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Lets Talk About Piolo Pascual!

Guys/Gals what can you say about Piolo? I think he's the next matinee idol with the likes of Aga, Richard...


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    hEY CALLING all Piolo fans, post naman kayo ng reply. Share ur thoughts about this very talented actor/singer. Anyone?
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    Tuesday, May 7, 2002

    By Danny Vibas

    Popularity has affected Piolo

    Piolo Pascual’s popularity these days has definitely affected him. He has changed. And palpably so.

    Piolo Pascual

    Piolo has become warmer, more relaxed, more confident, more talkative. In other words, he is now a better interviewee.

    Piolo was aloof, stiff and scared the first two times we sat down with him in a press conference, the second one being just about a few months ago, when he was just about to celebrate his birthday. At that time, he was even right in his own territory, so to speak, as it was on the 13th floor of the new 15-story ABS-CBN building.

    Our huddle with him just a few nights ago was not in his own backyard, again, so to speak. Because it happened at the so-called Regal Café at Valencia St., QC. It was a press conference for his very first movie with Regal Films which happens to be his very first movie, too, with Joyce Jimenez — though the huddle was meant exclusively for him (meaning, Joyce was purposely not sche-duled to be there yet).

    The movie is I Think I’m In Love, which used to be titled Sweetheart but which will still be Regal’s entry to the forthcoming revival of the Manila Film Festival next month.

    “No, I wouldn’t put it that way, I wouldn’t say my career is at its peak now. Because if I do put it that way, that would mean there’s nowhere for me to go anymore but down. I don’t think I’ve achieved enough to say that my career is now on its peak. What I would say is that it’s on a higher level now than where it used to be,” smilingly answered the guy when one of the scribes huddled around him asked him how he felt about his career’s being already at its “peak.” (Well, it was really a wrong choice of word for that fan magazine writer.)

    Yes, Piolo does speak more English now than Filipino, making us realize that one reason he sounded stiff and scared in the past was his having to force himself to talk to the press in Filipino.

    Someone must have ins-tructed him in the past to do his best to talk in Filipino when doing an interview with a mixture of showbiz reporters many of whom write in Filipino for the fan magazines and the tabloids. (There is about only a handful of broadsheet entertainment writers who attend press-cons.) But the guy spent some years in the US and must have become more comfortable articulating his thoughts in English than in Filipino, so he seemed to have had no choice in the past but sound anxious and frightened when talking to a bunch of press people.

    He freely talked about his son, Iñigo, now four years old. “He looks a lot like me, and I get to visit him as often as I can. I knew even before I left for the US about four years ago that I was going to have a son — though I wasn’t really sure that he was my child …”

    A scribe interrupted him by very calmly saying that mere physical resemblance was really no fool-proof evidence that two people are related by blood. Unperturbed and still smiling, Piolo sweetly countered the scribe: “I’m 98.96 percent sure Iñigo is my son because that’s how much of my DNA in percentage he has. As I’ve just said, before I went to the US, I still had doubts that the boy might not be my son. A few months ago, when my ex-girlfriend who is the mother of my son called me about Iñigo, I summoned the nerve to ask her to get the boy and me DNA-tested just to make sure once and for all that we’re indeed father and son to each other. She agreed, and the DNA test indicated that he is 98.96 percent my son. So I really don’t have doubts anymore about it, aside from the fact that he really looks like me.”

    So, why doesn’t he and his then-girlfriend just reconcile, get married, and be ever-present parents to the little boy?

    His straightforward answer: “Actually, we made that clear to each other: We’re reconciling only as friends so Iñigo will grow up knowing who his father is and somehow getting as close as possible to his father — that father-and-son bonding thing, you know. His mom and I are nice and friendly to each other but not romantic at all. Even the parents of my son’s mother know what we’re up to and they approve of it. No one is talking about she and me getting married or whatever for the little boy’s sake.”

    That ex-girlfriend of Piolo is actually a friend of the younger sister of Pops Fernandez who was once rumored to be the girl Piolo was really after (meaning, not Pops at all, though they still get linked to each other these days).

    “Pops and I knew each other even before I joined ABS-CBN 2 as her fellow talent there. Dahil nga kaibigan ko at ng ex-grilfriend ko yung younger sister n’yang si Jocelyn. I hope people will stop giving romantic meanings to our closeness,” he revealed and mildly pleaded to his interviewers.

