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commercial jingles

The advertising gods from abroad frown on using jingles for a commercial, saying it's obsolete and irrelevant. But apparently, the jingle works here in our country. Why? Probably because we're such a music-loving people and music, even if it tells you to spend your money on something you don't really need.

So, what commercial jingle lingers in your mind long after it has been played and you find yourself singing it again and again (even if you didn't buy the product)?

The Cali "ordinary day" jingle is what I can think of. How about you?



  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    The Coke jingle - the one with the family. I think Janno Gibbs sang it. Well, it sounded like him. =)

  • "Pag ordinaryong day to day, gawing light and bubbly cali day...Ilabas ang ngiti ilabas ang saya..."

    Sobrang nakaka LSS siya..(Last Song Syndrome)
  • same here..."pag ordinaryong day to day gawing lite and bubbly cali day"

    hmmm...what else? "united american tiki-tiki, pampalusog ng inyong baby." hehe

    there was also this coke jingle that got my attention before. it sounded like the all saints song never ever..."ang sarap kasama ng pamilya lalo na pag may coca-cola"
  • "YC Bikini Brief, YC Bikini Brief, for the man who packs a whallop!" O, memorable diba... kadiri lang nga. Pero seriously, The Rock likes these:

    1. "Because You're Gorgeous" by Baby Bird sa Head and Shoulders commercial.
    2. "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes in an old 7-Up commercial.
    3. That Coke commercial with Janno Gibbs.
    4. "It's the best time for Wendy's" by Regine Velasquez.
    5. Baduy, pero "I love you Sabado" ng Jollibee.
    6. "Bilmoko" by Fred Panopio for San Miguel Beer.
    7. "Sh-boom" by Apo Hiking Society for SMB.
    8. "Sabado Nights" by Rizal Underground also for SMB.
    9. "Bog-tsi" by The Eraserheads for Chippy, and
    10. "Bog-tsi (official so-and-so)" by Parokya ni Edgar for Chippy.

    If you smell-l-l-l what The Rock is cookin!

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  • i agree with the rock. i like the SMB jingles before such as the bilmoko and the shh-boom!

    i also like the pancake house song
    warm hearts...pancake house come home and feel good...pancake house, come home for real food..."
    reminds me of the song Say It by Voices of Theory

    yc bikini briefs...hehehe...funny!
  • How many of you can still remember these jingles? The fact that I still remember them after all this time makes them candidates for this topic:

    1. Mello Yello (that lemon-lime drink from Coke) - "Mello Yello makes you feel so good so fast from your head down to your toes...Mello Yello makes you feel so good so fast, you just can't take it slow!"

    2. Ola (remember this one with the Hawaiian "Hula" rhythm?) - "Ola, pino, mabangong panlaba!"

    3. That sanitary napkin (Kotex?) with the see-saw and..."Under Pressure!"

    4. The old "Coke Is It!" jingle..."the most refreshing taste around...the one that never lets you down..."

    5. Ma-ma-ma-my "Minola"!

    6. "Sunny Orange I love you...lemon, grape, and strawberry... Sunny Orange tasty drink...Sunny Orange super quality!"

  • Anybody remember the Sun-Glo commercial featuring Baron Barbers?
  • Peps...mother father brother sister how do u brush you teeth. that got stuck in my mind din. family toothpaste pala yon not happee. hahaha! sobrang hilig ko sa commercial jingles talga!

    u guys remember the nano-nano candy? nano nano nano nano...sweet, sour and salty...cutie din non!

    yung bon-bon baby cologne. memorize ko din yon peps. there was this contest pa kse sa radio. hahaha! let's share the refreshing feeling with bon-bon baby cologne...bon bon!

    nice din nga yung sunny commercial

    and the B-E-A-M song, we'd sing that tus dapat dein kme magsa-smile. u should try that one of these days. aliw! hehehe
  • Teka napapakanta ako...
    United American Tiki-tiki, pampalusog ng iyong baby. United American Tiki-tiki.. tiki-tiki for baby..
    Mother, father, brother, sister, how do you brush your teeth? A Family for everyone makes us healthy all the time (?). Family toothpaste: hinde lang pampamilya, pang-pearly white teeth pa!
    Happeeng-happee ang feeling! Happee sparking gel... Kumukuti-kutitap!
    Ola, ola, sabong panlaba... Gentle on everyday clothes, gentle rin sa kutis mo (?)
    Sunny orange, I love you, lemon, grape, and strawberry...
    Nano nano-nano nano, nano-nano nano, nano-nano.. Oh nano-nano you make me happy.. Nano-nano, what you do for meeeeh.. Sweet, sour and salty.. Nano-nano, nano-nano... nano-nanoooh!
    I can feel it! *shoulder pose*
    LOL :D
  • Eto pa...
    Labadami, labango sa Mr. Clean labalinis pa (?). Labada'y walang bahid dungis...
    Z-A-A Nature's Touch tawas, laban sa singaw toothpaste. Tanggal ang singaw mo, safe pa ang ngipin mo!
    Caronia... Caronia.. Your beauty shines with Caronia!
    Hehehe. :)
  • hahaha...how can i forget the caronia song?!?! oh well, i did. but hey, thanx for refreshing my memory zen. kumakanta na din ako. hehehe.
  • Hahaha no problem! Hinde kse ako makatulog kahapon, napaisep tuloy ako. Hehehe. Baka paggising ko ulet... ;)
  • "pag ordinaryong day to day...gawing light and bubbly cali day..."

    "ang sarap kasama ng pamilya, lalo na't may Coca Cola..."

    "1-O-5 tatawag ako sa america..."

  • Ang gaan-gaan ng feeling, ang gaan-gaan ng loob ko sa `yo...
    Iniisip ko kung yung Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion may jingle rin...
  • PePs, oo yun yon! nyahahaha nakakabaliw! :P
    Meron pa ako natandaan...
    "Mas malinamnam..."
  • zen: beep...i can name that tune in 4 notes. juicy fruit! hahaha! so i guess we can be considered commercial jingle addicts! i remember as a kid, my friends and i would switch the tv lookin for commercials tus we'd have a game. we're suppose to guess what d commercial was. la lang. media babies na tayo!

    nway, meron pa kong naalala...sampalok ay iyong nilalaga pinipiga sinsa-whatever couldnt remember the rest of the lyrics.

    meron pa...there's a chinese soup. knorr real chinese soup. knorr is one of a kind, just add one egg *tuk*
  • Boomerang, boomerang, boomerang!
    booming in action, booming in style
    booming all the way...
    Boomerang, boomerang, boomerang!
  • rainman's personal favorites
    1. Sabado Nights
    2. Say Hello To La Ni?a...aaacrytex
    3. Iba ang may pinagsamahan SMB...(classic)
    4. Just a smile Away...(close up)
    5. Holidays is Coming..(coke)
    6. Everyone needs a friend...A good good friend...(lucky strike)


    [This message has been edited by rainman (edited 11-23-1999).]
  • Point goes to *~AzY~* ! Hehehehe.
    I think the last work to the sampaloc commercial is "sinsasala."
    Nakakatuwa yung itsura nung cook sa commercial ng Knorr, hehehe.
  • I remember the days the world was so young, fun times with grandma...
    Look at my mole...

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