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favorite twilight zone episode

new PEXer in the house!
there was this thread (is dat wat u call it?) on movies with a twist... and i can't help but remember the twilight zone... where u get ur weekly doses of mini-movies with spectacular twists! miss ko na yon, grabe!
what were your fave episodes?

those that i can still recall (grade skul pa lang kasi ko non)... yung shut up episode - magic word to stop everything-- "shut up".
and this story about a modern day guy who can see thru the eyes of a girl who lived decades before (and vice versa). napagkamalan tuloy na witch yung girl...

there's still a lot actually, it'll be fun remembering...


  • 1. Shatterday---starring a relatively unknown(then) Bruce Willis

    2. I can't remember the title but it's about this scientist who captured a soul through their intsrument, and they watched it grow before them, from a fetus into a fully grown woman for several days. It turned out that the soul belonged to a woman he loved and lost in the past.
  • mrsamrsa PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hi norch! welcome :)

    hay kakilabot maalala iyong mga twilight eps pero fave ko ang show na ito dati. i can remember those eps you mentioned.

    ito pa iyong ibang faves ko:
    - girl trapped in a mall kasi mannequin pala talaga siya and each mannequin gets to be a human for 6 months or something
    - yung water na nagpapabata but each time it wears off you'll look older than before. basta iyong ending lola na siya so iyong fiancee niya uminom na lang dahil love na love niya talaga iyong girl
    - parents zoo
    - iyong ep na may power iyong tao to bring to life pics from a mag by saying "BRING" eeeks iyon!

    marami pa akong faves but i can't remember them right now. paalala niyo naman o. :)
  • frenzyfrenzy PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Andami! I just couldn't remember the titles! :eek:
  • i always used to watch twilight zone kaya lang ang tagal-tagal na nun. the only episode i can't forget is the one with blue people - something to do with time. the theory is that time is made up of frames and each frame has props. the blue people are supposedly responsible for making/placing those sets or props. so if, for example, you place your keys on a table, then you come back for it later and it's gone. the blue people forgot to re-place it there in that time frame.
  • My favorite episode was titled "Charity's Message". There was an unpopular teenage boy who got really sick and suddenly can see visions of a girl from the past named "Charity" who helped him gain confidence in himself. However, Charity can see through the boy's eyes as well and can see into the future and this got her into trouble because the people in her time thought she was a witch. The boy had to come up with a plan to save her from hanging. Anyway, it's a semi-love story also. I love Twilight Zone, I hope they bring back that show.
  • I don't remember the episode's title but it was the one where this Elvis impersonator accidentally travelled to time and got to see the real Elvis himself when he was still unknown and the real Elvis only wanted to sing love songs but fake Elvis kept telling him to play rock & roll and then they fought and fake Elvis accidentally killed real Elvis, with a guitar no less, so fake Elvis is forced to become real Elvis.

    BTW, I AM an Elvis Fan!!! :)

    Hail to the King, baby!!!
  • MeFan_YouJaneMeFan_YouJane PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    My favorite was a "Christmas episode" where a group of astronauts discover a planet whose advanced civilization was destroyed by a star gone nova. When they made their calculations, apparently the time that the star burst, it would have been visible on earth just above Bethlehem at about the time of Christs birth. The priest traveling with them suddenly questions the motives of God for destroying a peaceful civilization, until they found a piece of document in a structure built to withstand the nova. It says something to the effect that they (the 'dead' civilization) don't mind their fate knowing that it would bring hope to another civilization.

    Grabe, tindig balahibo ko. Galing ng imagination nung writer!
  • Originally posted by maxine:
    1. Shatterday---starring a relatively unknown(then) Bruce Willis

    2. I can't remember the title but it's about this scientist who captured a soul through their intsrument, and they watched it grow before them, from a fetus into a fully grown woman for several days. It turned out that the soul belonged to a woman he loved and lost in the past.

    1. gusto ko rin yung episode na ito... Pilgrim soul yata ang title...ang ganda nga nun...

    2. gusto ko rin yung episode na "Bring" yung kung anong picture yung makita nung retarded magmamaterialize pag sinabi niya "bring"

    3. yung episode na may nakitang amulet yung isang girls tapos pag sinabi niya "Shut up" mag fefreeze yung world eh may nuclear war, so finreeze niya yung world.

    4. yung episode na may special water na nagpapabata but once you stop drinking you'll look a lot older. ang sweet kasi nung ginawa nung husband niya... uminom din so they'll look the same age na... *sigh*

    5. yung episode na nagising sila on a future time and they were able to watch the present being arranged. it explained why you sometimes think you misplace something, but really they just made a mistake in arranging the present.

    6. yung may lovers na pilit pinaghihiwalay nung dad nung girls kasi mayaman sila and the guy was just a hired help. and they were given a book which had a gate to the other world (i think), and if you stare at it long enough your soul passes through... and the lovers made it to the other side, and they took the form of wolves.... *nice*

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  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    was that Twilight Zone ba when a guy who was about to die met the devil who let him go back to the past and give confidence to a girl classmate who was planning to kill herself, who then became a successful singer...

    and then there's the two guys in the nuclear accident, which they thought was nuclear war...

  • Twilight zone ba ito or Tales from the crypt? the one with John Lithgow as a paranoid airplane passenger? My memory is shot, can't remember!
  • The John Lithgow story was part of TWLIGHT ZONE THE MOVIE, which also had great "episodes", if you can call them that.

    But I still like "Charity's Message" and "The Star".

    I got to read short story were "The Star" was based on, but I liked the TZ-episode better.

