best rap "dis" song

well for my opinion top on my list is 2pac's "hit em up". i think it was the most direct and vulgar rap song. second is "Ether" by Nas it was definitely better than Jay Z's "Take over", which is my third.


  • c0gc0g blahblahblahblah PExer
    i'd go way back to "dre day" by dr dre and snoop doggy dogg. that was really nasty. in one song they dissed the likes eazy-e and luke.

    i can't really remember the songs but there was this word war between dj quik and mc eiht sometime during the mid nineties. that was great. so many records were pressed of the both of them just dissing each other.
  • BatsBats newbie Turntablist PExer
    has anyone heard of the eminem & d12's dis song - "Quitter" ? it's for Everlast, the beats are from "Hit em up" by Pac.

    Evidence of Dilated Peoples also has a dis track for eminem, "Search for Bobby Fischer" . This one's really hard!!

    "Ear Drums Pop (remix)" by Dilated peoples featuring Everlast was also a dis track for eminem.
  • bee_atchbee_atch Member PExer
    u guys are cool!! cant really think of a song ryt now but i love hiphop
  • RyanEvansRyanEvans Bаnned by Admіn ✭✭
    2pac - He Vs She, Hit Em Up
    Ice Cube - No Vaseline
  • sasumansasuman 猛烈な獣 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Back Down- 50 Cent

    Hanggang ngayon tinitira pa rin ni 50 Cent si Ja Rule hahaha
  • MoonStruckMoonStruck Sintunadong Rakista ✭✭✭
    Eminem's "Rap God" is an ultimate challenge. 

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