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  • The_ArkangelThe_Arkangel PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Try reviewing at Silliman University, Dumaguete City. They are now offering review classes in nursing.

    FACT: Ever since the Nursing Program of Silliman University started in 1952, only 3 times on its entire history that it did not achieved a 100% passing rate.


    Try to research the passing percentage of this school. IM NOT KIDDING.

    P.S. Silliman University's College of Nursing is a Center of Excellence. In fact 4 years ago, PRC offered to Silliman's Board of Trustees that all of its graduates in nursing WILL BE EXEMPTED in taking the board exam since for decades it always achieved a perfect passing rate. But the BOT refused since this might result on the deparment getting relax and putting its guards down thus affecting quality. This is not a hearsay, since I heard it personally from one of the BOT, Ambassador Villamor. Then disaster strikes 2 years ago as one of the graduates failed in the board exam. Although the school was able to achieved a 98% passing rate, but the perfect record it holds for decades is now tainted. But don't worry, it is now back to its usual self. STILL HAVING DOUBTS???? try to research about the nursing program of this school and you will know if I'm kidding or not.

    Here are some samples:

    (note: that study was from 2000-2004, that is the period when the disaster strikes, but if the period would date back starting in the 1950's, then hands down, you will know who is the best)

  • any comment sa east west, ra gapuz and st. louie?
  • Astig nga ang SU. Siguro its all bcoz of the quality of teaching ng skul and also their students.. Ang alam ko kaya mataas din passing rate nila kc nagtetake sila ng board ng December. Malaking preparation siguro talaga ginagawa nila.. And i admire them for that..

    About east west i heard about it but still not sure about the quality ng review nila. RA Gapuz talaga umaarangkada sa ads and yung passing rate nila e mataas din. Ang alam ko magkapantay st.louis and pentagon since pagkatapat lng sila dun sa may espanya. Im still not sure about them...

    Maganda na kasi yung sigurado ka na dun sa pupuntahan mong review center e.. Mahirap kasi kapag mababa lang foundation na naibigay sau ng skul na pinanggalingan mo.
  • zacharaiolsenzacharaiolsen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i heard a very very good and sulit na nursing review center.. it's located in baguio, and dinarayo pa ito ng mga grads from manila.

    ksama na syempre ang dorm sa bayad, at sulit na sulit talaga !
    para kang nag-bakasyon na may kasamang review, sarap mag-aral

    prob is, i forgot the name of the review center..
  • i think its St. Louis. Yeah its good and they've said that its a 100% passing rate. though last time ata e 98% lng sila. malayo nga lang. i know alot of my batchm8s r going to that review cntr..
  • benj_luv06benj_luv06 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I would lyk to ask your opinions or ideas regarding dis issue... actually dis is our assignment in bio-ethics...

    You are a staff nurse in the pediatric section of manila general hospital. your patient is RA, a 4 year old, male, admitted due to dengue hemorrhagic fever. Upon your interview, you discovered that your patient is Jehovas witness. part of their belief is that they do not allow blood transfusion. since your patient is a minor, the parents have to exercise the right tyo decide over their son. the parents do not like and would not allow blood transfusion, despite the fact that without this, their son would die. The doctor gave an order to proceed with the blood transfusion and you are the nurse on duty, who will carry out the order.

    and thge questions are...

    1. what are the nursing responsibilities in blood transfusion?

    2. would you carry out the doctor's order? why?

    3. How does the law of our state protect the righs of minor in this issue?

    thank you...
  • I'm not a nurse but let me give you my two-cents for the day.
    It's a difficult situation where you just have to do what you consider ethical and cover yourself from any potential ligitation.
    Your nursing responsibiliy is to get a signed informed consent for transfusion, set ready the routine care before and after transfusion which is usually spelled out by the attending MD. Second, unless you have a signed informed consent you're not under obligation to follow the doctor's order because patients have the right to choose and refuse treatment. Thirdly, most states have Child Protective Services or its equivalent which often intrude on parent's right and take into care sick Witness children whose health or life is threatened by the lack of blood transfusion. Most hospitals have SOP's for this kind of situation. Notify your nursing supervisor and through a chain of commands the hospital administration who consults the hospital's legal counsel and the Child Protective Services.
  • up ko lng po...

    any suggestions>???
  • Pentagon Review Specialists.
  • The_ArkangelThe_Arkangel PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    The top performing schools in the December 2005 Nurse Licensure Examination
    are the following:

