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Home Cable or Sky Cable???

Home Cable or Sky Cable???


  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Dan, di kaya mahirap tong sagutin? syempre isa lang ang pwede naming ipakabit di ba? syempre biased ang sagot. alangan namang dalawang cable company ang gamitin sa iisang house, unless na mayaman lang talaga at gusto dalawang cable company... sa min Sky Cable.
  • HOME! The only problem is how can I convince my folks to change from crappy SKY. Cable network with no STAR Network, Disney Channel, and Viva Sinerama. Syet.
  • I have Destiny but used to have SKY and walang laban ang SKY Cable talaga. I've also seen Home Cable at friends houses and they have similar channels (to Destiny) that SKY doesn't have including Star World/Movies, Disney Channel, Fox News, Action Channel while having all of SKY's channels.

    Home Cable is much better.

    There has actually been a thread that expressed the same sentiments a few months back.

  • Home Cable forever! sky Cablwe is overrated, overpriced, and overbearing. Disney Channel, AXN, Star World, Star Movies, what chance does Sky have against that lineup? Plus, any company run by ABS-CBN and the evil Lopez clan sucks big time!!!
  • Home Cable!
  • home cable pa ren mas marame silang channel na maiintindihan naten, ung sky naman ang dameng foreign channel na no one understands naman eh
  • home cable pa rin!!!
  • Home Cable!!!

    Skycable subscribers, do you realize that you are being deprived of such great movies as TITANIC, ARMAGEDDON and TOMORROW NEVER DIES?


    Lipat Na!!!

  • Sky Cable? Marami pang magandang channel 'pag antenna ginamit mo, eh.
  • wala atang may gustong mag Sky ah...

    lipat na kaya ako?
  • wala atang may gustong mag Sky ah...

    lipat na kaya ako? is it really that good?
  • hehehe... ganon ba kapangit ang SKY. i thought...

    thank goodness HOME kmi!!! :D
  • ay pangit pala Sky Cable? :) lipat narin kaya ako? :D:D

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  • sky cable sucks! they don't have the STAR Network! and HBO and Cinemax are their only decent movie channels! Home cable is much better! Home Cable Rules!!!

  • dati Sky Cable kami, kse yun lang yun cable network dati eh... tapos yun lumabas yun Home Cable, nagpakabit yun kapitbahay namin. hindi ganon ka ganda yun home dati, puro corny yun channel, pero mas mura siya. pero yun napansin ng dad ko na wala nang mapanood sa Sky Cable, hinintay niyang matapos yun subscription namin tapos lumipat na kami sa Home Cable. una nakakainis kse walang cinemax yun Home Cable. pero ngayon, hde na ako nanghihinayang, no regrets pa nga eh.
    marami na nga akong friends na lumipat sa Home kse lagi ko silang iniinggit sa mga napapanood ko sa star movies... hehehe.

  • uhh, home cable rocks !
    better reception more channels and it's monthly is much cheaper
  • Home cable!! for economic reasons, cheaper!!! but i remember a friend, she found the home cable guy cute so she had home cable installed without plans!!!
  • home cable, kasi better channels compared to sky.

    ang gusto ko lang sa sky yung australian open and french open na pinapalabas nila. dati pinapalabas yun ng star sports, ngayon di na :(

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  • dati sa lahat ng mga friends ko, ako lang ang naka sky cable!! kakatawa!! sabi ko nga, "hehehe, ako lang pala sky sa inyo!"

    tapos nawala yung star, nawala yung channel v, although dumating naman yung nickelodeon!! (gusto ko kse rugrats e!! i love chuckie!!)

    konting tiis, tapos "aaaaargh!! lipat na sa home!! mas ok daw sabi nilang lahat e!!"

    kaya ngayon, home na kme!! mas ok nga home!! :D
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    home cable
    mas mura na
    mas maganda pa
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