    Fine, so we all stopped asking about him and Pops and momentarily turned to his movie with Joyce. Did he find her sexy?

    “Yes, I did. But the movie has no sizzling lovescenes between her and me because it’s meant for the whole family. I think it has been classfied GP (general patronage) by the MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board). Joyce is a very nice person, very down-to-earth, and I’m so glad to have been given the chance to work with her.”

    Directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes, I Think I’m In Love has Piolo playing a rich bachelor playboy who keeps buying perfume for his girlfriends from the shop where Joyce works as a saleslady. One day, when he had run out of girls to fool around with, he asks Joyce for a date, she obliges, and Piolo soon finds himself seriously falling for her.

    “Mother” Lily (Monteverde, Regal Films producer) had the movie’s original title of Sweetheart changed because she allegedly knew that it was very unlikely for Piolo and Joyce to become sweethearts in real life — not even during the movie’s promo and publicity period.

  • daan lang!

    hehehe crush ko siya!:blush:
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    Crush ko siya! Pero di ba bading yun?

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    Originally posted by Ate_Gay
    Crush ko siya! Pero di ba bading yun?


    Piolo is not gay, marami lang gustong gawin syang gay lalo na yong mga gay movie writers( hindi lahat ha).
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    i used to like him wen i was still in the pinas...kalimutan ko na eh!!! :lol:

    musta na ba sya??? syota ba nya si juday??? :ayaw:

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    Originally posted by hannah17smb
    i used to like him wen i was still in the pinas...kalimutan ko na eh!!! :lol:

    musta na ba sya??? syota ba nya si juday??? :ayaw:


    Piolo and Juday are just friends as they always say.
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    Piolo Pascual: More Than The Boy Next Door!
    By Walden Sadiri

    The new men’s fragrance of Sara Lee that Piolo Pascual is endorsing right now fits his personality perfectly according to the company. Named “The Boy Next Door,” the combination scents of musk and citrus is said to exemplify the actor’s sensitivity, kindheartedness, gentlemanliness and appeal to women. And Sara Lee’s positive sales for that product since it was launched only proves they made the right decision in choosing him.

    But the persona of Piolo captured in a body spray is just part of the composition that makes the actor interesting and attractive. Commanding high sales receipts to the products he endorses is just a plus side of what he does best – act!

    Since his appearance in the teleserye “Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo ako,” televiewers already took notice of his depth in acting. Then came “Lagarista,” his movie debut that probed more into his craft that embossed his tenacity in showbiz. Unlike the usual formula used by new young actors of debuting in youth–oriented or “tweetums” films, he took the risk with “Lagarista.” And it paid off as it unleashed him as an actor to reckon with in Philippine Cinema!

    To name a few, other films to his credit are “Mila,” where he played a support role to the socio-political plight of public school teachers and his box office movie with Judy Ann Santos “Bakit Hindi Totohanin.” His diverse movie projects spell out his drive in becoming a versatile actor.

    “I’m a risk taker. In ‘Dekada 70,’ I have a torture scene where I’m shown naked. I don’t know how direk Chito will execute it but I’ll do anything for a nice story. I haven’t done it yet though and that’s why I’m losing weight for that. I’ll do anything for a nice film because it is my craft, my work and my profession. I really have to prepare and make good kasi sarili ko na ang ibinebenta ko. So I don’t want to set any limitations,” he explained.

    His new movie under Regal Films that is intended for the Manila Film Festival this June is also a welcome change for Piolo. Entitled “I Think I’m in Love,” he is paired with screen vixen and “every man’s fantasy” Joyce Jimenez. The Maryo J. delos Reyes film captures Piolo in a different romance angle that’s entertaining and wholesome. Contrary to what others might think when his name appears beside Joyce, he doesn’t have any sexy scenes in the movie.

    “’Yung wala kang papakitang flesh,” commented Piolo when asked what was challenging working with Joyce. “It is a wholesome, light romance movie. It is for general patronage. It is a more kilig story. We just want to make people happy. We just want them to smile.”

    In “I Think I’m in Love,” Piolo plays a rich playboy whose two-timing ways were discovered by the women he loved and will love. As to the repercussion of his acts, he was outcast by women in social gatherings he was usually invited to.

    Grieving, his brother taunted him that he would never meet a woman without falling to his old ways of playing her for a fool. Challenged, he set off to find a woman he could befriend without any romantic attachments.

    He then takes notice of Joyce, the sales lady he usually buys his perfumes from for his girlfriends. And that’s where his real love adventure begins!

