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StaRs U CaN't StAnD

uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Me too Caramba!!! I don't like Champagne Morales, sobrang feeling maganda and talented. Parang lumaki ulo niya ah! Lalo na dun sa commercial...over magsalita at over project ang smile! geez! grrrr...


  • lasherlasher Member PExer
    I saw that Champagne girl in King & I last December. Yikes!! Humihiwalay ang boses niya. There were times where I unconsciously cringe when she tries to hit the high notes. Not a very good experience.
  • BeLLi$iMaBeLLi$iMa Member PExer
    I absolutely loathe Assunta da Rossi. She used to be a cute kid from That's Entertainment but WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED???!!!! She feels like she's some kind of hotshot the way she acts, all noisy, bitchy and primadonna-ish. I have a friend who works at ABS-CBN and she says this girl who thinks she's ALL THAT does not ask for her salary like the other more established stars who are all nice and respectful...She was seen slamming her ID at the cashier and loudly saying, "sweldo ko???". Someone better teach this youngster how to act properly and somebody please tell her to get some more acting lessons...GADS...

    It's a good thing Rommel Adducul is not with her anymore. This girl's obsessive...She bought a pager for Lordy Tugade a long time ago when they were still together and get this...she was the only one who knew the pager number. WEIRD, man...

    Anyway, if u loathe Assunta as well, I wanna hear from u. And if there's some other celebrity you hate, i wanna know too. =)
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    "Stars" I absolutely, positively loathe:

    Dolly Ann Carvajal (Talk about feeling--she takes the cake!)
    Ruffa Gutierrez
    Lucy Torres
    Richard Gomez
    Willy Revillame
    Claudine Barretto
    Judy Ann Santos
    April Boy Regino
    Wowie de Guzman
    Ann Curtis
    Geneva Cruz
    Donna Cruz
  • kiraykiray Member PExer
    The whole cast of "Click." Sobra nilang babaw umarte. Parang kung san kalsada lang sila pinulot na binihisan at pinaarte. Dapat sa kanila bigyan ng acting workshop para naman di sila nagmumukhang ***** sa TV. Nakakahioya sila. Walng natutuwa sa show nila. Super KORNY!!!
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    I really can't stand Champagne Morales, I dunno why.
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Who's Champagne Morales? Singer ba o actress?

    Based on your posts it seems that I'm better off not knowing her... :)
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    yep.. the cast of Click...

  • hahaha champagne morales! grabe sha...i always see her in sch and laging naka makeup..but oh well, what do you expect diba?! gulat nga ako when i found out na sis pla sha ng kabatch ko nung hs...really shocked!

    ira: singer...the girl who won sa metropop last year...
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Thanks for the info, broom! I think I know of her now...she's the daughter of a former 70's bold starlet ata, si Dinah Dominguez. I heard her mom actually pays people to go watch her and cheer for her when Champagne is doing mall tours and miniconcerts. Pretty sad.
  • bunnybunny s p u n k y PExer
    I also dont like Champagne Morales...she's parang perky na feeling!!!

    I hate Ara Mina...sobrang hindi siya bagay sa Bubble Gang! Super Klenk....eeeww! LOL

    I always say this but what the heck...take ONEMIG BONDOC out of Television!!!
  • happyhappy NiGeLLe PExer
    i absolutely HATE rica peralejo & her irritatingly squeeky voice...

    i also HATE her over-acting sister paula peralejo...uggghh!!! go to an acting school please!

    one more person i absolutely HATE is G Toengi...yulk! super feeling! ...need i say more?!
  • happyhappy NiGeLLe PExer
  • cathybeecathybee Make It Work! PExer
    Grabe! ang dami kong ayaw!!!!! (by order of hatred...the top being the most hated...)
    g toengi
    angelika cruz
    april boy regino (get this...i really felt dizzy and want to throw up when I saw the trailer of his movie with Ciara Sotto)
    kris aquino
    ann curtis
    richard gomez
    claudine baretto
    onemig bondoc
    ciara sotto
    rica paralejo
    champagne morales
    assunta de rossi

    pag may naisip ako...dadagdagan ko uli..hehehe
  • hAshhAsh Member PExer
    hay nako who els but wowie and juday squater grabe!
  • cathybeecathybee Make It Work! PExer
    roselle nava, bernadette allyson (kainis na sya ngayon!), and geneva cruz pa pala!
  • KamatayanKamatayan PExer
    Si Christopher Reeves!!! errr "Stars u can't stand" pala topic kala ko "Stars who can't stand"...
  • sampaguitasampaguita no, i'm not for sale PExer
    Jennnifer Love Hewitt
  • tr|n|tytr|n|ty the queen bee PExer
    ang dami! hahaha
    i hate : (LOCAL)
    kris aquino- can i just kill her? PLEASE!
    China Cojuangco-EEEEEKKKK! ewan ko ba, why can't she be like her sisters?
    Rica Peralejo-isa pa tong babaeng to! when i was in manila a few weeks back, my best friend is a cousin of hers and we had to go with this annoying girl to mars..i had to excuse myself and leave because i cannot stand her even if my life depended on it. The next time i saw her was in orange, she started making beso to me and EEK! please, nakakahiya sa mga kasama ko :D
    Ruffa Guttierez-UGH! NUFF SAID
    Angelu De Leon-ah sus! pa sweet image, my *****...SAFE SEX :D
    G Toengi-ayayay! enough of her, i've heard too many stories and have seen first hand how irritating she is.
    Ciara Sotto-feeling..SOBRA! i saw her in poveda when she was still studying there, feel na feel naman nya ang ganda nya! ULOL!
    Claudine Barretto-why do we have to hear her mistakes and mishaps in life all the time??
    Geneva Cruz-which part of her body is not retokado? :D
    April Boy Regino-need i say more?
    Onemig Bondoc-i admit, i used to be one of the shreaking girls way back in grade school(i remember he was 2 batches older in LSGH then all of a sudden he goes around saying he's my age?!?! ULOL!), but hey, i was just 12 at that time! what do you expect?!?! one thing, he is dumb as ****.
    Bernadette Allyson-isa pa to! feeling talaga ha!

    JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT- i swear, i am not kidding but i get nauseous whenever i see her on TV. she is one hella annoying-anorexic-big-tit *****. :D

    violente ba? hehehe

  • king_jesseking_jesse Member PExer
    lahat ng bold stars at artistang sablay ang ingles!

  • bing2xbing2x Lavander&Lilac PExer
    could someone please post pics of china cojuangco and champagne morales. i really have no idea who they are - well, i know china is mikee's sister but that's about it.


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