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tv show you wish they'd axe

BRUNCH (don't you just hate it when Bing speaks in a tingy voice, Michelle speaks as if she's always gonna cry, Arnel maniacs the male guests)
MASTER SHOWMAN (walang tulugan)
BEST FRENDS (take note of the spelling)
SOP (ogie alcasid in sleeveless and capris - ugh!)

Not being partial to Channel 7 although they really have to take out the trash!!!


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    NAKOOOOOOO.......Late Night with Johnny!!!!!!!!! anak ng ewan!!! sayang ang airtime! !@#$%&*()!
  • Don't worry Ira, they finally axed that goddamn "Oh No, It's Johnny!" show with those two lowlife pa-social *****. Nagsawa na rin ang ABS-CBn sa ka-ka-air ng ka-cornihan ni Litton at ka-bakalaan ni Arcache. They should also ax all those Mexican tele-novelas and any show with Judy Ann Santos should burn in the fiery pits of hell. THE MBA Games shouldn'rt be televised in Metro Manila either because no one gives a damn about that idiot league. If you smell what The Rock is cookin!
  • NAKU! it's abt time! i hate that show! yung kay German Moreno din... "MAster Showman", yes, BESTFRENDS din... those Mexican telenovelas and yung kay Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres... SHHEESSH!
  • Ugh, Tabing Ilog & AnnaKarenina! Nakooo, super nanggi-gigil ako pag pinapanood ko yang mga yan. Pati yung show ni Cory Quirino, yung Citiline! Ggggrrrrr, a total spinoff of Butch Gamboa's Business & Leisure!
    And of course, who could forget BestFrends! Kakainis yung mga people don! Feeling nila they're all that...pwede ba ha. Ayoko din yung mga Ghost Fighter ekek ng 7...pati yung Pokemon! WHAT-EVER!!!

    [This message has been edited by Xiaoyu (edited 11-12-1999).]
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Sa cable naman...those home TV networks that sell snakeoils, especially the Chinese ads with the funny voiceovers. Kakainis sobra.
  • Jeep ni Erap.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    How about that Ernie Baron show Knowledge Power? Someone should take this guy out to pasture and shoot him.
  • i want Kris Aquino's show axed and i want her banned in all forms/types of media.

  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    today with kris aquino!
    ---kung hindi lang sya anak ng presidente at isang cojuangco...sinong eng eng na producer at tv station ang tatanggap sa kanya?

    richard loves lucy....
    ---kakaturn off manood ng channel two dahil sa mga lang kuwentang palabas na ini-air nila..sus maryosep...d kaya marunong umarte si lucy torres..tapos yung mga columnista dati puros praises ang pnagsusulat sa mga lintek na columns nila kesyo ang galing daw ni lucy ekekekek!!! yuck! kacheapan talaga!
  • and who could forget ??? MARYOSEP! TARAJING POT POT! SUS! eyemouth.gif
  • CLICK--the one in ch. 7 (meron bang nanonood non??????????)

    Richard loves lucy---pwede ba?

    today with kris---basta palitan lang si kris aquino

    master showman---really cheesy

  • Home Along Da Riles
    Labs Ko si Babe
    Richard Loves Lucy
    Today With Kris Aquino
    Keep On Dancing
  • I suggest they axe Knowledge Power and then add the those 30 minutes to either Boy Abunda or Sharon Cuneta.
  • lahat ng telenovela grrr.gif
  • please naman, 'wag n'yo namang tatanggalin ang ALAS DOSE SA TRESE!
  • dating daan. i dunno but this show really ticks me off.

    click. and please use the blunt axe.
    yung mga chinese infomercials. (except cguro yung commercial ng mga boobs :))
    home along da riles. puwedengpwedengpwedengpwedengpwede.
  • Definitely those "impress us" home shopping networks. Mexican telenovelas also.
  • Originally posted by Meiji:
    i want Kris Aquino's show axed and i want her banned in all forms/types of media.

    wawa naman kris. crying.gif
    lagot ka ke Ipe... lol.gif
  • wouldn't it be nice if they axe the whole abs-cbn network

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