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anyone where I can buy English translated manga of the whole Rouruni Kenshin series?



  • i don't know kung meron palagay ko wala sorry :(
    anyway does anyone know where to buy
    japanese RK mangas(whole set!vol. 1-28) at a good price? :D thanks!
  • xyzseamanxyzseaman PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    As of now, hindi pa tapos itranslate yung buong Kenshin series whether VHS or DVD. Matatapos istranslate si Kenshin this December or earlier.
  • i think wala pang nakakabili ng rights to translate RK mangas in english.. pero im hoping they'll be out soon.. pero you can always buy the japanese ones and then just look for manga translations.. there are free websites na nag-ooffer ng engllish translations ng all volumes of RK.. or better find a site na yung scanned pages ng manga are already translated in english..
  • ei Anwarlorenzo , im ordering mangas from japan. if u want i could get the whole set of rk :)
  • I think meron dito. All mangas sold in comic book stores here are in English. Mahirap dito maghanap ng Japanese na manga. I got the whole Sailormoon manga set in English. Other mangas I saw that were in English are:

    Magic Knight Rayearth
    St. Tail
    Cardcaptor Sakura
    Oh!/Ah! My Goddess
    Ranma 1/2
    Gundam Wing
    Lone Wolf

    There are some more pero I wasn't really familiar with it. I haven't seen Rurouni Kenshin manga in English yet. I guess we have to wait and see for it. I got my whole set in Japanese for $6.95 a book (you guys doi the math to convert it to pesos) and as a discount, I didn't have to pay shipping. If someone wants to order from there, you might have to pay shipping kasi international siya. The seller's from Canada.
  • saan yang sinasabi mo?
  • saan yang sinasabi mo? saan ako makakabili ng Gudam Wing english Manga?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
  • Nobody mentioned if there's an English version of Slam Dunk especially volumes 21-38. I've been posting everywhere about this question, I hope someone answers it and tell me where I can get them.
  • Oops, location ko pala di tulad ng dati kaya di na-gets. I'm in the US ngayon. Halos lahat ng manga dito ay in English. Meron naman in Japanese pero mascommon ang English. There's an online store where you can buy Japanes mangas and I've bought almost the whole Rurouni Kenshin manga set (in Japanese). I think it's like rgbanime dot something. I-search mo na lang sa yahoo or something. I got free shipping. =)
  • Sa animenia (yung maliit na stall sa gitna ng robinsons galeria at robinsons ermita). Nakita ko may mga compiled RK manga sila na translated to english na.

    Actually mukha ngang ni-download lang nila yun sa net at pina-print sa printing press... ..lam nyo yun... ..yung manga scanlations -scanned and translated manga.
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