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do you like the pranks on WOW MALI?

does this show make you laff or gag? if you could think of a joke scenario for this show, what would it be?


  • sorry, wala ako masabing mabuti about the show kaya no comment na lang ako :D
  • Well, theirs are better than 'Wow'!
  • At first funny pa yung gags nila. Ngayon sobrag bduy at pilit na. Kainis rin yung mga baklang voiceover pag pinapakita nila yung mga segment.
  • No! It's already nakakainis.
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Hit and miss. Some of their pranks are funny while some are irritating. For me, the funniest prank they've ever played on someone was when a bunch of homosexuals kidnapped this Goldilock's delivery boy, put make-up on him, made him sing and dance, etc. They had a police car and [fake] reporters to rescue the poor fellow to boot. Man, that was hilarious.

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