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Temptation Island: Scripted or Not?

what do you guys think?


  • wickedfemellewickedfemelle Member PExer
    there are some instances when i think it's scripted and some when i think it's not...
  • kim_thorpekim_thorpe keriover PExer
    i'm friends with one of the guys, rossi, and he told me it's not scripted. what you see is what you get...and even if it was, they can't reveal secrets because that would be breach of agreement. although in my opinion, the producers have (and will always have...drats...) a hand in the outcome of the relationship in ti2. for example.

    john was shown a clip of shannon sleeping with his picture when they could have shown him a clip of shannon being *sweet* with kevin.

    and the rest got disturbing clips...

    then again, shannon was the "second genevieve" so to speak. at least she got her head attached to her neck and got most out of the journey. i'm so happy for both of them cos i was really rooting for them from the start. edmundo and catherine was destined to be separated while nikkole and thomas are better of not together because they are always bickering!

    as for mark and kelley, i think kelley deserves more. i heard from someone who knows mark that he's quite an a-$-$-putcourtneylove'sbandhere...

    (just my opinions...)

    that's all i can say and btw, i heard that genevieve and tony are getting married on the 13th of this month. donna's attending....

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