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To all ECEs out there:DLSU MS ECE or UP MS ECE(Major in comp. & comms.) ???

Hey guys, i want your honest opinion... Which do you think is better, UP MS EE major in comp. and comms. or MS ECE in LaSalle?

here are the advantages and disadvantages that i've gathered from some ECEs.


1. Cyempre, the prestige of being a student in the country's top university
2. Low tuition fee

1. madali matatapos kc trimester
2. Magaling daw magturo mga profs


1. (Accdg. to a friend) Di magaling magturo mga profs. They rely on the students daw.

1. Very high tuition fee

Engineers,you can post your comments here. It will be highly appreciated.


  • Erratum:

    The topic should be:

    To all ECEs out there:DLSU MS ECE or UP MS EE(Major in comp. & comms.) ???

    Masyada kc ako nagmadali sa pagpost...

    Baka kc may mag react na wala naman MS ECE sa UP....

    We all know that it's MS EE that UP is offering and not MS ECE...
  • ahockahock PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ian..... san ka grad ng bachelor????? You really MS degree ba????

    There is also a masteral degree called MEP.... Same din ng MS but practicum based unlike the MS thesis based..... Iilan lang ang nag ooffer as controlled kasi ng CHED... Have you done some tuition inquiry magkano ba????? Ako honestly I would go for UP kasi sa labas ng Pinas UP is already known unlike Lasal..... But yung pag mamadali syempre lasal..... But when it comes to teaching efficiency I dunno?????? Problem pa with UP layo.... pls share mo naman kung magkano tuition I'll try to budget kasi Thanks
  • I finished my ECE undergrad at UP. Regarding the thing you said about teachers who do not know how to teach, I may agree somehow to that. But this does not hinder us to learn. Kung hindi maintindihan sa turo, magtanong sa guro. Kung hindi pa rin, magtanong sa iba.

    Nagiging mas resourceful kami at kritikal pag hindi masyado naiintindihan. Hindi ko naman nilalahat because there are a lot of good EEE teachers in UP.

    If you are an ECE who plans to take up MSEE or MEEE at UP, make sure that you already have a graduate thesis in mind. Mahirap yung papasok ka tapos parang clueless ka sa gagawin mo. You pursue an MS (well, at least in UP) in pursuit of higher learning and to fulfill that hunger for a more in-depth understanding of the topic. Most of those who pursue an MS only cares about how much more would they earn after getting a graduate degree. That is just another reward for a higher degree. But don't let that be your motivation.

    The tuition in MS I believe is 500-600 bucks per unit, di ko sure. An MS has about 32-36 units, di ko lang alam kung ilan jan ang major. For more info, visit: EEE Grad studies website

    And as for me, I will not take MS EE. I do not know what I would like to do. I am a fresh grad, and if ever I would like to take further graduate studies, I may lean more towards taking other disciplines.

    Sana nakatulong ako.
  • I will go for MSECE in PUP Manila. Mura tuition but i dont think na quality ang teaching doon. pero sa totoo lang nasa estudyante yan.

    kung pagbabasehan ang advantage sa oras at pera, PUP Manila ka na lang... sabado at linggo pasok sa kanila unlike sa UP... saka yung sobra mong pera ibili mo na lang ng libro at equipement sa yo pa mapupunta....

    pero i think quality rin ang education sa UP at DLSU, mahal nga lang tuition saka sa UP nighy classes sila weekdays... sa la salle may weekdays at saturday na clase sila...

  • Also for students na kukuha ng masters degree. Scholarships are somehow a scam. Hahanapan ka nila ng co maker na employed or businessman.

    Ang mahirap lang dun kung wala kang sariling business or anyone na willing maging co maker mo.

    Much better nga ang working student kaso mahirap pagsabayin ang work at aral.

    Pabor pa rin sa mayayaman ang scholarships kesa sa mahihirap
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