    “This is a welcome change for Joyce. She was actually the comic relief in the movie. She is a natural comedian with good timing. Masayang romance film ito,” described Piolo.

    Also in the cast of “I Think I’m in Love” are Nancy Castiglione, Michelle Bayle, Gloria Romero, Luis Gonzales, Roselle Nava, Cholo Escaño and Jam Melendez.

    Better Safe than No. 1

    “You always have a goal. And I think I have reached my goals at a very young age,” declared Piolo who has been tagged as the most popular matinee idol today.

    Despite being flattered by his fans’ support that has pegged him as “No. 1,” what matters to the actor most is his acting craft and his future in showbiz.

    “Marami pa akong gusto. I want to win an award. I want more movies. It is a continuing process. And for me being on top is a state of mind. Because where are you going to go? You’ll just go down again. You just have to play it safe. So you just have to be content and happy with what you have and where you are,” he stressed.

    As an actor, Piolo is eager to exploit his talent even more. The road towards immortalizing himself in more movies doesn’t end by being No. 1. And at the moment he couldn’t think of anything that would limit his acting abilities.

    “For me as an actor, it is an obligation,” he quipped regarding roles he would do. “Yes you can choose but sarap also to tackle any type of roles. I don’t want to put myself in a box na limited ako. I try as much as possible to be versatile para may kumuha sa akin na producers (smiles)…gay roles are even nice and challenging.”

    Moreover, Piolo takes his being No. 1 as inspiration and nothing more. He may have the nod and respect of critics and his fans for his onscreen performances but his acting is a life-long process that to him is to be nurtured.

    “As an actor, I still have a lot to learn. Even if you are really a good actor, you cannot say that you are a perfect actor. You cannot give yourself a 10. For I think acting is a learning experience and you go through a process,” he said.

    Other than finishing “Dekada 70” (he plays the rebel son of Vilma Santos in the story) what is next in line for Piolo is “Nine Mornings” which will be shown by November of this year. He stars with Donita Rose, Belinda Panelo and Dominic Ochoa.

    Already done with his movie responsibilities for the year, his goal now is to work with Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez in the near future. And although his loveteam partner just Judy Ann finished another film with another leading man, he will still have another movie with her as promised by his producers.

    “Of course I want to think that I’m No. 1. But I don’t want to think that I am there already. You can not be No. 1 forever. So I want to be at the safe side. They get me because they trust me,” he ended.
  • Piolo Pascual Personal Info

    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 165 (LBS)
    Skill/Talent: Acting, Singing, Hosting
    Age: 24 Yrs. Old
  • PIOLO Pascual can be vocal, opinionated, candid and mysterious all at the same time. And it’s this cameleon-like ability that fascinates the viewer.

    Gauging from his performances in “Mila” and “Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka,” we can say that he’s credible both as the good or bad guy. He can shift from being a victim to a victimizer. Either way his performance is heartfelt and sincere.

    At 24, Piolo prefers to stay at home than party at night. He believes that being in the limelight complicates things, while being with his family simplifies them.

    “When I’m at home I play a lot with my niece, sleep, take care of our plants, or play with my Dalmatian, Cha-pee. When I was in the States, I watched movies everyday. I’m a movie addict. I can’t do that here,” Piolo reveals.

    His intensity and sensitivity are innate to him. He grew up with four sisters and one brother. He used to have one gallery of matchboxes (toy cars) and courted girls in high school by writing poetry.

    He confesses that he’s conservative and a hopeless romantic. He further reveals that he’s not been able to be in a relationship where there is no sex involved. But he’s bothered by the attitude of young people towards sex.

    “Their attitudes are more dangerous. Courtship has become more relaxed, no more serenading. If they want to have something, they want it immediately. The fact that people engage in premarital sex is something that we cannot change. Most of the girls I know have become liberated because of their environment. For us guys, it’s because of peer pressure,” he shares.

    Piolo admits that he’s conservative in most ways but he wants to express his love through “making love” when he’s in a relationship. What’s his view on relationships?

    “If I have a girlfriend, I want her to be the last. I don’t want to invest in someone who I know will sooner or later be out of my life. It is an emotional and mental investment. I am saving for my future because I want to settle down.

