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Asking a girl if she is still interested?

I moved one month before covid to Phillipines (26) and stayed inside during the lockdown and recently start going out house and getting my first dating experience here. An lady 20 asked me out and she intiated the dating.  I was really quiet/anxious but she told me it was okay and she and we met 4 times again.  last time i met i was sleep deprived and probably acting weird. she showed me to her mom(. after that date she seems not interested texting less and not talking about meeting up.

I don´t know if this is cultural(suplada) or she is legit not interested , can i just ask her if she is still interested i don´t want to come over insecure which will drive her more far. 

(i think she had crush on me and then noticed something is off , but whole lockdown i spend alone so yeah my social skills are lacking).
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