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Ano say nyo sa Phil. movie Ok's ba walang kwenta?

Mahilig ba kayo sa Phil. movie? nagaganadahan ba kayo?

express yourself...


  • Matagal na akong hindi nakakapanood nang Filipino movie. (The last one was Muro Ami- it was interesting...)

    Why? Kasi wala namang worth watching na lumalabas.
    Most of the film makers in the country are just out to make money- which means they sacrifice quality ALL the time.
  • MJMJ PExer
    IMO, walang kwenta kaya hindi ako nanood...
  • I don't watch Filipino movies! I watched once kasi requirement ng prof ko sa Filipino. Yung Rizal ang pinanood ko. Pero yun lang ang rason kong manood not definitely to entertain myself. For more detail, see my post in "What Fil. films do you hate..blah. blah." I forgot the kasunod, by Bibeth. you'll see the reasons why i don't like fil movies in different categories.
  • walang kwenta!! baduy silang lahat!
  • Great ("Baduy"?, "Out-to Make-Money"?) Filipino Films of Recent Years:

    1) Anak (Rory Quintos)

    2) Anino (Raymond Red)--Best Short Film, 2000 Cannes Intl. Film Festival (IFF)

    3) Azucena (Carlos Siguion-Reyna)--in exhibition at 2000 Toronto IFF in September, in main competition at 2000 Valladolid (Spain) IFF in October

    4) Bata-Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa? (Chito Rono)-- Best Director and Best Actress (Vilma Santos) in Brussels Film Festival (2-3 years ago)

    5) Bayaning Third World (Mike de Leon)

    6) Bukas na lang Kita Mamahalin (Joey Reyes)

    7) Bulaklak ng Maynila (Joel Lamangan)--in exhibition at 2000 Toronto IFF in September

    8) Burlesk King (Mel Chionglo)--in main competition at 1999 Chicago IFF, in exhibition at 1999 Toronto IFF, and opened Panorama Section of 2000 Berlin IFF

    9) Gangland (Peque Gallaga/Lore Reyes)--in exhibition at 1998 Toronto IFF, 1999 Chicago IFF

    10) Hubad sa Ilalim ng Buwan (Lav Diaz)--in exhibition at Forum Section of 2000 Berlin IFF

    11) Jose Rizal (Marilou Abaya)--in exhibition at 1999 Berlin IFF

    12) Kahapon May Dalawang Bata (Carlos Siguion-Reyna)--in exhibition at 1999 Chicago IFF, and 2000 Palm Springs IFF; 2nd runner-up, 1999 Toronto IFF People's Choice Awards; Best Foreign Film, 2000 Newport Beach IFF

    13) Kriminal sa Barrio Concepcion (Lav Diaz)--in exhibition at 1999 Toronto IFF, and at recent 2000 Philippine film showcase (Lincoln Center, New York City)

    14) Lagarista (Mel Chionglo)--in exhibition at 2000 Toronto IFF in September, and at 2000 Chicago IFF in October

    15) Muro-Ami (Marilou Abaya)--Best Film and Best Actor (Cesar Montano) in Benodet (Paris) IFF

    16) Pila-Balde (Jeffrey Jetturian)--Best Mature Film, Houston IFF

    17) Pusong Mamon (Joel Lamangan/Eric Quizon)--in exhibition at 1999 Toronto IFF, 1999 Chicago IFF

    18) Saranggola (Gil Portes)--in competition at 1999 Moscow IFF; in exhibition at Mar del Plata, Argentina IFF (within last 2 yrs.), and at 2000 Palm Springs IFF

    19) Sidhi (Joel Lamangan)--in exhibition at Hawaii IFF, and at 1999 Chicago IFF

    20) Toro (Joey Reyes)--in exhibition at 2000 Berlin IFF

    Some of the above films were featured in the 9-film Philippine Section mounted by last October's Chicago IFF, and in a similar Philippine film showcase mounted earlier this year at Lincoln Center (NYC).

    Already some coming films are arousing interest: Boyet (Joey Reyes), Laro sa Baga (Chito Rono), the Makapili movie (Raymond Red), etc.

    If you want to see just the latest of foreign opinions related to this thread, look for the write-ups on The Film Biker (Lagarista), Flower of Manila (Bulaklak ng Maynila), and Dog Food (Azucena) at the following 2000 Toronto International Film Festival website:

    As seen above, our films have been honored through local and foreign moviegoers' word-of-mouth, local and foreign reviews by op-ed columnists and film critics/journalists, invitations to compete and/or exhibit in local and international film festivals, and awards from the same.

    Yet despite these great advances in the world's major film circles during the last few years, some still choose to remain blind and dismiss Philippine cinema as "baduy" or "out to make money", or blame it for the country's moral shortcomings, the perceived performance of President Estrada, the entry of actors into politics, or whatever "problem" they would lazily explain away by myth rather than seriously solve...all the while hailing every piece of Hollywood tinsel like Titanic.

    How sad...

    ...particularly when good Philippine films have consistently brought international honors to the country, and have served as cultural ambassador of sorts by opening foreign eyes to--eliciting empathy with, understanding of, or necessary criticism of--our people's dreams, or the reality of our cultural conditions...all in a manner unsurpassed by this country's Church, schools, politicians, morality groups and other real or wannabe institutions or power blocs.

    The simplistic view merely cheats its believer's enjoyment of the best in all cinema, as appreciated by the more curious people of this country and the world.

    What a relief there are a lot left to recognize good when they see it. What a pain they're in threads other than this one.

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  • 1 out of 10 is nice. The rest is bad. But the bad ones are entertaining to watch simply because of the pretty girls in it.
  • Filipino films are mostly rehashed scripts so you probably know the ending and mostly adapted from foreign movies. Ang baduy ng comedy films. Some are good also because they are backed by big names but not those pito-pito films. They should probably lower the tax so that producers would come up with more quality films.
  • There are some na talagang maganda. Te rest are crap.

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