    “That is why I want her to be the last because it takes time to know if she’s really meant for you. But marriage is not yet on my mind, not in the next five years,” he notes.
  • Piolo is the next Matinee Idol...survey says he is the number 1 actor to date...and little by little, he is beginning to build a name on his own...making films that does not have Judy Ann as his partner...

    about his sexuality...that's part of the game...haven't you noticed, of all those who were rumored to be gay, he is the most POPULAR...parang everybody is tying to put him down...of course many will agree but in the end, much more would be behind him supporting him all the way...

    to Piolo...goodluck on your future plans...we are excited to watch your feel good movie with Joyce Jimenez ... I THINK I'M IN LOVE for the Manila film festival...and like what you said, you are not expecting it to be a BLOCKBUSTER because you are competing with other giants like Sharon and Rudy Fernandez...but please do not under-estimate yourself...we are here to watch that...sa iyo nakasentro ang pelikula eh...feel good movie pa yan...balita nga eh wala ka raw anggulong pangit ha...ikaw raw ay blessed with profiles...back front and side views...

    of course your film with DONITA ROSE...9 Mornings...which I read mismo from Donita that people will really fall in love with you here...basta we are excited

    and the one you will be truly proud of...DEKADA '70...nabasa ko na ang book na ito and the role of JULES really fit you...i can imagine the scene where you will be tortured or your last encounter with your mom (VILMA) in a restaurant...when i was reading the book, i was touched by that scene, mother and son....

  • PIOLO Pascual has a new movie with Joyce Jimenez, "I Think I'm In Love," produced by Regal and directed by Maryo de los Reyes. And because it's Joyce, one must ask, just how much skin does she expose in this movie? Don't be disappointed, guys, but this is a light comedy a la Julia Roberts, not an R-rated adult film. They even cut out one of the love scenes just to make sure they got a G-rating from the MTRCB.

    What was it like working with the sexy siren? "Joyce is very down-to-earth. She's the kind of person you can easily get along with. Walang kiyeme, napaka-simple niya. And she's very makulit. Nakakatuwa siyang kasama sa set. Wala siyang kaere-ere; she listens. And she's a good friend."

    What's the movie about? "It's about a bet. My brother in law wants me to have a friendship with a girl without falling for her. If I lose, within three months, he gets my Porsche. So, I meet this girl, Joyce, she's a department store clerk, and she becomes our bet. I promise him I won't fall for her, and that's the story."

    If he made a bet like that in real life, would he win it? "I wouldn't take that bet. Not for love. I think it's a stupid thing to do. Kasi ang kalaban mo dun, feelings mo na, e. What if you fall for the girl, which is what happens to me in the movie?"

    But is it possible for him to get really close to a girl without falling for her? "Of course. I've had girl friends who are super close to me. Kasi, I think when you start with friendship, it's better na friends na lang kayo, e. For me, if you're girlfriend material, I wouldn't make a friend out of you. I wouldn't want to be your friend, because I'm going to court you right away. I wouldn't want to get sidetracked. I'm going to tell you right away, 'I want you to be my girlfriend.' And my intention is to be friends with you, I'll also make it clear."

    What in a girl makes her girlfriend rather than "just friends" material for Piolo? "I don't look at the face, I really am more into personality. There are times you're immediately kilig. Other times, it's when I get to know her better that I realize she's girlfriend material."

    So, does he believe in love at first sight? Has it actually happened? "Yeah. It's happened to me. I believe in destiny, I believe in love at first sight. It just happens talaga."

    Piolo's a self-confessed romantic. He believes in the whole nine yards-chocolates, roses, romantic dinners, jewelry. He's even written love letters. "When I can't say it, I write it. I don't care if they're mushy."

    He's very traditional--he doesn't like aggressive women. But he concedes that the Filipina has grown over the years--"Filipinas have to adapt. They cannot forever be conservative. It's a plus factor, that women have come to know their worth, as equals with men. I just don't think that a girl should become aggressive because of it. Huwag naman more superior. Pantay."

    How does he say I love you to a girl? "I go on instinct. Whatever I feel, I say it. If I feel like saying I love you, I say it. I choose the right place and time to be showy. But I really can be sweet. You can ask them . . . " he smiles.

    Isn't it hard to focus on just career? What inspires him? "My inspirations are my son, my work, the people who look up to me-."

