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Transformers Trivia!

I've always been an avid Transformers fan (the cartoon, not the electrical gadget). I've recently seen the two Transformers movies again, and it felt good to get reacquainted. Here are some trivia I picked up from watching them. Please add more for everyone's enjoyment!

1. Unicron was given a voice by the late Orson Welles, the giant of a man who portrayed and directed the movie classic, Citizen Kane.

2. The autobots and decepticons were created by the Quintessons as assembly-line products---both as consumer goods and as military hardware. No wonder the autobots always had the sappier weapons.

3. Alpha Trion, the oldest autobot to ever live, kept the autobot matrix of leadership in preparation for the coming of Orion Pax, who would later be known as Optimus Prime.

4. Wreck-gar, and the rest of the Junkions, speak in televisionesse---more specifically, they've adapted the language of commercials, game shows and home TV shopping, into their language. Geez. That's what too much late-night tv does to you.

5. Hardly anybody died in the tv series, but dozens of autobots and decepticons perished in the two movies---perhaps as a preparation for a new line of toys? I hated the wimpy plastic toys...to hell with mercury poisoning. I wish Hasbro had stuck with the metal ones!

6. The autobots, high-tech as their bodies were, had to rely on external communication equipment (radios) to talk to each other. Didn't they come built-in with radio receivers in their heads? Even Blaster, who was supposed to be a radio, used Metroplex's radio system to contact the other autobots!

7. Optimus Prime, as Orion Pax, once had a lady love on Cybertron---before the Decepticons, under the leadership of Megatron, destroyed everything he had. I'll leave the details to you guys, 'cause frankly, I forgot her name. :)

So, there you have it...just enough trivia to whet your appetite. Fill 'er up!


  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find the soundtrack of Transformers the movie on CD but I did!

    "You got the touch..."
  • ...you got the power...!

    Rodimus Prime sucks!!!! I want good ol' Optimus!
  • MaverickMaverick PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    uy, naalala ko tuloy nung bata pa ako. *waxing nostalgic*

    Aragorn: me website ba ng mga info about the history of the transformers? tagal na kasi ako naghahanap eh.
  • Aragorn, Optimus Prime's lost love is Elita One.

    Regarding Takara Transformers, they were the cartoon TV series in Japan that never reached the US for obvious reasons (both movies violence times many episodes). Optimus Prime is called Convoy in the Takara series.
  • Among the original Autobots only Bumblebee, Hound and one other car (their engineer, I forgot his name) were the only ones left. Tama ba?

    BTW, ever heard of the Takara Transformers?
  • The rock got to see some episodes of Takara Transformers (dubbed) on Star World around three or four years ago. It was shown really early in the morning (like 4 or 5 a.m.) so that the kids wouldn't watch it. It was pretty violent, but the action was more fluid than the U.S. version. Would any of you guys believe that The Rock still has his Optimus Prime, Shockwave, and Metroplex toys from the 80's? Yeah, medyo inalagaan ko sila, so The Rock keeps them in their boxes and brings them out once in a while. Pretty cool, huh?
  • I'm a transformers fan.
    I like the slick look on Rodimus Prime but I still miss Optimus
    Galvatron is pretty cool too. At least now he doesn't shrink!
    I saw some episodes where Starscream's spirit (spirit!!!!) started possessing other Decepticons...what happened next...I HATE BEAST WARS!!!
    Btw, I wasn't aware of a second movie..All I know is the one with Unicron against all the robots with Rodimus Prime taking over as leader in the end. What happened in the second movie?
    Can someone please put the lyrics of the Transformers theme...
  • The Transformers
    More than meets the eye
    Autobots wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons

    The Transformers
    Robots in disguise
    The Transformers

    The Rock isn't sure, but he remembers only these lyrics. Hope this helps, KeyserSoze.
  • This helps a lot!!!!!
    Thanks Rock
  • Wow memories... LOL

    Judd Nelson was the voice of Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime in Transformers The Movie.

    The band White Lion sang the original theme for Transformers The Movie.
  • Zen: gee, I didn't know that White Lion sang the original theme song...ok a! And thanks for Elita One!

    BU: I heard about your soundtrack from Nix. Grabe! I love all the songs from the movie! Think you can have it burnt via cd-writer? I'm sure you'll have plenty of buyers! (Myself and mikoid included!) :)

    Maverick: I haven't really tried, but maybe they've got a Hasbro website with links...just a thought.

    The Rock: NOW you're the MAN, dude! You're one of the few people who still have their transformers toys!

