALL POST. We already have at #2 the Comic Strip which features BOTH Street Frogs and Tiger Sharks. At # 19 is South Park. At # 44 is G.I. Joe. Rugrats is #112. Garfield and Friends is already at # 33 while Cedie was already #22. PLEASE STOP THE DOUBLES. It's like you don't read what other people thought of before you did. The next number SHOULD BE # 137!!!
  • sipag naman ni "the rock" for counting all those entries..
    137. Carebears - don't u love them, as well as those carebear cousins in care-a-lot?!
    138. Beverly Hills Teens- can't remember much of them though, but the character "Bianca" really annoyed me! talk about coñitos and coñitas..

  • Hmmm... I'm guessing theRock is a collector of comics dating from way back when. Correct me if I'm wrong. You just seem like a cartoon/comic sponge! :) I dig.

    139. Strawberry Shortcake- going along with Rainbow Brite and friends. They're so cute!

    Peps! Rainbow Brite's horsie was called Starlite! :)

    140. New Kids On the Block- did you guys know they actually had a series for these guys? LOL... It didn't last very long

    141. The Mask- from the original movie. I thought this one was alright

    142. California Raisins- some pruny raisins who sing and dance. I enjoyed this one as well!

    143. Men In Black- they still show some of this, I think. I didn't like it too much. Lacked originality

    144. Hammer- yup, they did one of MC Hammer too. Gol-LY! You'd think they would have taken a hint from NKOTB.

    145. Punk Brewster- she sure was spunky, thaht Soleil Moon Frye

    146. Sabrina the Teenage Witch- this AND the sitcom? Too much...

    (#91- I used to have a crush on Archie! LOL...)

    147. Digimon- a coppycat of Pokemon. This one I find irritating! Too many "digi"s. It's digi this, digi that. Blah-blah-blah-blah.

    148. Kriss-Kross- yep, this one was short-lived. Who missed it?

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