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Who is the prettiest Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars Girl?

hey, peeps!:)

Just curious. I really wanna know who you think is the prettiest Sakura Taisen/Wars Character.
Now, I know its obvious that I think Maria is the prettiest, but i don't care who you think is, and who you'll post.
I just want to make sure that you don't post the sexiest, because Kanzaki Sumire would probably win that one, hands down, but the one with the best face value. Thanks!:D


  • Hello! :sunnysmile:

    For me the prettiest girl in Sakura Wars is :loveeyes: Maria.

    Second is :luvluv: Koran.

    Anyway, that's all.

    I really like Maria. She's very strong and dependable. Sana sila na lang ni Ohgami ang couple :loving: , kasi talagang bagay sila e.... :lovesigh:
  • bichbich PExer
    sumire.... hehe
  • Thanks 2 u guys for posting! :)

    I thought no one would post, considering they only came in to download my attachment. :mad: It's just so annoying 'coz why did they go into the thread anyway, if they weren't even gonna post a reply to my ever-clear question?! :verymad:

    Sumire is my second prettiest :luvluv: and Kohran is pretty much ok in my list.

    Anyway, I agree with you, Mouse, Ohgami & Maria would make a cute couple, although i think maybe Ohgami would end up "under" to Maria

    And yes, Maria is a strong and dependable person. She was Captain before they brought Ohgami in...

    Thanx again!:D
  • By d way, the above attachment is a CG fanart, and if its yours and you wanna take it out, I'll figure a way to do that... :p

    It's a pic that proves Maria & Ohgami are a cute couple! :sweet:
  • iris is sooo cute
  • I have a weakness for tall women, so I'll say Kanna. Say what you want, but she's got it going on.
  • MygzMygz PExer
    Iris is tops for me, followed by Sumire, Orihime and Maria. :)

    yun nga lang, if only Iris were a bit older... :evilgrin:
  • Koran!!! I mean, just look at her.......


    ......ooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!!!!

    And the dancing chibi Kanna in the ending is cute.
  • koran is cute... iris is cuter.. but sumire is the sexiest!!!!
  • Various answers, huh?:D well, i didn't really expect everyone to have the same type...

    To tell the truth, I don't really think any lead-role woman in ST is bad-looking, they all have they're own physical assets. :heartful:

    But you know, I've been surverying people who watch ST at my school, and the majority answered Maria (No, I didn't tell them who my fave was!!!) Followed by Iris, then Sumire. But yes, bich Sumire is the sexiest...

    Anyway, has anyone else but me & mygz seen Orihime? If u look at the first of my attachments, u'll see her as the tan-skinned lady wearing red below Ohgami. I don't know why i borught this up... maybe because mygz did first... 'nywayz, thanx for posting! :lol:

    And yes, Kanna also has looks... and definitely Kohran does...
  • I'm watching a rerun of Sakura Wars right now! :)

    Like a lot of people here, I think Maria's the prettiest with Koran and Kanna tied in close second. How come nobody thinks Sakura's pretty? She IS the lead.
  • I think Sumire is prettiest, and Maria is second :lovesigh:

    As for why Sakura never gets anyone's vote, I think it's because Sakura's looks are so plain and homely. :shakehead: So common, unlike Sumire's mischievous/wicked beauty and Maria's sort of serious one... besides, face value has nothing to do with being the lead character!
  • Originally posted by Mygz
    yun nga lang, if only Iris were a bit older... :evilgrin:

    An older Iris, with Oogami.
  • cool!
  • Oooh, pretty!
  • Hmm... I guess i really never thought about that! :bonkself:

    they would be cute... WAIT A SECOND!!! We're supposed to be talking about the prettiest girl, not the cutest couple! :bop:

    Please, if u wanna talk about it, make a new thread... we're really getting out of the subject... :(

    And guys, do you have any idea about what happened to my Maria avatar? it disappeared! I checked my disk and it was there... where did it go?!!! :bawling:
  • upload it!!!
  • I already tried! It keeps disappearing!!! :bawling:
  • how bout putting it in a site... and let post the url..
  • LesLes PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I really wanted to watch Sakura Taisen. Unfortunately AXN caught me at a bad time, since school has started and there isn't cable TV at the boarding house.

    If you didn't know, the character designs are by Kosuke Fujishima, the creator of Ah! My Goddess and You're Under Arrest. Seems that Fujishima is pretty good in character creation, as none of the Sakura Taisen characters look like his previous designs.
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