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So Mikee really was pregnant after all

She's 5 months pregnant which confirms a lot of people's hunches (but most of the media were too afraid to ask or maybe paid not to ask) that the hurried marriage was because of pregnancy.


  • the pt being ___?
  • I guess that the point was, everyone was saying that the reason she was wed so suddenly was because she was pregnant, but nobody could confirm it. I did see her while going to mass in Magallanes and she was definitely preggy.
  • actually, the reason why i was shocked when i found out that mikee was marrying dodot was that-- c'mon, it's dodot. y'know, the guy i laugh at whenever i watch the pba. the guy's a lousy basketball player who wouldn't even have made waterboy if poppa wasn't a legend. even in barangay leagues. he even owns a blank dumb stare, so i really don't imagine him as a stimulating conversationalist.

    pero ang swerte talaga ng mokong na iyon. imagine getting mikee to marry him, after he got her preggy. not to mention charlene gonzales as his previous girlfriend. what does he have that i don't to be so fortunate.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Actually, you're right, Jedi...the press was paid a lot not to ask the right question. All that romantic stories about Jaworski Jr. proposing and how they just decided to get married because Mikee can't join the olympics are all fiction. It was invented by my sister's barkada who works in the PR department of Giftgate. Giftgate's honchos were absolutely horrified that their sweet innocent image model got pregnant, so everything that subsequently came out was paid for by Giftgate and the Cojuangcos. Peping Cojuangco was really mad (natch), so Jaworski Jr. was forced to marry Mikee even if he didn't want to lest Peping does something. Throughout the "engagement" when they were having their pictures taken Jaworski Jr. was in a really really bad mood--when asked to smile for the camera his reply was to scowl and ask, "What's there to smile about?!"

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  • i would just like to clarify the issue on Dodot being seen a some stupid jock. according to this article i read in the philippine star (long before they got married) Dodot Jaworski - ur so-called dumb jock - actually graduated from Ateneo de Manila. i think he also graduated validictorian in HS. he might be 'bano' in basketball but he certainly isn't stupid.

    let's not judge people hastily, okay?
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    being academically good does not equate to being intelligent.... as the old chinese saying goes(fukien anyways).... but am not judging him...malay mo talagang he was bestowed with a dumb stare when he was born....isa pa..... preggy na si mikee sa picture nya noong wedding... pansinin niyo sa mga pictures niya....
  • dodot attended brent &, if i remember right, used to play football more than basketball ... he's also very articulate ... let's face it, playing basketball may have been merely fulfilling filial duty to the guy ... as i see it, the only drawback to his being dodot jaworski is that he's the grandson of ramon revilla ... then again, that fact may have worked very well in his favor ...

    weye: i agree with u on not judging ppl hastily ... that's why i neither equate atenean with smart/intelligent/witty nor non-atenean with idiotic/stupid/moronic ... some ppl r born with it, others buy it, others project it, some can only wish for it ... ;)
  • WEYE: I've been connected with the ateneo de manila high school for the past 11 years and I can assure you, he was NOT high school valedictorian, much less an alumnus of the high school.

    He however entered the Ateneo College in 1992 and graduated business management in 1996.
  • Oh, gee. This is news to me. I better get my uppers.
  • ann, i wasn't equating being intelligent with being an Atenean. i guess i was just making a point that he Dodot isn't as dumb as people make him seem. being a part of any system doesn't make u the kind of person the system projects. even being a president doesn't make u intelligent...

    JOE!, but i'm sure they mentioned something on his being an excellent student or something. but if ever it's not true, i stand corrected :)

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  • So, does this mean that they're not really "in love" and that their marriage isn't a happy one?
  • ChiQui: i guess we'll never know ... but it's their life anyway, right?

    weye: *lol* u're so right abt the president thing ... even erap's most trusted lieutenants know that pr & money, not brains or ideology, r what got them posts in the erap admin ...
  • hehe..hi guyz !! :)
    yeah yeah...preggy tlaga sha...even b4 her marriage...kya nga mejo ang bilis ng mga pangyayari...nweiz...have u guyz seen the new show of mikee on ch. 7? the dear mikee ek ek? hehe! funny tlaga sha...quite obvious na she's hiding sumthin from the public...like hello?! she'd usually have this pillow on her lap like to cover her tummy, tas basta funny na mukang ewan na shempre every episode ganon na lang ung ichura...ang stiff na tuloy tus ang lalayo ng mga kuha...hehe para d obvious ung pagiging manas nya...nweiz..un lang... :)
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