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hey everyone!
i really dont know but i really like the beauty of wilma doesnt. she has the appeal that u cant help but say wow. the way she dresses and the way she moves. it seems nga na wala siyang pretentions...totoong totoo sya. i alo enjoy the way she cracks jokes sa sitcom nya sayang at di sya nanalo sa best comedy actress.
sana makita ko siya.


  • daevadaeva Member PExer
    when i first saw her, akala ko she was a foreign model. pero once she opened her mouth .. ngek! pilipinong pilipino. ehehehe.

    have you heard her story? it's really cool. nadiscover sya habang nagwawalis sya sa labas ng bahay nya.
  • june75june75 Member PExer
    i find her very natural, no pretensions whatever. she is very good on the ramp.. the way she moves, her projections.
  • *Zaphne**Zaphne* VaaaVaaVooooom!!!! PExer
    I like her, too! I think she's one of the most beautiful local models around. Alam niyo ba na foreigners dig her? She's very natural, and she isn't afraid of showing her true self.
  • KingTritonKingTriton Member PExer
    Okay sya! I like her too. Darker version sya ni Nanette Medved.
  • totomaitotomai Member PExer
    good to hear that many like wilma.
    she really turns me on.
    my only wish this time is to meet herin person and i will be alright for therest of my life.
  • virgo14virgo14 Member PExer
    its really nice to see her being accepted by the public. i hope this means that the long-standing Filipino traditional concept of beauty is finally evolving. it's about time.
  • uhoguhog Member PExer
    she's the most fascinating pinay-extraordinary beauty one would find in this country. do you know that she used to ride the bus from cavite to manila to attend photoshoots and modelling stints. she' also very funny a plus for a model like her
  • angstangst Member PExer
    She's very funny!
  • joyski_05joyski_05 Member PExer
    i like her too. she's a whoa! i find her so real, ganda pa ng pagka black beauty nya...funny pa sha, it adds more to her personality, ah basta, galing niya sa rampa, galing niyang magpatawa...she's a beauty for me.
  • gjengjen Member PExer
    nakita siya ng honey ko sa glorietta 4 nung saturday. sayang nga hindi ko napansin agad at likod na lang niya ang nasulyapan ko. :(
  • m_i_c_o_ym_i_c_o_y Member PExer
    OKEY SIYA, pero may kulang... ang LIIT ng kanyang Bo*bs!!! lol.gif
  • KingTritonKingTriton Member PExer
    Okay siya, okay siya magpatawa, okay siya interbyuhin at okay siya na model
  • totomaitotomai Member PExer
    A+ talaga siya sa lahat.

    her humbleness and character.

    her style and fashion sense.

    her color. WOW!

    her humor, she never failes to make me laugh

    I LOVE YOU WILMA!!!!!!
  • cheechcheech Member PExer
    I like her a lot! She's the reason why i watch Richard loves Lucy... galing magpatawa
    and what i like most about her is her pagiging TOTOO. Bagay syang model ng SPRITE!

  • archerguyarcherguy Be there. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I agree with all of you. Wilma - she's got the looks, the confidence, the charisma, the humility and all. But, medyo nabawasan ang likeness ko sa kanya when I saw her in Megamall last week. I saw her and her gay friends drop from a taxi cab in Megamall building A. And when she approached the entrance, shempre merong inspection ng bag. The guard asked her to open her bag but instead of removing her bag form her shoulders, she said, "Di nyo ba'ko kilala? Mukha ba akong MILF?" She didn't remove her bag from her shoulders and instead turned her back on the guard and said to him, "Kayo na kaya ang mag-bukas ng bag ko manong! Bilisan nyo lang kasi rarampa pa ko!" Poor guard...her bag was the type na maraming strings kaya difficult to open. Maraming nakapila noon at talagan na turn-off sa kanya. It's an irony kasi kasi nung nag-guest siya kay Kris Aquino she agreed sa sinabi ni Kris na they should set a good example to the public. But anyway, natatawa pa rin ako sa kanya.
  • totomaitotomai Member PExer
    too bad to hear that archeguy....

    well, maybe she was just trying to put a smile on the guards face....

    sana mabait siya gaya ng sabi niya sa kris..
  • totomaitotomai Member PExer
    m_i_c_o_y: okay lang kahit maliit ang b**bs niya!!!!
  • earlobeearlobe Member PExer
    i like her she's proud of who she is ... she never considers her color as an inferiority.
    i think she's great famous yet humble
  • TopeTope Sharingan! PExer
    lol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.giflol.gif nakakatawa!
  • totomaitotomai Member PExer
    EARLOBE: yun ang maganda sa kanya, proud siya sa kanyang pinanggalingan. ilan kayang artista ang gaya niya?

    sana di siya magbago!

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