    I also like the story where this math teacher unwittingly summons the devil and has to find a way to win back his soul.
  • i luv'd all the episodes you guys mentioned!!! esp that one about the retard saying "bring" all the time and that "charity" episode... hope they show some reruns...
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I can't recall the series episodes but I remember watching their sub-story series Twilight Zone Monsters series. Yung Fever Man episode where a drunk healer heals the fever by taking the fever (which was actually a blob of a monster) and wrestle with it until it was gone. :smokin:
  • Are you talking about the old original "Twilight Zone" that ran in the early 60s or the new "Twilight Zone" that ran in the 80s? For my money, nothing can beat those old episodes of "The Twilight Zone". They were in black & white & didn't have much in the way of SPFX, but they were wonderful! I think the best episodes of the original "Twilight Zone" were these:

    1. An episode called "Time Enough at last" that starred Burgess Meredith as a nerdy bespectacled bank teller who loved to read books. Loved it so much that he was neglecting his job because he spent so much time in the library indulging in his love of reading. One day, he hides himself away in the vault of the bank he was working in so he could spend his lunch hour reading, when all of a sudden there's a loud explosion outside, & the ground begins to shake!...afterwards, he goes outside only to find out that a nuclear bomb had destroyed the entire city. At first he's sad, but when he realizes that at last he has all the time in the world to read, he is happy! So he goes to the library, & assembles a stack of books to read. As he reaches down to pick up a book he dropped, his glasses fall & shatter into a thousand pieces on the cement!..so the irony of the story is, here he is a guy who loves to read & finally has time to do it, yet now cannot do it because he lost something as simple as his glasses.

    2. There's an episode that is set in a future society called "eye of the beholder" wherein this woman in a hospital has had plastic surgery to make her look more normal. When they take the bandages off, the learn there hasn't been a change in her appearance at all! But when we see what the woman looks like, she is beautiful! Then we see what the other people look like, & they are hideous & ugly!...it turns out that in this alien society, physical beauty as we know it is considered uglyness, & uglyness is the norm. The lesson learned her is that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

    3. "the Howling Man"- In this episode, a man takes refuge in an old castle which was being used as a seminary by a bunch of religious priests. One night he hears a sad howling noise coming from the basement, so he goes down there to investigate & finds a man locked up in a cell. the man pleads with him to release him, but he goes off to talk to the priests about him first. They don't tell him exactly why the man is locked up in the basement, just that it is important that he is. Seeing no reason to have what seems like a perfectly innocent man in a prison, one night he sneaks down to the basement & releases the man. Almost instantly the man transforms into an evil looking creature & then flies away! The priests come running down & when they learn their prisoner had escaped, they are shocked! The man asks them who he was & they tell him he is the devil himself!
  • getsgets PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yung story ng isang nag-iistorya ng bitin at itutuloy yung kwento sa next day para mabuhay pa lalo yung lola nya who is mga 150 yrs old na..tapos yung palang nag-iistorya ng istorya na yon siya rin pala ini-istorya nya sa lola nya ng bitin.. :D

    di ko maalala kung twilight zone or amazing stories o outer limits o tales from the darkside pero its similar to the Truman Show. at first di nya alam na naka-televised pala sya. tapos di ko maalala paano ni reveal sa kanya (nakita nya ata camera dun sa likod ng mirror sa cr) tapos andami nya fans tapos sa huli he came to accept his role pero conscious na sya...
  • Hello PExers, especially those who loved the Twilight Zone series (the 1980's series). I'm reviving this thread.

    Anyway, most of the episodes mentioned in this thread were my favorites. Here are a couple more of my faves:

    1. The Card- the story of a woman who's a compulsive shopper. She applies to this mysterious financial institution and instantly, her credit is approved. She immediately signs her name, without reading the penalty. It turns out that if she doesn't pay her credit card, one by one the things that she bought will disappear! And if she doesn't have enough money to pay for the items, she herself will disappear! At first, she was wondering why her items that she bought disappears, but when she saw the items disappear in her own eyes, she stormed to the institution, demanding an explanation. The manager calmly told her that it was stated in the document, and that she didn't read the penalty. When one by one the items that she bought disappears, she decides to cut the card, but just after cutting it, she vanishes!

    2. I forgot the title of this one but it tells the story of a teenage boy who is inside an airplane. During the flight, he uses his walkman, but after a few minutes, he goes to the lavatory and at the same time, the flight attendant warns the passengers that there is a severe thunderstorm approaching, and there might be a turbulence. Failing to get back to his seat, a lightning hits his walkman, but miracurously, he doesn't suffer any injuries. He walks back to his seat and again uses the walkman. That's when he starts hearing voices in his headset. It turns out that he can hear what is inside the minds of his fellow passengers! At first he was ecstatic since he can hear some of the lady passengers who have a crush on him, but when he looked at one male passenger, he learns that he is planning to plant a bomb in the airplane. And because he was able to hear what he is planning, he was able to avert a disaster.

    Twilight Zone fans, more episodes please!:)
  • Wow. Grabeng bump to ah.:lol:

    1. eye of the beholder
    2. the one with the camera that shows the future
    3. the guy who survives a nuclear holocaust and loses his glasses. boohoo.
  • My favorite is an episode where this guy goes into a time loop. After a certain period of time, bigla nalang sya bumabalik sa gitna ng kalye. After a couple of loops, he found out that somebody discovered this kind of phenomena. He went to the scientist who discovered and asked for help. When the scientist told him there is nothing that he could do, he tried to kill himself with a gun. Unfortunately, time looped again so buhay nanaman siya. :rotflmao:

    I forgot the episode title. I'm not sure rin kung Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits ito. Meron ba nakakaalam? Gusto ko uli panoorin eh.
  • ^ Nevermind. It was the movie 12:01 PM.

    There were couple of Time Loop episodes sa TTZ and TOL anyway.
  • PAMPYPAMPY PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    fave show ko to. sana may re runs
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