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young actor or actress who cannot act?

fReAkfReAk CPP-NPA Lost Command PExer
dingdong dantes onemig bondoc jolina magdangal judy ann santos claudine barreto lahat ng nasa chan 2 at seven

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  • gjengjen Member PExer
    there are so many of them, i don't know where to start.
    nood ka na lang ng tabing ilog, 6 kaagad yon... :)
  • sad to say, c onemig bondoc, at buong cast ng tgis (old n new ones)...sama mo na ren lahat ng talent ng gma...hehe :) oops !!
  • one more thing...u know d show best friends on gma ?! k tlaga !! :)
  • hunterhunter Member PExer
    parang shorts lang eh...
    he didn't do it intentionally...
    violent reaction ka naman...
    btw...ndi ba uso ang support sa mga taga USTE?
  • hunterhunter Member PExer
    sorry ppl...
    the thing above is for the UAAP thingy...
    got mixed up!
    JOLINA MAGDANGAL...MARVIN AGUSTIN...muka shang special child!
    The whole tabing-ilog, tgis, annakarenina cast and the whole progs of ABS-CBN during saturday afternoon...good thing that selverstar is there to provide good bball games!
    last but not least...ONEMIG BONDOC!
    wawa naman're on the wrong field man! ndi marunong umarte...ndi pa marunong sumayaw...ndi pa marunong kumanta!
  • hunterhunter Member PExer
    sorry for d typos!
    the cyberkada and the bestfriends pa pala...wawa naman yung mga kids dun...
  • kulupingkuluping hmmmm.... PExer
    who can??? :) <;para hindi sayang sa space>;
  • GenevieveGenevieve Member PExer
    hunter: wtg!!!! ?

    unang una d cast of tabing ilog, si patrick something, nairita sabi nga ng magiling kong kapatid kainis daw yun boses kasi parang "jologs" sayang tisoy ka pa man din. Kainis din yun cast ng Anakarenina, tgis and yun hindi kumita na growing up. Kaasar din si "JUDAI 4ever" hay naku kahit umiiyak siya, corny no nakakaasar siya. Claudine Bareto masyado pa cute.
  • M!M! Member PExer
    almost everyone! wala silang alam na ibang gawin kundi magpa-cute!.... but, they're earning a lot!
  • fReAkfReAk CPP-NPA Lost Command PExer
    ur right m!
  • _pepe^^_pepe^^ Member PExer
    man watch the youth oriented shows from channel 7 and 2, 90 percent of them are trying hard actors and actresses... kaya nga pabagsak ng pabagsak ang movie industry sa pinas cause of ppl na pacute lang ang alam... sad to say;(

  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    gjen: uy i think that kate girl from tabing ilog can act...

    broom: i must admit that most of them cant act, but i think michael flores from the old batch can naman. also, although maraming pa cutesy scenes si antoinette, i think she can act, especially if you compare her to the others

    yikes! kilala ko sila! LOL
  • apo lakayapo lakay Member PExer
    its so sad... the philippine entertainment, as i look at it, is getting worse...

    watch a noontime show... youll see teen stars dancing but obviously cant dance.... sing, but also, obviously cant... lip sync na nga sintunado pa... and they call it ENTERTAINMENT?... thats entertainment, best friends... they call it 'training grounds' for new artists... but do we have to watch these kids while they train?... is it even worth airing?...

    gaya gaya... tabing ilog... hmmm... dawson's creek?... text... reminds me of charmed... oh please...

    pinoy movies... so incongruous... an actor acts as a lowly farmer... but you can see him sporting a tommy shirt while planting camote.... notice their pronounciations... theyre so inconsistent... they dont even sound a bit like a probinsyano.... and they call it ACTING?...

    character establishment... the worse is gma's di bat ikaw... c'mon guys... give us a break... show us something worth watching...

    formula movies... hero is a policeman... hero has a girlfriend... bad guys kidnaps the girlfriend... hero goes out saving the girl... hero drags girlfriend while being machine gunned and bombs are going off everywhere... hero kills all the badguys.. the movie ends... wala na ba silang ibang maisip na gimik?...

    i prefer watching old movies... so sad rpn9 scrapped their old pinoy movie presentation every afternoon... y'know, the ones in black and white...

    'tangkilikin ang pilikulang pilipino' they say... no way... 2 stigmata tickets please...

    i like old tvj movies tho... :)

    Author Apo Lakay is a full time tv junkie.

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  • gwennigwenni Member PExer
    guys, i know dingdong dantes cant act...but i still think he's a hunk...
    joyce jimenez...kainis...pacutsie tootsie...mala-alice dixon accent! im looking for their braces or are their holes in their teeth? i think that a good actor/actress must first of all know how to project their voices
  • king_jesseking_jesse Member PExer
    nako, LAHAT NG BALIKBAYAN, maliban si Lara Fabregas!!
    all the roles they can portray are either bakasyonistas who fall in love with country lasses or americans searching for their long lost Olongapo-native moms!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    gwenni: i agree!!! he can't act, but at least he can dance and he can speak well. d=O)
  • slurbrunslurbrun the LibRan PExer
    well this topic is bound to zero in on Filipino actors kasi dito lang naman me phenomenon na "aktor daw", eh.
  • slurbrunslurbrun the LibRan PExer
    Buti pa sa China, dun dapat talaga part ka ng Theater bago ka mag-akting sa film, Requirement sa kanila yon. Anyway, people please support the film (forthcoming) "Not One Less" by Zhang Yimou (director din ng "Red Sorghum" at "Raise the Red Lantern". See kung paano yung istorya na-justify ng film na yan...mapapag-isip tuloy kayo kung bakit me mga TGIS D Movie tayo dito, sa tinagal-tagal ng film industry natin.
  • slurbrunslurbrun the LibRan PExer
    Remember "Not One Less"
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Gwenni: hmmmm pag-iisipan ko kung willing akong i-share siya sa iyo. Ehehehehe!

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