    1 Silliman University 133/132 99.00%

    2 Cebu Normal University (For. Cebu StateCollege)143/138 97.00%
    3 Saint Paul University - Tuguegarao 151/145 96.00%
    Cebu Doctors University 116/111 96.00%
    4 Ateneo de Davao University 103/95 92.00%
    5 University of La Sallete - Santiago 310/270 87.00%
    6 Mariano Marcos State University - Batac 190/161 85.00%

    1 Saint Louis University 86/81 94.00%
    2 Notre Dame of Dadiangas College 86/78 91.00%
    3 San Beda College 69/61 88.00%

    1 Mindanao State University Marawi City 40/38 95.00%
    2 St. Scholastica s College of HealthSciences - Tacloban 54/49 91.00%
    3 De La Salle University Dasmarinas Health Science Campus 30/26 87.00%
    4 Saint Mary s Univeristy (For. St. Mary s Coll. Bayombong) 56/48 86.00%

  • Anong nangyari sa UST at UP? Bat wala sila sa top performing schools?

    Anyway congrats sa lahat ng pumasa.
    Pati sa threadstarter, hopefully lahat ng suggestions nakatulong sa yo and hopefully you're now a nurse.

    Congrats ulit.. =)
  • Congrats to all who passed!
    Will be taking my board exams by June next year pa naman but I'm beginning to scout for a good review center. I'm choosing between Pentagon, St. Louis (is this the same one where Balita is?), and Gapuz.
    How about PRS? Have you heard bout this? Thanks!
  • Im about to take the board this june too purply_hazy... and im still not sure kung san review center ako mag enrol.. PRS? dba Pentagon Review Specialist yun? yup ang alam ko mostly mga UPians mga andun a.. tapos yun St.Louis e kay Balita nga sya...

    I heard about Kaplan e magaling din a.. Meron sa makati but may nakita ako sa may recto sa may St.Tomas Square ba yun..

    Astig naman nung mga pumasa nitong last dec board exam... sana may mga tips naman jan.. hehe..

    good luck dun sa mga magtetake this coming June ... Tayo yun ... hehe..

    claim it and you'll have it sabi nga sa Game kana ba... *okay*
  • ^^ yup! yup! good luck sa atin! positive thinking - WE WILL DEFINITELY PASS!
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Im also taking this June 2006.
    Nag review ako sa GAPUZ last August 2005 - November 2005.
    It costs P15,000.00
  • ^^ was it worth it bro? tie up with your school ba yung 15k na program na yan? I have all the Gapuz series kasi (ABC's of passing the local boards, maternal-child, etc.) and he seems to be pretty good especially because he highlights common board questions and presents it in a user friendly format.
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Our school wasnt involved, I just joined the Gapuz Review, it was scheduled every Saturday and Sundays only. It was worth it. The thing about Gapuz is that they had only few lecture, because a REVIEW is NOT A REPEAT OF THE SUBJECT. Imagine, we only had 16 hours lecture for one AREA like 16 hours for FUNDA, 16 hours for PSYCHIA, so on...
  • zacharaiolsenzacharaiolsen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    onga.. im also wondering why UST and UPM werent in the list. i guess walang nagtake sknla this dec.?
  • di ba twice din ang board exam ng nursing in a year tulad ng ibang

    ang alam ko kasi, tulad ng PLM, they usually take exam together
    (I am referring to the regular students, iyong mga non-regular
    students minsan nahihiwalay). For example, ECE board exam is
    on April and on November. PLM ECE grads usually take the exam
    on November.

    ito'y isang opinyon lamang galing sa akin. I can't speak for
    the nursing students.

    strange kasi na wala ang UST, UP-Manila at PLM doon sa top
    performing schools sa nursing for dec-2005.
  • ganun kamahal ba ngaun gapuz?? kc i have a pamplet here e 10k lng nakalagay.. . wait dba kaya sya mahal e kc sat and sun lng yung sked nya e.. sa tingin nyo? hehe..

    namimili kc ako bet gapuz and penta sa ngaun e.. alam ko kc magaling gapuz sa final coaching.. totoo po ba?

    markpaul ok ka dud buti kapa nagkaroon ka talaga ng time para makapag review. d ka na ba mag review center ulit? i mean mag enrol kpba nyan..

    purply_hazy good luck sa tin talaga... balita ko ang dami talaga ng mag tetake this june board exam e..

    basta duds balitaan sana tayo .. tulungan... share share,.,., oks lng sana yun sa inyo..
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