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wat can u say about MICKEY FERRIOLS?

Originally posted by M|A|T|R|i|X:

I saw mickey and eric menk having their lunch at fridays ortigas gosh shes so pretty!


  • ????????????????????
  • what i can say is this: please STOP IT ALREADY with your Mickey Ferriols threads!
    We get the point: you like her, you're crazy about her...but it's getting to be annoying. You can create a thousand and one topics comparing her to each and every artista there is, but the fact is not everyone is as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to this topic. i think a single thread will do, then all you m.f. fanatics can rant and rave about her all you want...in that thread.
  • M|A|T|R|i|X: are you smokey manaloto?
  • I definitely agree with maxinegirl, Pls stop this thread! It's irritating. If you truly like her and is obssessed with her then why don't you stalk her privately and stop using Pinoyexchange as a medium.
    grrr.gif enough is enough grrr.gif

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