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Favorite Cable Channel

Which one is it for you? I think I'd have to take ESPN.


  • Any takers?
  • madami eh k lang?

    i like HBO, MTV, Nick, Lifestyle Network

    i only watch the sports channels pag raw is war / wwf special

  • Spice!
  • hmmm HBO, MTV, CINEMAX yon...
  • HBO, CNN, Cinemax, Lifestyle Network, CNBC.
  • hey Ira! anong fave shows mo sa lifestyle network? Me i love next door with katie brown, carol duvall show, and all of their interior design shows
  • kmunster: I like most of them, actually, except for the aerobics show (I'm obviously not a fan of aerobics, hehe). But Katie Brown really makes me grit my teeth sometimes, parang fake! I have this image of her turning into a gun-chewing motorbike chick after they finish their daily shootings. Cute stuff yung mga pinakikita niya, though. My personal favorite would have to be the cooking shows, since I like cooking. I try to catch the decorating shows if I have time. I love them (Kakaaliw yung mga decorators na effeminate!), pero nakakasama ng loob yun, it just emphasizes what I can't have! I mean, how can I afford to have huge bouquets of fresh flowers all over the house every day? :)

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  • CNN lang ok na ako
  • HBO, Cinemax, Pinoy Blockbuster Channel (hehehe!)
  • BadGiRL
    BadGiRL procrastination specialist
    discovery, national geographic, hbo and yung viva channel(in fairness naman, minsan maganda yung palabas...pero kadalasan baduy e)
  • natalie_sod
    natalie_sod Snoochie Bootchies!
    cartoon network, nickelodeon

    lifestyle network...hehe....cute ni ming tsai!!!

    the recently restored channel v
  • Nickelodeon, HBO, National Geographic, MTV, Cinemax, Cartoon Network, Star Sports, ESPN. NBC, Channel V at i-Channel rin nung meron pa sa SKY...
  • CaRaMBa
    CaRaMBa Administrator
    CNN, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network (at 22 I still love cartoons!), and HBO. Sometimes I check out the Lifestyle Network, Kermit Channel, ESPN and CNBC.
  • Animal Planet, HBO, Star Movies, MTV, Karaoke channel hehehe... :D

    WOWOW channel..meron kayo nito?

    AXN, Cinemax, Geographic and Discovery yung lang po bow! :)
  • frenzy
    frenzy Certified PExAdik
    Discovery Channel
    National Geographic
    Lifestyle Network
  • Originally posted by frenzy:
    Discovery Channel
    National Geographic
    Lifestyle Network

    Halos magkapareho tayo ng mga channels.... angel.gif

  • Subway
    Subway PATAPON KA!!!
    lets see: Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, AXN, StarSports, ESPN, Channel[V](english and chinese ha), ArirangTV(Korean Channel), Star-Khongchwayla (chinese ba), HBO, Discovery
  • tr|n|ty
    tr|n|ty the queen bee
    from local skycable, i like
    the lifestyle channel
    Pinoy Blockbuster Channel
    BBC world
    French Channel
    TVE(spanish channel)
    Deutsche Welle(german channel)
    and MCM!!! the french music channel :)
  • Deutsche Welle TV (German chaNNEL)
    Lifestyle Network..... (fave ko dun yung east meets west with Ming Tsai.... hunk!!!)
  • byby
    byby Bacolodnon
    -Cartoon Network
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