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local fim festivals...

local film festivals... dapat yung topic. :)

what are the requirements and qualifications needed for a movie to be selected for the local film festivals? meron ba?

sa lahat ng mga pelikulang pilipinong nasasali sa filmfests, yung "jose rizal" lang yata ang matino (muro-ami?... pwede na rin).

para saan ba yang filmfest kung puro walang kwenta din naman ang ipapalabas nila?

mabuhay ang pelikulang pilipino!!! mabuhay sila esperanza, mga aswang, mga agimat, bulaklak ng maynila, etc... pwwwehhh!!!

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  • nix
    nix Administrator
    Hmm ... I'm not too sure about the qualifications, but I agree with you that most Pinoy Movies nowadays (even yesterdays for that matter) are pretty bad, quality wise. But Jose Rizal was good, and the general consensus on Muro Ami is that it was pretty good for a Pinoy Film.

    I hope that the Philippine Film industry people improve the quality of the films they release. But you really can't blame them when they make so much money out of star power alone (or starlette power) because the masa endorses such films.
  • wolverine
    wolverine Ang pagbabalik.

    my point is... bakit pa kailangan yung film festival kung pangit lang din naman yung mga isasali nila?

    walang ka-kwenta-kwenta yung mga pelikula nila. kawawa lang yung mga magagandang pelikula kasi wala silang kalaban sa awards. hindi tuloy ganon ka-credible ang pagkakapanalo nila.
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