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Borgy Manotoc

IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Sexy looking kid. Luckily he didn't turn out looking either like Imee or Tommy.


  • Haay, This guy is such a HOTTIE!! He's the grandson of the Late Ferdinand Marcos and the eldest son of Imee Marcos and Tommy Manotoc. He's also the new image model of Bench and he's just 17!!!!!!! (there goes my cradle snatching) Has anybody seen this guy? Any other admirers out there? :D
  • I've played basketball with this guy and although still raw, if he gets the proper training and coaching to get more disciplined, he has the athletic ability to do well in the future.

  • tr|n|ty, mahilig naman daw siya sa older women eh... hehehehehe! sorry pero lucky pa din ako. blush.gif
  • did you see his interview in philippine star's young star section last friday? well, he does look cute in an exotic way, not mestizo and not too pinoy either.
  • hehe yep, i read his interview with YS :D I feel such a loser liking this guy..he's so young!! Yah he is cute in an exotic way..totally different from your usual mestizo crap.

    imogen- sayong sayo si Luis...pooch, eh dealer nya friend ko..remind me to get his text number for you. ;) at bon, i read nga na he's into older girls...tsk tsk.. planning her scheme

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  • nakita nyo rin ba yung last friday na publicity for bench? what a cutie! silly.gif
  • ahahay!! i can't get enough of this guy :D i have a wall full of his pictures..am i crazy or what?? ;)
  • yup i totally agree with you trinity...hes a hunk...super cute and lakas ng dating...my friend super likes him.... blush.gif
  • I just love the way he looks!
  • eat ur heart out, girls!! i saw borgy at brief encounters 2!!! we had to literally wipe our drool off sides of our mouths while we were looking at this hunk. Oh man, why can't i be 17 again? :D

    */me does PePs "laglag panty" action* yummy.gif


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  • lolllaaa! :)
    kita ko siya kagabi sa g4, omigosh, muntik na mahulog sa escalator ang lola mo.
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i once saw a feature on him (and a bunch of other cuties) on startalk, when he did this underwear fashion show.

    (((shhlp....aaaahh!!! :yum :)))

    ang sarap papakin, kulang na lang kanin!!!!
    (yuck, pervert raw ba ako....:lol :)
  • mas masarap siyang panoorin sa tv kesa tingnan in person para hindi nakakasawa at para me misteryo.

    hanep din ang ganda ng set of teeth niya, buong-buo. kaya pag kumain 'yan, kailangan, bago magsalita, malinis ang ngipin at walang nakasingit-singit na tinga or something, dahil pag nagsalita na siya, lahat ng ngipin niya at kahit ang bagang niya, kitang-kita ng kausap niya.

    crush ko siya, actually. napanood ko siya sa brief encounter, ang lakas ng dating niya sa mga badingding as in tulo laway.

    very raw siya sa rampa, halatang hindi sanay rumampa kasi, wala sa timing ng background music ang kanyang kakengkoyan on stage.

    meron pa akong alam na tsismis, pero hindi ko sasabihin, kasi....
  • This guy is such a HOTTIE!!! hahahaha I'm still 16 so ok pa ko! ;)
    I saw him in one of his interviews and he does have a nice set of teeth! Grabe that smile can make anybody girl melt!
    The only problem with him is he can't speak Tagalog! So what if he studied in Singapore he should at least try and speak the language!
    Anyway gwapo pa rin siya! Apat pala tumambay na lang ako sa ISM.
  • Originally posted by Xiaoyu:
    lolllaaa! :)
    kita ko siya kagabi sa g4, omigosh, muntik na mahulog sa escalator ang lola mo.

    ikaw talaga bakit hindi mo sinabi sa kin??? edi dapat sumama ako sa paghabol niyo!!! angry.gif
  • He's really cute.
  • asan na ang picture? please picture naman, o. o kahit man lang link sa isang HP na andun picture niya...

  • count me in! i love this guy 2! any infos? duz he study? wer at? spill the beans! inluv.gif
  • inluv.gifFernando Martin Marcos Manotoc inluv.gif is a 12th grade student at ISM (International School Manila). I heard na may gf na siya crying.gif ... kaya sorry na lang tayong mga girls... hehehe!
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