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Given the chance, gusto mo bang maging artista?

Pros: Fame and fortune. Would also be helpful if you have plans to go into politics.

Cons: You'll be branded baduy, brainless, and people will follow you everywhere you go (assuming you become a *BIG* star.)

So, do you want to become an actor?


  • sure why not! tapos diba you get to earn big bucks pa! :D
  • ako gusto kong maging artista -- sa THEATER - more privacy than being a movie/TV actress
  • nah..too complicated.. :p

    commercial model or ramp model mas feel ko maging...*hint hint* :D
  • nope! commercial model na lang din!
    but I gotta burn some fat!

  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    oo naman :D pero ayoko nung big, big star....ok na sakin yung ala-leo dicaprio :D
  • ngek.... mas gusto ko maging commercial model na lang.hint! hint! yung mga artista naman natin pinagpipilitang kumanta kahit di marunong... tapos may mga production numbers pa! kakahiya a!

  • Why not? :) Basta ka-love team ko si Jolina Magdangal ha?!? :D hehehe... *sorry medyo baduy ko ha but I really like her. :?
  • artista????thats kewl why not basta ba may bed scene with osang!!!!
  • I'd like to be one of those celebrities which don't really do anything. :D
  • Hey, mint! Sabi ko na nga ba sasagot ka sa topic na `to, eh! Hehehehe....

    Sure, why not? Imagine, you can earn BIG BUCKS without using your brain!!! Emote-emote ka lang, kapalan mo lang mukha ko, instant money! However, it would also be quite difficult because it will force you to give up your privacy.
  • No Way!!!!!!!... i hate showbiz ... madaming tsismis at saka no privacy especially pag sikat na :D
  • ew! no way! i'd rather be a theater actress (and meet that Cali guy who was in RENT and got really beefed up for JC Superstar! yummy.gif ) or a commercial model (easy money with fleeting fame). ramp model puede rin, but i lack the height. (hehe! height lang ba?!? :D)

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  • Road DoggRoad Dogg PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kung sakali lang, malamang hanggang commercial model na lang kasi ayoko nang mag-artista. I remember a year ago, someone was trying to get me to join Mr. Pogi, but I don't kasi wala naman akong talent sa pagsayaw eh! :D Pero kung kukunin akong artista, payag ako basta ka-pattner ko si Bianca Araneta, Vanessa Del Bianco, Kristine Hermosa... :D
  • sure why not...thats my dream pa naman..

  • I'd rather be a commercial model pero oks na rin ang mag-artista as long as I can finish my studies.
  • Mas gusto ko po yung kontra bida na roll pang mataray po yung mukha ko kaya Mas bagay po sakin yung mhaldita na roll
  • Tawagan nyo Lang po ako 09282963281
  • Ako po at ang sister ko gusto po naming maging artista actually my ugali kami ng ate para maging artista Parehas kaming matapang Parehas din po kaming matapang Parehas matibay ang dibdib namin Hindi kami mahiyain Parehas din po kaming palaban pero sa palaban palaban po ako pero Mas palaban ang ate ko kaya Sana po mapili nyo po kami para po maging artista lahat po ng roll tatanggapin namin kaya po namin lahat 13 years old po ate ko ako po at 12 years old Parehas po kaming Mataray ang mukha na may pagkamabait .. Kaya. Sna po mapili nyo po kami tawagan nyo Lang po ako 09282963281

  • Gusto ko nalang din maging artista para hindi nako stress. hahahah
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