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the fanthe fan still alive! PExer
Who's seen it already? Saw it on VCD. Laugh trip!!!!

What you guys think?


  • MsEerieMsEerie Nothing PExer
    It's ok. Pretty funny but I'm not really a fan of Kevin Smith.
  • astr0girlastr0girl Member PExer
    I absolutely loveddddddd Dogma- great script, great actors...the pooh demon/monster thing was so funny
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I'm a little behind with my film schedules already so I just have to ask, is this movie showing already?
  • the fanthe fan still alive! PExer
    nix, i dont think they'll be showing it here kasi MEDYO(?) blasphemous yung dating nung movie e
  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    The script is outstanding --- really mind-boggling. :D
  • JDELEONJDELEON Saint in Process PExer
    Excellent. Thought provoking. Funny.

    There was spam mail going around asking Catholics to protest this movie. I feel that the vitriol was misplaced. The movie was hilarious and I have and idea that God does have a sense of humor. Some of the ideas in the film were clearly contrary to the official Church line. But it makes you think a little about your faith. In today's world, there isn't enough thinking going on.

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • glass houseglass house Member PExer
    I love this film! I must've watched it more than ten times. Too bad they didn't show it in Manila.
    There was a thread here about this film before. You guys might want to check it out.

  • flydermanflyderman Prendli Neyborhud PExer
    Great movie. I just don't get it why some Catholics find it offensive. I'm a Catholic, I don't see it as blasphemous, and I loved the movie! :):):)
  • nowlnowl Member PExer
    Kevin Smith is such a talented storyteller (he is not just a scriptwriter- check out his work on the Daredevil comic), I'd just buy anything he works on. I must agree with most of the guys- I just don't get the big ruckus about havin' a discussion about religion with humor. The script is funny, witty and thoughtful. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were both in "cool mode" throughout this film- that in itself is worth watching. Great story, engaging characters and intelligent script makes Dogma a delightful film. My only gripe about it was the seemingly haphazardly made screen shots. I was half expecting a boom mike to show up, man lol.gif !! But I guess this is a Kevin Smith trademark- people have loved him 'coz of it. :)

    Dogma- 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
  • Totnak BoyTotnak Boy 0917-5387080 PExer
    I guess I should resurrect this post now that it's showing in public theaters (G4 to be exact :))

    I agree with y'all that it's very hilarious and that I think the Catholic church was overreacting. But anyway, you all know the story so I've got nothing to rant about except this: ALANIS WAS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE!!! Surprised? hehe...she was only fit because of her big big mouth which was just perfect for her "shout"... :) Affleck...hehe... :D
  • virgo14virgo14 Member PExer
    i don't find it blasphemous either. some people have no sense of humour! lol.gif

    i still like Clerks the best :)
  • Noel VeraNoel Vera Film critic PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It's okay, some good ideas, but Kevin Smith is a very mediocre filmmaker.

    The pacing is poor, some of the scenes go on forever. He can't stage or shoot fight scenes, his editing is laughable, and his script construction nonexistent. Also, that scene with Linda Fiorentino splashing around in a pool of water is an insult to Linda.

    Too bad. I like his targets--organized religion, Disney, overall complacency about matters spiritual. But I wish a sharper instrument was used to pick them apart. This is a mess.
  • carliecarlie curly fries! PExer
    I saw it tagal na! Sobrang funny talaga! It was really smart. Galing ng research!

    I don't find it the least bit offensive. It makes us think...
  • AgleeNesAgleeNes joan's gurl PExer
    Originally posted by Noel Vera:
    It's okay, some good ideas, but Kevin Smith is a very mediocre filmmaker.

    He can't stage or shoot fight scenes, his editing is laughable,...

    this is exactly what I told my friends when I was telling them about the movie. however, these are my only gripes about the movie. IMHO, I thought that it was an above average movie, and was well worth my time and money (i saw it 4 times already :D ).Kevin Smith may not be a top grade film maker, but he speaks with the voice of our generation and more importantly, has something to say. granted that he fumbles at times in delivering his message (I've seen all of Kevin Smith's movies and God knows I agree that he has a lot to learn in making movies), his faults are made easy to overlook by his sincerity.

    my two cents....
  • altheaalthea Member PExer

    I found the "Buddy Christ" pretty hilarious.
    :D ano kaya reaction ng mga parents ko if I placed one like that sa altar nila??
    hmm... thinker.gif

    i think God has a sense of humor and he can take a joke or two...or maybe a whole film of it... :p
  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    At last, napalabas na rin sa sinehan! :)
  • actually, most of the things revealed in the movie are true. probably except the 13th apostle, the 2 prophets and also some of the angels, etc. however, most of the seemingly "contradictory to Catholic teachings" revelations are indeed, facts. :)
  • GilbeyGilbey Registered User PExer
    i watcthed it last sunday... nice...

    it is indeed thought provoking.. no wonder some people dont like it....
  • frenzyfrenzy Certified PExAdik PExer
    Excellent story concept!

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