    Does anybody know where I can get later episodes of Transformers (after 'five faces of darkness')? Especially the episodes where Prime comes back to life and dies again, and yes, as KeyzerSoze said, where Starscream possesses the other decepticons?
  • Sorry Aragorn, don't know where to get old Transformers episodes. The Rock has a friend though with a VHS tape of "Transformers the Movie". Yeah, The Rock also remembers that episode where Optimus returned. It was cool because he ended up dying a really noble death, almost as cool as his death in "The Movie".

    That episode where Starscream possessed the Decepticons was kinda copied in an episode of Beast Wars where starscream returns and possesses Terrorsaur (or however you spell his name).

    Do you guys remember that Optimus also died in The Transformers' comic book? The comic pretty much had a different continuity than the TV show, and in the comics, Optimus died after being digitized onto a video game. Megatron cheats, and Prime is vaporized. He did come back however, as a Power Master. Cool huh?
  • Nostalgia time!!!

    wow.... I still remember those days...

    As for the soundtrack I also have a the whole sound track of the movie.(provided for me by an office mate also an anime fanatic)

    rock: I also have the shockwave and soundwaze figures but I lost all the "tapes" except for "laserbeak"
  • I just would like to say that the best moment in the Transformers The Movie was the confrontation between Soundwave and Blaster, and the continuous ejection of their "tapes". I just get teary-eyed when I hear Soundwave say Ravage eject; Laserbeak eject; Ratbat eject; Rumble eject; Frenzy eject in his electronic voice. That's all. Thank you.
  • Jacob: I have to agree with you on that! Everytime Soundwave ejects those tapes I just go "Yeah, cooool!"

    Unfortunately all they show kids these days are the 'tagalized' episodes of the series we used to watch. Now Megatron goes "Starscream, kunin niyo and mga energon cubes!" And now they use this pointless device to shift from one scene to another, these 3D graphics or something.

    Anyway, I hope they bring back the old series in its original version. I reallly want to see the Dinobots and the Constructicons again! They were my favorites
  • dondon PExer
    i loved the transformers right up there with g.i. joe. and the soundtrack for the first movie was so cool but incredibly hard to find. but i'm kinda reliant on the regular tv episodes, so i had no access to the rodimus-era cartoons.

    there was a second movie? ano bang nangyari? i remember watching the "five faces of darkness" on betamax eons ago... is this the one?

    nothing beats the original. i hate the tagalog versions. but i think beast wars is pretty cool, though.

    oh, yeah, me and my cousins each have a predacon so when we got together as kids, we used to merge as predaking. and i have metroplex. too bad i didn't have the money to buy a boxed optimus prime when it was for sale at P800 in Las Pinas three years ago.
  • i used to have the airial bots and the stunticons where you can merge them into one as superion and menasor.
  • TaobakoinayTaobakoinay Clay Court Specialist
    me and my brothers still have the Insecticons set....alam ko andito lang yun sa bahay gathering dust... :(

    Shrapnel (my fave)
  • Tips on the soundtrack: More often than not, you can only find them at CD Warehouse, specifically the one at Greenbelt.
  • question 1: if the autobots and the decepticons suppossed to have crash landed on earth eons ago, bakit di sila na discover ng mga tao? (specially when the autobot spacecraft's thrusters were blatantly sticking out of a dormant volcano!!!)


    brawn is relatively the strongest autobot! bulilit lang siya but he can throw megatron easily!

    question 2: can anyone name all the constructicons, aerialbots, combaticons, stunticons, and protectobots?


    the dinobots and combaticons were created on earth and not on cybertron!

    question 3: may triplechanger ba sa autobots? bakit sa decepticons high profile ang mga triplechangers like sina astrotrain and blitzwing? and who are all the decepticon jets? classic na sina starscreem, skywarp, and thundercracker, but who are the rest? kilala ko lang si ramjet.


    twins pala si sunstreaker and sideswipe!!! (actually mas-mukhang twins si sideswipe at si red alert! mukha ring twins si inferno and hoist, rumble and frenzy, at triplets yung decepticon jets!)

    question 4: sino-sino yung mga tapes ni blaster?


    spike's first hand-to-hand combat with a decepticon was with rumble! this was when hound got stuck underwater after he fought with rumble.

    question 5: saan ako makakabili ng sludge and swoop action figures? rare na nga sila! i've got grimlock, snarl, and slag pa in tip-top shape along with all of the constructicons.


    transformers also have specializations! the constructicon mixmaster is more of a chemist than a "constuction worker". beachcomber is a geologist, jazz, aside from being the autobot's loudmouth, is a scientist and a special operations specialist.

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