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JAMAICAN restos & food anyone?

Ok.. I made sure I used the search engine before posting this topic. I didnt seem to find any thread related to this. (I saw one but it was only about Jamaican patties)

I was wondering if there are any JAMAICAN restos here in Manila. Or atleast Restos that serve such type of food? Are Filipinos familiar with Jamaican Cuisine? I must tell you, its very good. :hiphop:

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  • Montego in Eastwood City is a Jamaican Resto. Haven't tried the place though.... Haven't tried the Jamaican Patties too. How does it taste?
  • there's this jamaican resto near our school..its called Royal Caribbean.. they have really good jamaican patties in very cheap prices.
  • Used to frequent Cafe Caribana in Malate before but I think they closed down. Theyre into carribbean cuisine I think but love their food just the same. Loved their chicken jerk! *okay*
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