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jc says good bye to breakfast!!!!

simurghsimurgh Eat sh*t and die! PExer
i just tuned in to the show.. and they're giving jc a special good bye tribute ek-ek...



*****, teary-eyed na si jc... iyak na din ako... :bawl: :depressed:



  • Kaboom!Kaboom! Administrator PExer
    I wish JC well with whatever he'll be doing from now on.

    BTW, simurgh:

    He just texted me asking if there was coverage of the world cup. I read elsewhere that you're very involved with that.

  • esofagusesofagus Member PExer
    I was able to catch up with the farewell-ek-ek for JC and Im surprise to find out that he's leaving the show. At first I though it was his bday. Why is he leaving? Is he working behind camera instead? I understand he is producing some segments. Tama ba ako? Niligawan nya ba talaga si Carmina? The newscaster Carmina in News Central Primetime (sya yung nagnyu-newscast pag wala si Cher Calvin)

    Mamimiss ko si JC.
  • cherub_08cherub_08 *&%#$/@* PExer
    my gawd! i was shocked! well, i don't watch the show that often but when i tuned in this morning, he's saying goodbye. :( he was teary-eyed, wasnt he? *sniff*
  • tin28tin28 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    san sya punta???

    sayang naman.

    is angel back na ba???tagal ko na kasing di nood eh
  • esofagusesofagus Member PExer
    Originally posted by tin28
    san sya punta???

    sayang naman.

    is angel back na ba???tagal ko na kasing di nood eh

    ANGEL bid goodbye to the show few months back pa. I dont know the reason either.
  • scubaotakuscubaotaku I'm Rei! PExer
    hmmm, bakit kaya umalis na siya????
  • spiterispiteri norahnian PExer
    I think he's going to the US to study.
  • greggytornedgreggytorned Doctor WH0re PExer
    jc is leaving becoz..........i have no idea.:p
  • bwisitbwisit Member PExer
    Who the hell is JC?
  • angstangst Member PExer
    Sayang naman. Saan ba talaga sya pupunta?
  • spiterispiteri norahnian PExer
    Originally posted by angst
    Sayang naman. Saan ba talaga sya pupunta?
    Mag-aaral nga po ata sa US.
    Parang na-mention ng friend ko (who knows JC) in one of our kwentuhans.
  • greggytornedgreggytorned Doctor WH0re PExer
    juan carlos malasmas gonzalez.
  • cherub_08cherub_08 *&%#$/@* PExer
    wala na rin ba si Angel? i saw her at breakfast this morning, most probably to bid JC goodbye. :(

    malasmas middle name nya??
  • frid13thfrid13th Member PExer
    i was really sad when i knew that he was leaving breakfast. they said it yesterday and i dont know how i would react to it. i wake up early every morning and watch breakfast because of him. not that i dont like ria and bam but jc is different. though he may be too serious sometimes there is something in him that makes me glued to the screen.
    the next question here should be: WHO WOULD REPLACE HIM?
  • Daria_01Daria_01 Member PExer

    im sure he'll definitely be missed

    oh well, i wish him good luck

  • babyboybabyboy Member PExer
    who is jc? what is his show? and what breakfast are you guys talking about, the real breakfast or is this a show?
  • LadyMarmaladeLadyMarmalade Member PExer
    sad :(
    so that leaves breakfast with just 2 regular hosts...bam and ria?
  • sweetchicksweetchick : : h a p p y : : PExer
    Originally posted by cherub_08

    malasmas middle name nya??



    i'll try to find out what the real score is..
  • massimomassimo massimo PExer
    wala na rin si JC??????????

    wala na nga ung crush ko si angel tapos si jc naman!!!

    bka naman aalisin na yung breakfast?
  • tin28tin28 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ano ba yan???
    dalawa na lang sila...pano na pag nagkababy na si ria atsaka si luigi,di si bam na lang mag-isa...
    sino naman kaya idadagdag nila???

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