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Conan O Brien

I just cannot believe no one has ever started a thread on him. IMHO, he is so much better than Leno and Letterman. And the Max Weinberg 7 is the rockingest band on late night TV. Am I the only one on this side of the world who watches him?



  • i'm a huge Andy Richter fan... too bad he quit the show. it has been a considerably less interesting show since then. i'm still puzzled why i laugh so hard at guys fooling around with Adobe photo software.
  • mintymalonemintymalone PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    He's very funny. Mas nakakatawa talaga siya kay Jay Leno. Too bad tuwing 2 lang siya napapanood.
  • i like Conan more but I'm not saying that he's better than Dave, Jay or Craig. it depends on the viewer of course. what I like about the Late Night Show with Conan O'Brien:

    1.)skits such as: where in the world is... Andy Richter? (too bad it's gone), If They Mated, more outrageous and weird newspaper clippings, any Max Wienberg skit, staring match between Andy and Conan
    2.)Max Wienberg 7 is the best late night show band! even though Max looks weird when he plays the drums because his body is too firm.
    3.)funnier writers/skit actors.
    4.)Conan's humor that was further developed in SNL and The Simpsons.
    5.)he makes fun of himself more than Jay and Dave do and it's funnier.
    6.)his imitation of a nerd/geek, the crowd, heck, any imitation he does is funnier.
    7.)it seems to me that the guests are feeling more at home with Conan and there's no forced reactions or humor from them.
    8.)alternative bands tend to play more in Conan.
    9.)it's like an anything goes show during the intro. like Conan said, any newcomer in the crowd will say What the hell?!? and will leave hurriedly. its downright hilarious! :lol:
  • gokougokou PExer
    Conan rules! Sobrang miss ko na yung yung "Late Night" Sobrang late (actually early) pinapalabas sa ZoeTV. 2AM!?!

    The funniest skits i've seen are:

    1. The Masturbating Bear
    2. Limbus the Late Night Psychic
    3. If they mated...
    4. Triumph the insult comic dog

    I wish i could watch it again on an earlier schedule... :(
  • The jokes are so dumb that you have to be intelligent to get them. :)

    Anyway, his self-deprecating monologues are the best. Inaapi talaga yung sarili niy at yung show nya.

    "Sorry folks, I've been drinking..."

    "We have a wonderful show tonight. I'm not kidding. No, really. Last night I was lying."

    "Pause for editing... and we're back"

    "Hey, it's free... what do you expect?"
  • I love Conan. I love his show. I particularly enjoy the skits. I also feel there's genuine rapport between him and his guests. And ... he's definitley a much better looker compared to both Jay and David.
  • The standup comics who guest on his show are great too. Parang they're more discerning when they guest people. Parang you don't have to be popular, you just have to be good or, in some cases really really bad. :D
  • And don't you just love how he makes a fool of himself when Rebecca Romaigne - Stamos is on the show?:D

    I kinda miss the staring matches with Andy.:(
  • i love conan, they used to air his show every weeknight at cnbc, but now they air it every weekends :( i find him very hillarious and so wacky!!!

    "In the year two-thousand..............in the year two-thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!"
  • i think his crowning achievement is ressurecting Mr. T for the benefit of every TV viewer. it was obvious that Conan was a real fan. another moment i couldn't forget was when he sat at William Shatner's lap and later said that he felt something "beaming up" in an interview. hehehe....

    The Masturbating Bear was pretty cheap but Triumph the Insult Dog is one of the funniest ("... for me to poop on!" nyehehe! couldn't help it.) things to happen in television. i still remember the first time that came out. Madison Square Garden had that big dog show then.
  • conan's fantastic!!!! pero oo nga, nakaka-miss si andy richter
  • Originally posted by shallow
    i think his crowning achievement is ressurecting Mr. T for the benefit of every TV viewer. it was obvious that Conan was a real fan.

    i liked that one. T... Secrets... :lol: and the way and sound of Mr. T's laughter is hilarious!
  • Does anyone remember The Jerk? "White trash, trailer park redneck in the backwoods", remember him anyone?

    Triumph triumphs.

    Still, Leno and Letterman are the best........................................................................... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't really watch this show...I would only see it whenever I browse channels and when my cousins are here (they love Conan)....too bad can't remember anything...pero sya ba yung may sidekick na sidekick din ni Adam Sandler or ni Ben Stiller? hehehe or am i making things up? hehehe

    anyway, reading your posts here makes me want to watch it now on a regular basis hehehe :)
  • mccoy's girlfriend here.

    I live Brian Setzer's Orchestra and Conan has guested all of them and occasionally their musicians guest individually. They have great music in this show.:)
  • Thank God for the Search function!

    dr. girlfriend - Tell mccoy I do remember The Jerk although am not oo sure about the name. I remember him grilling steaks by the interstate naked. And yes the music is outstanding!
  • conan is lord and master of all late night television! :)

    i love it when regis is on the show, or when conan makes fun of regis.
  • 10 years and going strong!!! His 10th anniversary was just celebrated.
  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    too bad wala ng nbc dito sa cable......wala ng leno and conan!! :sob:
  • Did anyone see the 10th Anniversary Special on Comedy Central?? The show was 90 minutes long and I was laughing mah *****$ off! I love this show!!
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