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Cooking Master Boy!!!

I knew it would come to this sooner or later. First, it was fishing with Grander Musashi. And now, they've twisted the culinary arts into something so outrageous and yet so amusing.

I think that CMB is a more wayout version of Walk with Yan. I'm always hungry for whatever dish cooked up.

And have you ever noticed that it's aired before lunch and dinner time.


  • Wait, I love Grander Musashi. Nakakatuwa yung stories nila ang the quest for the Legenders. Highly absorbing.

    Wala pa akong namiss na episode ng Cooking Master Boy. I just don't know, pero nakakatuwa ang anime na to eh. Nakakagutom din.
  • ey...If you love CMB... you better check out the movie, "God of Cookery"...it's not anime...it's not even japanese...
    You can catch it on Star Chinese Movies...if you have it on your cable that is...
    The movie is pretty old... it contains the same elements as CMB... it looks anime inspired...:p
  • Noel VeraNoel Vera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Yoshi, you're right. There's something about CMB I like. Maybe because I love food and anime and it only is a short step to combining them. Plus that redhead is sexy. She the girlfriend or sister? Wonder if they'll put her in a bikini.

    Last episode I saw was the noodle soup with black squid ink and pearl stars. Looked delicious AND beautiful.

    I saw God of Cookery. It's funny enough, tho of course with an anime series you can do more stunts and dishes with greater variety.

    Hard to catch it tho--has to be a way for a working boy to see this stuff!
  • Bah, Iron Chef is THE BEST!! :D
  • Hi! I definitely agree that Cooking Master Boy is a good anime!
    Everytime I watch it I get hungry. There's all this mouth-watering dishes that you want to taste.
    I also agree that it is somewhat similar to the of the God of Cookery except that this is not even anime and not even Japanese. It's a chinese movie. come to think of it, when I first saw the commercial for Cooking Master Boy, I knew that it would be like God of Cookery.
  • bichbich PExer
    aliw kaya ang CMB... lahat ng tao napapaluha dahil sa pagkain... hahah... at saktong kainan pa talaga cyang pinapalabas... heheh

    about the god of cookery.. i'vwe watched it.,. and aliw rin... napaiyak ang judge,
  • Noel VeraNoel Vera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Episode today, black chicken is considered bad luck and the man who bred it (he's dead) and his restaurant is ostracized. CMB comes in and makes a dish for a chicken dish contest; he opens his pot, and inside is rice.

    'We shouldn't even taste this!" the judges say, but they do. It's chicken! Great chicken! Turns out CMB cooked the rice INSIDE the black chicken , and it's the flavor of the chicken that makes the rice taste great. Everyone looks at the black chicken in a new way, and the ostracized restaurant is saved.

    This is fun!
  • Noel, the redhead, Mei Ling, is the daughter of Master Chouyu (who is also a Super Chef), from whom Mao, the CMB himself, received additional training working under him as a chef for the Yosen Shuka restaurant in Guangzhou. She's smitten with Mao. :D

    But you did forget that the chicken was actually a legendary bird, which no one else recognized in the village but Mao, and perhaps the chef who died.

    God, I'm hooked on this show.
  • Originally posted by Skwater
    Bah, Iron Chef is THE BEST!! :D

    AGREE! *okay*
  • Er, paano naman maikukumpara ang isang cooking show at isang anime about cooking? Mukhang malabo ata.
  • hehe i just got addicted to this anime recently... i never thought cooking could be so exciting :D
  • i agree that CMB nakakaaliw, pero i see the anime as O.A. na kung minsan. i mean nagluluto ka lang, umiilaw na ung mga cooking utensils. gimme a break.:rolleyes:
  • I bet next time they'll make a show about golf!
  • Noel VeraNoel Vera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    "I bet next time they'll make a show about golf!"

    You mean you haven't seen it yet? :)

    Yoshi, I've seen two episodes of CMB, tops. Are there tapes? How do I get to see the rest of this?

    And the rays of light coming out of the pots--obviously you haven't eaten really, really good food yet...
  • Noel, AXN airs the show on 6PM M-F, with replays of the previous episode shown at 630 & 1030AM.
  • Huh? Of course I've seen it. It's just that the way they do these kinds of shows troubles me.

    Golfing Master Boy........ kinda has a ring to it.......
  • poseidon - that's why i watch the show, i get a kick watching all those special effects hehehe! :D
  • wag kalimutan rin ang mga umiiyak na judges.... heheh aliw talaga clang tingnan kaya naalw na rin ako,

    matatapos na pala grander!!!
  • Noel VeraNoel Vera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I leave for work at 6. I get home at 8. Obviously, I get to miss the shows.

    Maybe what we need here is a 24 hour anime station.

    Lucca, it's called GOLF MASTER NINJA GIRL :)
  • Hehe. I love CMB. May pa-special effects pa sa food kasama ng Flame of Recca-style explanation pagkatapos ng matikman ng dish. :)
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