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Most STUPID movie that you've seen????

What movies are the most stupid that you ever watched???? For me, the stupid ones will be.... Deep Impact, coz almost all the main characters died. Mars Attacks, coz of the weird zapping whatever. lol.gif
And lots more. What do you have in mind????
Pls. post it here. Thanks and CIAO!!!!!


  • seasonseason PEx Rookie ⭐
    Mr. Bean the Movie!!!
  • Deep Impact was better naman than that rip-off of a concept that was Armageddon.

    The most stupid movie I saw was "The Stupids" need I say more?
  • The Waterboy...what a disappointment!
  • PauTOTPauTOT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Glock: I think the makers of The Stupids really wanted to make a stupid movie, so maybe it doesn't count.

    anyway, here's my list: Encino Man, You've Got Mail, She's All That, Wing Commander, The Road To El Diablo, The I Know What You Did Last Summer Movies, Stigmata (Some of you may not agree with me on this one, some may say that this is an intelligent movie, I don't want to get into a lengthy discussion about this, so IMHO let's say that I thought the movie had all style, and no substance), Dancing at Lughnasa, IQ......that's my list as of now, maybe I'll post again when I remember the others...
  • well. deep impact had its moments. cable guy for its packaging (it was a comedy? i thought it was a suspense thriller.)
  • lol.gif I know PauTOT, I was playin'. But hey! I like both em "I know what you did's"...careful.
  • Simon Sez. What a dumb flick.
  • StJamesStJames PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hudson Hawk
    The Mask
    Death Becomes Her
    D-i-c-k Tracy
    Arlington Road (ewan ko ba, sama kasi ng ending eh)
    Billy Bathgate
    Batman 2 and 4

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  • Noel VeraNoel Vera PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Stupid movies?

    I'd need hours to type them all.

    One recent one comes to mind--The Phantom Menace. Talk about charmless, unimaginative, totally inept filmmaking--on a big, big budget at that. Lucas hadn't made a film in over twenty years, and it shows.

    The saddest part is that it was a big hit. People went to watch out of respect for the feelings they had for Star Wars, and sat through this two hours plus of total crap.
  • bybybyby PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Mars Attacks! definitely!

    "eek! eek! eeek! eek!.." hahhahaha!

    pero kakatawa naman! it was stupid but i wasn't disappointed. :D
  • bybybyby PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Noel Vera: it may be crap for you.. but not all share with your sentiments.

    it isn't "out of respect" that we Star Wars fans got to seat in theatres to watch a "two hour plus of total crap" movie.. it is a following of a storyline that fans are dying for to know what the heck happened to start out the whole Star Wars era.. too bad you seem not to enjoy it.

  • *happy*phantom**happy*phantom* PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Dumb and Dumber. I felt so bad after watching it. I felt dumb... lol.gif
  • Agree ako kay byby. Episode One ain't crap. I have friends who weren't star wars fans but loved the movie anyway. Personally I consider Ep.1 to be one of the best movies I've seen.

    Well here are my crappiest movies anyway:
    - The Thin Red Line (Yaaaawwwnnn!)
    - Mars Attacks (stupid but bearable coz of Natalie portman)
    - Spice World (duh!)
  • ZenZen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'd have to agree that Mars Attacks was a pretty stupid movie.. and to think it was star-studded. Though, it was fun to watch these stars making a fool of themselves. silly.gif
  • CABLE GUY- it sucked big time
  • brownpaubrownpau PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    On the sci-fi front, here's my stupid worst...

    Mars Attacks
    This one just kept falling flat on its face. Again and again. A few marginally funny moments here and there, but almost nothing to redeem the sad excuse for an ending.

    Mission To Mars
    One of the most disappointing space-travel movies it has ever been my misfortune to see.<A HREF="http://"www.geocities.com/enter_the_hole/whitepages/mission.htm"&quot; TARGET=_blank> A review I saw on the web says it all.</A>

    Star Trek V
    Shatner's an okay writer, and this could have stood alone as an independent sci-fi film, but thrust it into the Trek world with a renegade Vulcan as Spock's half-brother and some rather poor meshing with existing Trek continuity, and you get, well ... nice Yosemite scenery, if nothing else.

    Star Trek Generations
    Badly mangled plot, disjointed progression, and the thoroughly unsatisfying return -- and subsequent death -- of Captain Kirk made me cringe. What would Roddenberry have thought? Fun saucer-section crash scene, though. And I like Patrick Stewart's acting.

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  • "very bad things"..with Cameron Diaz....my god, can't believe i even watched it! it's so stupid!!
  • very bad things is very funny kung fan ka ng black comedy (and too much violence) somehow, i think that's one of the greatest hollywood movies released.

    stupid movie?
    yung mga police action flicks na pinroduce ng pinoy... lalo na yung may mga dante varona. hehehehe

    the stupids is a very stupid movie.

  • And I have to add one more movie. It's....
    The Cable Guy!!!! D*MN!!!! I hate that movie.
    It has no sense. lol.gif I wasted my money on that "stupid" crap. grrr.gif
  • nussnuss PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    How about "THAT DARN CAT"? They were just chasing each other round and round!
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