    Piolo has a philosophy in life and career that keeps him going: "I take care of myself. I try to be as honest and sincere as possible. And to be as realistic as I can be. It's hard to pretend. So I am myself. I am what I am. What they see is me, no pretensions. That's why I'm more open now. Because it's hard to be somebody you're not. Especially in this business, you won't last long. Sooner or later, people will realize who you really are."
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  • SNS: Now the clincher question, who is Charina Dy?
    PP: She was my ex-girlfriend. She was with us in Toronto.
    SNS: And?
    PP: She's like my kambal. Matagal na kaming wala. She's close
    with my family. Even na naghiwalay na kami, we're still friends.
    SNS: Ex-girlfriend... How come you didn't explain that to the
    Toronto press?
    PP: Yeah... Yeah... Well I just said she's my friend, you
    SNS: Why didn't you introduce her as your ex?
    PP: Why would elaborate, di ba? They asked her lang kung sino
    siya so I answered 'my friend.'
    SNS: Why are you elaborating now?
    PP: Kasi kumpleto 'yung name, e.
    SNS: For the record, Charina Dy is the?
    PP: She's the niece of the current governor of Isabela.
    SNS: Why are you laughing so hard?
    PP: Wala lang, good luck na lang sa kanya.
    SNS: She'll get mad for this?
    PP: No naman. Wala lang, I don't know. She's not used to being
    named like this. We're very close talaga, she calls me Kambu or
    Kambal Bu. Kasi we look alike, e. People would tell her magkamukha
    SNS: No plans of reconciliation?
    PP: Why should I? Bata pa ako, e. Madami pa akong pangarap sa
    SNS: No plans of marrying as of now?
    PP: I have priorities in life. If I wanted that, matagal ko
    nang ginawa 'yun.
    SNS: Are you single now?
    PP: Yes. Lalo na ngayon, I want to devote my time to my career
    and my families. (SNS)

    Actually, Piolo Jose, not Fernando Jose, at one time in his
    life would have wanted to become a priest. He took up his
    elementary studies with the Franciscan fathers.
    "I was a member of the Teatro Kiko during my elementary and
    high school years. I belong also to a family who made it a point to
    pray the rosary every night. At one point I joined a parish renewal
    seminar at du'n ako na-inspire na maging pari. In college, had I
    not qualified to enter UST, my second choice was to enter the
    seminary. But I wasn't meant to be a priest after all."
    Then showbiz beckoned. "It was Dennis de los Santos, brother
    of Kim, who introduced me to Kuya Germs. He was my friend and I was
    in third year high school when he brought me along to `That's
    Entertainment.' It was then that Kuya Germs invited me to join
    He enjoyed his tentative stint in show biz, but he had to
    leave for the States to join his mom.
    "I worked in the emergency room at Garfield Hospital. But I
    felt I wasn't happy there. My manager now, Jojie Dingcong, told me
    to get in touch with him once I decided to make a comeback."
    It was in 1996 when Piolo came back and joined Star Circle.
    His exposure on television led him to become one of the more
    intense performers among our young actors of today. Director Mel
    Chionglo of "Lagarista" has a very high regard for Piolo.
    "He is very professional with his craft and this will
    facilitate his rise to a lead star status. He is definitely
    destined to go places, acting-wise," Chionglo says of his star.
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    Base sa mga projects na ginagawa ni Piolo Pascual ngayon, mukhang siya ang susunod na Drama Prince of Philippine Showbiz. Na-remember namin ang career ni Christopher de Leon na kahit kanino i-pair na aktres ay click sa mga moviegoers at talagang tumatabo sa takilya ang kanilang pelikula.

    Ibang klase talaga ang karisma ni Piolo, talagang well-loved siya ng mga tao. Bukod kay Judy Ann Santos, marami din ang nagkagusto nang i-partner siya kay Maricel Soriano sa pelikulang Mila. Kinilig ang mga fans sa kanyang team up with Regine Velasquez na napanood sa Maalaala Mo Kaya na due to insistent public demand ay dalawang beses ipinalabas. Ngayon, hindi pa naman showing ang movie niya with Joyce Jimenez na I Think I’m In Love ay positive na ang feedback. Napaka-sweet at intimate kasi ng mga publicity photos ng dalawa kaya naiintriga na ang karamihan sa story ng nasabing movie. * * *
  • pogi sya, mukha syang delicious. sana mamolestya ko sya someday.:D
  • Originally posted by BBM2

    As I can see it, JAS and Piolo are just friends. They like each other as friends and I dont see anything wrong about it. Going beyond that I doubt it. Piolo is dead serious when it comes with his career to succeed. . . So for him, I think, love can wait.

    Enuff with Juday.
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